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Tramway — Cities and Systems

CityOperators, Facilities and Galleries
 Aachen Aachener und Burtscheider Pferdeeisenbahn-Gesellschaft
Aachener Kleinbahn-Gesellschaft
Aachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs AG
 Aberdeen Aberdeen Corporation Tramways
Aberdeen District Tramways
1874–1898. 1898 to Aberdeen Corporation Tramways
Aberdeen Suburban Tramway Company
 Aberdeen, SD Aberdeen Railroad Co.
1909 Aberdeen Street Railway (in operation 1910) → 1918–1922 Aberdeen Railroad Co.
 Aberdeen, WA Grays Harbor Railway & Light Co.
1904 Grays Harbor Electric Co. → 1906–1932 Grays Harbor Railway & Light Co. (freight service abandoned in 1941)
 Abinskaya Horse tramway
 Accrington Accrington Corporation Steam Tramways Co. Ltd.
Accrington Corporation Transport
 Achinsk MUE “Achinskiy Gorodskoy Elektricheskiy Transport”
[City Electric Transport of Achinsk]

Dismantled tramlines
Miscellaneous photos
Articles from the newspapers
 Adana Adana metrosu
Light Rail
 Addis Abeba Tramway

LRT — miscellaneous photos
Official Opening of Test Operation 01.02.2015
 Adelaide Municipal Tramways Trust
 Akkerman Horse tram

Old photos and postcards
 Akron Northern Ohio Power & Light Co.
1899 Northern Ohio Traction Co. → 1902 Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co. → 1926–1930 Northern Ohio Power & Light Co. Akron division to Akron Transportation Co. in 1930
Akron Transportation Company
Akron, Bedford & Cleveland Railway
Akron & Cuyahoga Falls Rapid Transit
 Albany United Traction
1863 Albany Railway → 1899–1946 United Traction Co.
Albany Southern Electric Railroad Co.
1899 Albany & Hudson Railroad Co. → 1903 Albany & Hudson Light & Power Co. → 1905 Albany & Hudson Fast Line → 1909 Albany Southern Electric Railroad Co. → 1925–1929 Eastern New York Utilities

Miscellaneous Photos
 Albia Albia Light & Railway Co.
1907 Albia Interurban Railway → 1916–1925 Albia Light & Railway Co.
 Albuquerque City Electric Co.
1880 Albuquerque Street Railroad Co. → 1904 Albuquerque Traction Co. → 1915–1927 — City Electric Co.
 Alchevsk Tramway
Unfinished construction (1946)
 Aleppo Old photos
 Alessandria Società Anonima Alessandrina Trasporti Elettricità
1912 Società Anonima Elettricità Alessandrina → 1919–1952 Società Anonima Alessandrina Trasporti Elettricità
 Alexandria Private Owner - Parking area outside Alexandria
30°57'08.8"N 29°50'20.7"E (30.952444, 29.839083)

Old Photos
Miscellaneous photos
New Tatra-Yug Trams for Alexandria
 Alexandria, LA Alexandria Municipal Street Railway
1905 Alexandria Electric Railways Co. → 1913 Southern Traction & Power Co. → 1915–1926 Alexandria Municipal Street Railway
Alexandria City Railway Co.
 Algiers Tramway
 Alicante Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Aliquippa Woodlawn & Southern Street Railway
 Allentown Lehigh Valley Transit Co.
1865 Allentown Passenger Railway → 1891 Allentown & Bethlehem Rapid Transit Co. → 1893 Allentown & Lehigh Valley Traction Co. → 1899 Lehigh Valley Traction Co. → 1905–1953 Lehigh Valley Transit Co.
Easton Transit Co.
1892–1922. Became Easton Division of the Lehigh Valley Transit Co.
Allentown & Slatington Street Railway Co.
1900–1905. 1905 to Lehigh Valley Transit Co.
Allentown & Reading Traction Co.

