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Electric Bus Facilities / Operators

V Alsa Todi · Carris Metropolitana
Operator from Setubal, has concession rights to operate under Carris Metropolitana name. Vehicles registered in Setubal.
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City information and transport tickets


Founded: 1185
Area: 465,12km2
Population: 68`856

Even though Palmela is part of the geographical Setúbal region, it is also part of the Lisbon metropolitan area.

Ticket prices as on 1st January 2024
Linha Próxima (Carris Metropolitana) Zapping0,85€
Linha Próxima (Carris Metropolitana) on-board1,25€
Linha Longa (Carris Metropolitana) Zapping1,55€
Linha Longa (Carris Metropolitana) on-board2,60€
Linha Rápida (Carris Metropolitana) Zapping3,10€
Linha Rápida (Carris Metropolitana) on-board4,50€
Linha Inter-Regional (Carris Metropolitana) on-board3,10-3,60€
Linha Mar (Carris Metropolitana) Zapping3,10€
Linha Mar (Carris Metropolitana) on-board4,50€
Monthly pass (all transport types within Palmela municipality only)30,00€
Monthly pass (all transport types within Lisbon metropolitan area)40,00€

Tickets or Zapping balance are loaded into paper (not personalized) or plastic (personalized) smartcards.
Price for one paper (not personalized) smartcard is 0,50€ and can be purchased at any ticket vending machine or ticket shop. It is valid for 1 year and can be re-loaded with the same type ticket during this time, but monthly passes cannot be loaded onto them.
Price for plastic (personalized) smartcard is 7,00€ (made within 10 workdays) or 12,00€ (made within 1 workday). Can hold up to two different ticket types.
Monthly passes have discounts for separate groups of population (pupils and students, pensioners, etc.).

Electric buses

Carris Metropolitana
Founded April 1, 2022

Carris Metropolitana provides bus services on inter-municipal routes in Moita with electric and regular buses (no special electric bus routes).

In Barreiro Alsa Todi (based in Setubal) operates under the Carris Metropolitana brand.

Routes in Moita municipality are 43xx, 45x, 46xx and 47xx.

Carris Metropolitana route numbers always have 4 digits which help identify the type of route. First digit always indicates area (Barreiro is not part of any Carris Metropolitana area, as the city bus routes are serviced by an independent operator). Second digit inicates the type: city route (0-4, usually indicting one of the major cities in the area), inter-municipality route within same area (5) inter-municipality route to different area (6), routes to Lisbon (7-8), routes that go outside the Lisbon metropolitan area (9). Last two digits are simply the route number.

Other types of electric public transport

Comboios de Portugal
Founded May 11, 1860

Electric suburban trains between Barreiro and Setúbal.

Information written by Karalis Arturs. Last updated 25th May 2024.

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