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Serious Sam · 15.03.2016 19:01 MSK
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The full name of this trolleybus, according to a number of sources, is (Krupp)/Uerdingen/AEG, though the assemblage was carried out in Waggonfabric Uerdingen. Krupp is the factory where the chassis was built. There were two modifications, but in general it would be better to summon them both into one. Trivia:
- production years: 1930-1931
- only 4 machines were manufactured.
- operation: 2 in Mettmann–Gruiten (No. 1-2) and 2 in Idar-Oberstein(No. 1-2). The Oberstein trolleybus body was smaller (appr. a meter) than the Mettman-Gruiten and it had only one entrance door, the interior also was a bit different.
- the Idar-Oberstein vehicle had its' steering on the right side!
- please, correct the motor capacity, as it never had a four-motor drive, only a single 89 KW/h AEG motor, which was initially designated for a tram.
- contact me, if you wish to know more about this trolley-bus or have any information regarding it to share with me!

Best regards!
Slash · Volgograd · 10.08.2010 18:07 MSK
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Нучего себе! Какая старая фотография!
Andrew Gri-Shen · Moscow · 09.08.2010 18:02 MSK
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обалдеть можно!!!
Schlangenbad · Mainz · 09.08.2010 16:46 MSK
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Trolleybus no. 2 (Waggonfabrik Uerdingen/AG, 1931-1949). Series 1-2.
Trolleybus-operation: 1932-1969.
Tramway-operation: 1900-1956.