Old photos
 Alliance Stark Electric Railroad
 Almada Metro Transportes Sul do Tejo
Opened 2007
 Almaty Tramway
Pre-1999 numbering

Tramway lines
Tramway depot
Historic rolling stock run on June 22th
 Altenburg Tramway
 Alton Illinois Terminal Transportation Co.
1904 Alton Granite & St. Louis Traction → 1926 St. Louis & Alton Railway → 1930 Illinois Power & Light Company → 1931–1936 Illinois Terminal Transportation
 Altoona Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway
1882 City Passenger Railway of Altoona → 1892–1954 Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway
Tyrone Electric Railway Co.
1901–1903. 1903 to Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway

 Amarillo Amarillo Traction Co.
1908 Amarillo Street Railway → 1917–1924 Amarillo Traction Co.
 Amiens Société des tramways d'Amiens
 Amsterdam GVB Amsterdam
Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam
Amsterdam Vervoer Museum
ex Amsterdams Openbar Vervoer Museum (1988-2010) & Tramweg Stichting Werkgroep Amsterdam (1965-2016)
Stichting Stichts Trammuseum

Miscellaneous photos
Old photos
 Anaconda Anaconda Street Railway
 Ancona Azienda Tranviaria Municipale di Ancona
1909 Società Tramvie ed Imprese Elettriche → 1933–1949 Azienda Tranviaria Municipale di Ancona
 Anderson, SC Southern Public Utilities Co.
1904 Anderson Traction Co. → 1909 Greenville Spartanburg & Anderson Railway Co. → 1924–1934 Southern Public Utilities Co.
North Anderson Street Railway Co.
 Angarsk Tramway
since 1953

Repair works
Miscellaneous photos
Tram lines and loops
Tramway depot
Closed lines
 Angers Compagnie des tramways électriques d'Angers
Keolis Angers
Opened 2011

Old photos
 Annapolis Washington Baltimore & Annapolis Electric Railroad Co.
1900 Washington & Annapolis Electric Railway Co. → 1902–1935 Washington Baltimore & Annapolis Electric Railroad Co.
 Anniston Alabama Power Co.
1888 Anniston City Street Railway Co. → 1896 Anniston Electric Co. → 1900 Anniston Electric & Gas Co. → 1913–1932 Alabama Power Co.
 Anren Historical tram line
 Anshan Tramway
 Antalya Nostaljik Tramvay
Light Rail, routes T1A, T1B
Light Rail, route T3

Miscellaneous photos
 Antwerpen De Lijn
1900 Compagnie Générale des Tramways d'Anvers → 1927 Tramways d'Anvers → 1946 Tramwegen van Antwerpen en Omgeving → 1963 Maatschappij voor het Intercommunaal Vervoer te Antwerpen → 1991 Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij "De Lijn"
Vlaams Tram- en Autobusmuseum
Local public transport museum, open in weekends from spring till autumn.
Tram De Lux
This was a cultural project. The tram was owned by private organisation.
Franki carries out works ordered by De Lijn with their own locomotive. This locomotive is stored at the Sportpaleis.
former suburban trams
 Anzio - Nettuno Tramway
 Appleton Wisconsin Traction, Light, Heat and Power Co.
1900 Wisconsin Traction, Light, Heat and Power Co. → 1927–1930 Wisconsin-Michigan Power Co.

Miscellaneous Photos
 Arad Compania de Transport Public Arad
Societății pe Acțiuni Transporturi Feroviare Arad-Podgoria

Miscellaneous photos
 Arequipa Tranvía Eléctrico de Arequipa
 Arkhangelsk Central depot
Solombala depot
Arkhangelsk regional museum

Old Photos (1916-1920)
 Arnhem Tramway
Nederlands Openluchtmuseum
 Asahikawa Asahikawa Shigai Kidō
Asahikawa Denki Kidō
 Asbury Park Coast Cities Railway Co.
1905 Atlantic Coast Electric Railway → 1927–1931 Coast Cities Railway Co.
 Asheville Carolina Power & Light Co.
1881 Asheville Street Railway Co. → 1893 Asheville Street Railroad Co. → 1897 Asheville Electric Co. → 1925–1934 Carolina Power & Light Co.
 Ashland Lake Superior District Power Co.
1887 Ashland Street Railway → 1892 Ashland Light Power & Street Railway Co. → 1922–1933 Lake Superior District Power Co.
 Ashtabula Ashtabula Rapid Transit Co.
1883 Ashtabula Street Railroad Co. → 1892–1922 Ashtabula Rapid Transit Co.
City of Ashtabula Division of Transportation
 Ashton-under-Lyne Ashton-under-Lyne Corporation Transport
Oldham, Ashton-under-Lyne & Hyde Tramway
 Astoria Pacific Power & Light Company
1900 Astoria Electric Railway → 1910–1924 Pacific Power & Light Company
Astoria Riverfront Trolley
Opened 1999
 Astrakhan Narrow-gauge tramway
 Asunción Administración del Transporte Eléctrico
1909 Asunción Light & Power Co. → 1914 Compañía Americana de Luz y Tracción → 1948 Administración Nacional de Electricidad → 1966–1997 Administración del Transporte Eléctrico
 Atchison Atchison Railway Light & Power Co.
 Athens STASY S.A.
2001 Tram S.A. → 2011 STASY S.A. In operation since 2004
Old tramway system
Hellenic Electric Railways
Piraeus–Perama light railway. 1936–1977

