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30.06.2016 A contract is signed between Russia's TrolZa and Argentine's railroad equipment manufacturer Benito Roggio Ferroindustrial (BRF) for trolleybus production. The BRF company is located in the small town of Estación Juárez Celman to the north of Córdoba.
05.02.2016 The official "blue ribbon" ceremony with Córdoba's mayor Ramòn Mestre and the acceptance of the 7 new Russian trolleybuses, including the first commemorative departure from the Depot's gates took place on February 3rd. Revenue service with passengers started on February 5th. Due to low passenger carrying capacity the new trolleybuses are assigned to the Line C.
20.01.2016 The Argentinian federal government ordered an exemption of import duties on the 7 new Russian trolleybuses, as this units meet a public service standard. The vehicles were locked for many months by customs formalities. The 5 Optima trolleybuses reached the TAMSE Depot, but are not allowed to operate in service. The 2 Megapolis trolleybuses are being held by the customs.
15.11.2015 Два троллейбуса "Мегаполис", последние из 7 троллейбусов, заказанных Кордовой в России, прибыли на территорию железнодорожно-морского комплекса Zárate, Аргентина. • Two Megapolis trolleybuses, the last of the 7 trolleybuses ordered by Córdoba from Russia, arrived at the sea-and-rail hub in Zárate, Argentina.
03.10.2015 Два первых троллейбуса "Оптима" прибыли в депо перевозчика TAMSE. • The first two Optima trolleybuses arrived at the TAMSE depot:
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С 2012 г. к троллейбусному парку компании TAMSE Trolebuses приписаны 8 сочленённых автобусов для работы на троллейбусных линиях A,B,C. Автобусы получили номера 65-72, список автобусов: По состоянию на осень 2012 - весну 2013 гг. линия A целиком обслуживается данными автобусами, также допускается замена отдельных выходов автобусами на линиях B и C.

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