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Seaton, Tramway, 4-axle motor car

Seaton Tramway is a 838 mm narrow gauge electric tramway.
All of the tramcars are based on classic British designs, and vary in size between half-scale (1:2) and two thirds-scale (2:3). Most were built from scratch by Claude Lane and/or his successor Allan Gardner, but three were rebuilt from full-size cars which originally ran in London, Bournemouth and Exeter.

Service:  any  ·  passenger  ·  work / freight  ·  museum

# Built Since... Remarks
2 1964 Design based on a Metropolitan Electric Tramways (London)
7 1958 Based on the ex-Bournmouth trams / awaiting restoration since 2007
12 1966
14 1904 1984 1984 ex Eastbourne, 94; 1961 ex London, 94

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In operation
Not cleared for revenue service
Out of service
Location and status are unknown
Renumbered or transferred within city
Modernized (model changed)
Transferred to another city
Change of number plates (within the company)


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