Old Photos of Trams
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Athens Athens Railway & Electric Co.
1885 Classic City Street Railway → 1889 Athens Railway Co. → 1895 Athens Electric Railway Co. → 1910 Athens Railway & Electric Co. → 1927–1930 Georgia Power Co.
 Atherton South Lancashire Tramways Co. Ltd.
 Atlanta Atlanta Streetcar
Opened 2014
Georgia Power Co.
1891 Atlanta Consolidated Street Railway Co. → 1899 Atlanta Railway & Power Co. → 1901 Georgia Railway & Electric Co. → 1911 Georgia Railway & Power Co. → 1926–1949 Georgia Power Co.
Atlanta Traction Co.
1890–1893. 1895 to Atlanta Railway Co.
Atlanta Rapid Transit Co.
1899–1902. 1902 to Georgia Railway & Electric Co.
Atlanta Northern Railway
 Atlantic City Atlantic City Transportation Co.
Atlantic City & Shore Railroad
1896 Atlantic City Electric Railway → 1906–1945 → Atlantic City & Shore Railroad
Atlantic City & Suburban Traction Co.
 Atlantic Shore Line Atlantic Shore Line
 Attersee Tramway
Lokalbahn Vöcklamarkt — Attersee

Miscellaneous Photos
 Attleboro Interstate Street Railway Co.
Norton, Taunton & Attleboro Street Railway Co.
Milford, Attleboro & Woonsocket Street Railroad Co.
 Aubagne Saint-Marcel - Aubagne
Opened on 1st september 2014
 Auburn Auburn & Syracuse Electric Railroad

Miscellaneous Photos
 Auckland Auckland Dockline Tram
Museum of Transport and Technology
 Augsburg Augsburger Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH
Freunde der Augsburger Strassenbahn e.V.
 Augusta, GA Georgia Power Co.
1868 Augusta Railway Co. → 1896 Augusta Railway & Electric Co. → 1903 Augusta–Aiken Railway & Electric Co. → 1911 Augusta–Aiken Railway & Electric Corp. → 1928–1937 Georgia Power Co.

Miscellaneous Photos
 Augusta, ME Augusta, Winthrop & Gardiner Street Railway Co.
1890 Augusta Hallowell & Gardiner Railroad → 1902–1907 Augusta, Winthrop and Gardiner Street Railway. 1907 to Lewiston Augusta & Waterville Street Railway
 Aurora Aurora, Elgin & Fox River Electric Co.
1901 Elgin, Aurora & Southern Traction Company → 1906 Aurora Elgin & Chicago Railroad's Fox River Division → 1923–1937 Aurora, Elgin & Fox River Electric Company
 Austin Austin Street Railway Co.
1890 Austin Rapid Transit Co. → 1902 Austin Electric Railway Co. → 1911–1940 Austin Street Railway Co.
 Avdiivka Tramway
Avdiivka Tram-Transport Department

Network damage due to military unrest
Old photos
Lines and Infrastructure
Reintroduction of tramway revenue service
Tram line Avdiivka — Spartak
Miscellaneous Photos
 Avignon Clos des Trams (Avignon)
Fin du XIX — 1932
New tram depot

 Babylon Babylon Railroad Co.
1871–1920 (in operation 1872)
 Bad Homburg Elektrizitätswerk Homburg v.d.H. AG
 Bad Kreuznach Kreuznacher Straßen- und Vorortbahnen
11.09.1906 — 05.01.1953
 Bad Schandau Kirnitzschtalbahn
Regionalverkehr Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge GmbH (RVSOE)

Maps • Netzpläne
Tickets • Fahrscheine
Old photos • Alte Fotos
Tram line and infrastructure • Strecke und Infrastruktur
Timetables • Fahrpläne
Modern postcards • Moderne Ansichtskarten
Vehicles from other cities to guest in Bad Schandau • Fahrzeuge aus anderen Städten zu Gast in Bad Schandau
Miscellaneous photos • Sonstige Fotos
 Baden-Baden Städtische Straßen- und Bergbahn Baden-Baden
 Baghdad Horse tram

