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Шаньдун [Shandong]


济南 Jǐnán

Sub-provincial city

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09.08.2023 Route K229 enters BRT platforms from Wangsheren Metro Station to West Guodian Flyover, and switches its vehicles from electric buses to trolleybuses.
09.07.2023 Strong winds have damaged the contact network in Jinan. Trolleybus route K102 passes the section between Qinlongqiao and Lishan Road on autonoumous course.
17.05.2023 BRT-6 completes transfer to trolleybus service with LCK5180A articulated trolleybuses.
Trolleybuses follow on wires on Gongyebei Rd and use autonoumous course for the rest of the route.
06.05.2023 LCK5120A trolleybuses start supplementing buses on route K9
04.04.2023 New LCK5120A trolleybuses with >160 km autonoumous course start supplementing electric buses on BRT-9.
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Схема движения троллейбусов в Цзинани (на 29.09.1983 г.)

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• 750V electrification on trolleybuses
• Buses are operated by different divisions of Jinan Public Transport Group but have a unified numbering
• To view list of electric and trolleybuses as a continuous list, select "group by series"

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