Old photos
 Bakersfield Bakersfield & Kern Electric Railway

Miscellaneous Photos
 Baku Horse tram

Horse tram
Old Photos (tramway)
 Ballarat Tramway
Ballarat Vintage Tramway

Old photos
 Baltimore Maryland Transit Administration Light Rail
Opened 1992
Baltimore Transit Company
1899 United Railways & Electric Co. → 1935–1963 Baltimore Transit Company
Baltimore Consolidated Railway Co.
1897–1899. 1899 to United Railways & Electric
Baltimore & Northern Electric Railway Co.
1897–1899. 1899 to United Railways & Electric
City & Suburban Railway Co.
1892–1897. 1897 to Baltimore Consolidated Railway Co.
Baltimore Traction Co.
1888–1897. 1897 to Baltimore Consolidated Railway Co.
Central Passenger Railway Co.
1881–1898. 1898 to Baltimore City Passenger Railway Co.
Baltimore City Passenger Railway Co.
1862–1899. 1899 to United Railways & Electric
Baltimore Streetcar Museum
Established 1966
Maryland Historical Society

Miscellaneous photos
 Bamberg Tramway
Elektrische Straßenbahn Bamberg AG

Old Photos
 Bangkok Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Bangor, ME Bangor Hydro-Electric Co.
1889 Bangor Street Railway Co. → 1905 Bangor Railway & Electric Co. → 1924–1945 Bangor Hydro-Electric Co.
Bangor Hampden & Winterport Railway Co.
1897–1905 (in operation 1898). Consolidated into Bangor Railway & Electric Co.
 Bangor, PA Bangor & Portland Transit Co.
1901 Bangor East Bangor & Portland Transit Co. → 1902 Bangor & East Bangor Street Railway Co. → 1904 Bangor & Portland Traction Co. → 1923–1927 Bangor & Portland Transit Co.
Northampton Transit Co.
1902 Northampton Traction Co. → 1912–1933 Northampton Transit Co.

 Banne Tramway
1911-1918 / 1930-1941 (?)

Old photos and postcards
 Barcelona Tranvías de Barcelona
Tramvia Blau
Historical route to Tibidabo mountain
Sant Joan Despì
Trambaix — routes T1/T2/T3
Sant Adria de Besos
Trambesos — routes T4/T5/T6

Tramvia Blau — Miscellaneous photos
Trambaix — Miscellaneous photos
Trambesos — Miscellaneous photos
Alstom factory
 Barnaul Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 1
Сlosed in 2006
Tramway depot # 3
Track maitenance
Numbers before 1986

Training on the emergency situatons on transport, 2017
 Barnsley Dearne District Light Railway
 Barranquilla Horse Tram
 Barrow-in-Furness Barrow Corporation Transport
Early (1920) Barrow-in-Furness Tramways Co. Ltd.
 Basel Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB)
Baselland Transport (BLT)
Suburban tram lines' operator — till 1974 Birseckbahn (BEB)
Birsightalbahn (BTB)
1887-1984, now BLT line 10
Tramclub Basel

International interurban line Basel — Rodersdorf
 Bath Bath Electric Tramways Co. Ltd.
 Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Electric Co.
1888 Baton Rouge Street Railway Co. → 1890 Baton Rouge Railway & Improvement Co. → 1892 Capital Railway & Lighting Co. → 1895 Home Electric Co. → 1900 Baton Rouge Electric & Gas Co. → 1907–1936 Baton Rouge Electric Co.
 Battle Creek Michigan Traction Co.
1894 Citizens' Street Railway Co. → 1898 Michigan Traction Co. 1906 to Michigan United Railways
Battle Creek Transportation Co.
 Bautzen Bombardier Transportation

Tramway manufacturing • Herstellung von Straßenbahnwagen
Tramway modernization • Modernisierung von Straßenbahnwagen
Test rides of trams • Probefahrten von Straßenbahnen
Transferring of tram cars • Überführung von Straßenbahnwagen
Animations of new Bombardier tramcars • Animationen neuer Bombardier-Straßenbahnwagen
 Bay City Bay Cities Consolidated Railway Co.
1865 Bay City & Portsmouth Railway Co. → 1874 Bay City Street Railway Co. → 1898–1903 Bay Cities Consolidated Railway Co. Taken over by Saginaw–Bay City Railway & Light Co.
 Bayonne Bayonne Streetcar
Never built
 Beacon Fishkill Electric Railway Co.
 Beamish Beamish Museum
 Beijing Tram depot (1899-1900)
Tram depot (1924-1966)
Quianmen historical tram lane
Tourist line
Xijiao line
Xijiao LRT line
Yizhuang Tram Line
Yizhuang Tram Line
 Belfast Belfast Corporation Tramways
 Belfort Tramway
 Bellingham Puget Sound Power & Light Co.
1898 Northern Railway & Improvement Co. (consolidation) → 1900 Whatcom County Railway & Light Co. → 1912 Puget Sound Traction Light & Power Co. → 1920–1938 Puget Sound Power & Light Co.
 Belo Horizonte Tramway

Tramway — Old photos
 Bendigo Bendigo Tramways
State Electricity Commission of Victoria

Old photos
 Benton Harbor Benton Harbor-St. Joe Railway & Light Co.
1884 St. Joseph & Benton Harbor Street Railway → 1900 Benton Harbor & St. Joseph Electric Ry. & Light Co. → 1906 Benton Harbor-St. Joe Railway & Light Co. → 1928–1935 Twin City Railway
 Beograd Tramway

3-axle trailer cars
 Berdychiv Horse tram

Old photos and postcards
 Bergamo Tramway
Tramvie Elettriche Bergamasche S.p.A (TEB)

Old photos
 Bergen Bergen Light Rail
Bergen's Electric Tramway
 Berlin Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe
since 1993
Denkmalpflege-Verein Nahverkehr Berlin e.V.
Operator of the historic trams
Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin, Monumentenhalle
VEB Kombinat Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVB)
East-Berlin 1970-1992
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (Ost)
East-Berlin 1949-1969
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (West)
West-Berlin 1949-1992 (trams closed in 1967)
Berliner Straßenbahn (1920-1929), Berliner Verkehrs-AG (later Verkehrs-Betriebe, 1929-1949)
Große Berliner Straßenbahn
Neue Berliner Pferdebahn
Berlin-Charlottenburger Straßenbahn
Westliche Berliner Vorortbahn
Berliner Ostbahnen
Berliner Elektrische Straßenbahnen
Straßenbahn der Gemeinde Steglitz (Grunewaldbahn)
Teltower Kreisbahnen
Städtische Straßenbahnen Berlin
Straßenbahn der Gemeinde Heiligensee an der Havel
Städtische Straßenbahn Spandau
Elektrische Straßenbahn Spandau — Nonnendamm
Other public transport operators (until 1920)
Vehicles without information about operator

Tram lines dismantling
 Berlin, NH Berlin Street Railway
 Bern Städtische Verkehrsbetriebe Bern (Bernmobil)
Regionalverkehr Bern–Solothurn
Tramverein Bern
Depot Weissenbühl
Berner Tramway-Gesellschaft
Dampftram Bern
 Bernburg Straßenbahn
 Besançon Old tramway
Morden tramway
Opened on 30 August 2014

Old photos
 Bex Bex-Villars-Bretaye
 Bialystok Horse tram

Old Photos
 Biddeford and Saco Biddeford & Saco Railroad
 Biel Biel-Meinisberg-Bahn
1913-1923, 1926-1940
 Bielefeld moBiel GmbH
 Biella Tranvia Biella-Oropa
Associazione Ferrovia Biella-Oropa
 Bielsko-Biala Tramway
 Bilbao Old tram
Tranvía Bilbao - línea A
City tram in Bilbao, gauge 1000 mm, from 18.12.2002
Tranvía Urbinaga - Lejona - UPV
City tram Lejona, under construction (2014)
 Billings Billings Traction Co.
 Bingen Tramway
 Binghamton Binghamton Railway
1890 Binghamton Railroad → 1901 Binghamton Railway → 1929–1932 Triple Cities Traction Corp.

 Birkenhead Birkenhead Corporation Transport
 Birmingham West Midlands Metro
Оwned and promoted by Centro, Оperated by West Midlands Travel Limited
Birmingham Corporation Tramways
Birmingham Central Tramways Co. Ltd.
Birmingham & Midland Tramways Co. Ltd
City of Birmingham Tramways (cable)
 Birmingham Birmingham Transit Co.
1884 Birmingham Street Railway Co. → 1890 Birmingham Railway & Electric Co. → 1901 Birmingham Railway Light & Power Co. → 1925 Birmingham Electric Co. → 1951–1953 Birmingham Transit Co.
Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
 Biysk Tramway Authority
Numbering up to 1973

Tracks and overhead wires
Panoramic photos
Old photos
Stations and terminals
The depot
 Blackburn Blackburn Corporation Tramways Co. Ltd.
Blackburn and Over Darwen Tramways Co. Ltd.
 Blackpool Rigby Road Depot
Starr Gate Depot
Blundell Street Depot
Bispham Depot
Marton Depot
Bold Street Depot

Travel documents
 Blonay-Chamby Chemins de fer-musée Blonay-Chamby
 Bloomsburg North Branch Transit Co.
1901 Columbia & Montour Electric Railway Co. → 1913–1926 North Branch Transit Co.
Magee Transportation Museum
 Bochum Bochum-Gelsenkirchener Straßenbahnen AG
 Bogota Tranvía Municipal de Bogotá
 Bologna Azienda Municipale delle Tramvie Elettriche di Bologna
 Bolton Bolton Corporation Tramways
 Bolzano Società Anonima per l'Edilizia Residenziale
Ferrovia del Renon (Bolzano - Soprabolzano - Collalbo)
 Bonn Tramway
 Boone Iowa Electric Light & Power Co.
1883 Boone Street Railway Co. → 1897 Boone Electric Co. → 1912 Iowa Railway & Light Co. → 1925 Iowa Railway & Light Corp. → 1932–1934 Iowa Electric Light & Power Co.
Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad
 Bordeaux Tram et Bus de la Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux

Tram depot Bastide
Tram depot Achard
 Boston Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
1947 Metropolitan Transit Authority → 1964 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Boston Elevated Railway
1887 West End Street Railway → 1897–1947 Boston Elevated Railway

Old Photos and Postcards
 Botoşani S.C. Eltrans S.A.

 Boulder Public Service Co. of Colorado
1898 Boulder Railway & Utility Co. (in operation 1899) → 1902 Boulder Electric Light & Power Co. → 1915 Western Light & Power Co. → 1923–1932 Public Service Co. of Colorado
 Bourges Compagnie des tramways de Bourges

Old photos
 Bournemouth Tramway
 Bradenton Manatee Light & Traction Co.
 Bradford Bradford Corporation Transport
Museum line, 1995-1997
 Braga Tramway
 Brandenburg an der Havel Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Brandon Brandon Municipal Railway
 Bratislava Tramway (unknown depot)
Krasňany Depot
opened in 1966?, operational tram types: K2G, K2S, T3M, T3G, T3S, T6A5
Jurajov dvor Depot
Prístavná (Martanovičova, Pribinova) Depot
Kopčany (Köpcsény/Kittsee) Depot
1914-1935 Standard gauge Vienna-Pressburg interurban depot, 1936-38 1000mm-gauge tram depot

Modernizácia Karloveskej radiály
Viedenská električka * Preßburger Bahn * Pozsony-Országhatárszéli HÉV
 Brattleboro Brattleboro Street Railway

Old Photos
 Braunschweig Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Braşov Regia Autonoma de Transport Braşov
 Bremen Bremer Straßenbahn AG

 Bremerhaven Tramway
 Brescia ASM Brescia S.p.A
Tramvie Elettriche Bresciane
Since 14/10/1922 till 1963, suburban network.
Tramways à Vapeur
1882-01/05/1907, horse traction.
 Brest Old tramway
Modern tramway
 Bridgeport Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. — Bridgeport Division
1893 Waterbury Traction Co. → 1899 Connecticut Light & Power Co. → 1901–1937 Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. Leased 1906–1936 to Connecticut Company
Bridgeport Horse Railway Co.
1864–1893. 1893 to Bridgeport Traction Co.
East End Railway Co.
1885 Bridgeport and West Stratford Horse Railroad Co. → 1889–1893 East End Railway Co. 1893 to Bridgeport Traction Co.

 Bridgeton Cumberland Traction Co.
1892 Bridgeton & Millville Traction Co. → 1922–1931 Cumberland Traction Co.
 Brighton and Hove Tramway
 Brisbane Tramway
 Bristol Remnants of the tram infrastructure
 Bristol, CT Bristol Traction Co.
1895 Bristol & Plainville Tramway Co. → 1921 Bristol & Plainville Electric Co. → 1927–1935 Bristol Traction Co.
Lake Compounce Amusement Park

Miscellaneous Photos
 Bristol, PA Trenton, Bristol and Philadelphia Street Railway
1900 Philadelphia & New Jersey Street Railway Co. → 1901 Philadelphia Bristol & Trenton Street Railway → 1909 Trenton Bristol & Philadelphia Street Railway Co. → 1929–1932 Trenton Bristol & Philadelphia Railway Co.
 Brno Depot Pisárky
Depot Medlánky
Depot Husovice
Technical Museum in Brno

Old photos / Historické foto a pohlednice
 Brockton Brockton Street Railway Co.
1891–1901. 1901 to Old Colony Street Railway
 Broken Hill Tramway
 Brooks, OR Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society
 Bruxelles - Brussel STIB/MIVB
Musée du Transport Urbain Bruxellois
former suburban trams
 Brăila Depoul Vidin
Depoul Radu Negru
 Buckeye Lake Buckeye Lake Trolley
 Bucureşti Depoul Cotroceni
Tram (unknown depot)
Depoul Panduri
Depoul Splaiul Unirii
Depoul Alexandria
Depoul Bucureştii - Noi
Depoul Colentina
Depoul Dudeşti
Depoul Giuleşti
Depoul Giurgiului
Depoul Militari
Depoul Titan
Depoul Victoria
Depoul Secție Linii
 Budapest Angyalföld tram depot
Angyalföld kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. Opened in 1896, lines: 1, 12, 17
Baross tram depot
Baross kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. Opened in 1889, line: 1
Budafok tram depot
Budafok kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. Opened in 1899, reopening 11.05.2018, routes: 1, 17, 19, 41, 56
Ferencváros tram depot
Ferencváros kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. Opened in 1904, lines: 2, 24, 28, 28A, 51, 51A
Hungária tram depot
Hungária kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. Opened in 1912, lines: 1, 4, 6
Kelenföld tram depot
Kelenföld kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. Opened in 1912, lines: 19, 47, 47B, 48, 49
Óbuda tram depot
Óbuda kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. 1907–1996, closed.
Száva tram depot
Száva kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. Opened in 1913, lines: 3, 37, 37A, 42, 50, 52
Szépilona tram depot
Szépilona kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. Opened in 1870, lines: 56, 56A, 59, 59A, 59B, 61
Újpest tram depot
Újpest kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. 1866–1982, closed.
Zugló tram depot
Zugló kocsiszín. Only BKV fleet. Opened in 1899, lines: 3, 62, 62A, 69
Fehér út workshop
Joint tram-metro workshop. Rebuilt vehicles
Budapest Transport Company
Budapesti Közlekedési Vállalat (BKV), from 1968. Tramcars from unknown depots.
Capital Tramway
Fővárosi Villamosvasút (FVV), 1949–1968
Budapest Residental Capital Transit Ltd.
Budapest Székesfővárosi Közlekedési Rt. (BSZKRt.), 1923–1949
Budapest Street Railway Company
Budapesti Közúti Vaspálya Társaság (BKVT), 1896-1923
Budapest Electric Urban Railway
Budapesti Villamos Városi Vasút (BVVV), 1887-1923
Budapest-Szentlőrinc Local Electric Railway
Budapest-Szentlőrinci Helyi Érdekű Villamos Vasút (BLVV), 1900-1949
Budapest-Budafok Local Electric Railway
Budapest-Budafoki Helyi Érdekű Villamos Vasút (BBVV), 1899-1917
Budapest-Újpest-Rákospalota Electric Street Railway
Budapest-Újpest-Rákospalotai Villamos Közúti Vasút (BURV), 1896-1940
Budapest Region Street Railway
Budapestvidéki Közúti Vasút (BVKV), 1897-1923
Városmajor cog-wheel railway depot
Városmajori telephely. Opened in 1874, line: 60
Mexikói út underground railway depot
Mexikói úti telephely. Opened in 1973, line: M1
Aréna út underground railway depot
Aréna úti telephely. 1896-1973, closed.
Cinkota local railway depot
Cinkota telephely. Opened in 1888, lines: H8, H9
Csepel local railway depot
Csepel telephely. Opened in 1951, line: H7
Dunaharaszti local railway depot
Dunaharaszti telephely. Opened in 1910, line: H6
Ráckeve local railway depot
Ráckeve telephely. Opened in 1887, line: H6
Szentendre local railway depot
Szentendre telephely, Opened in 1992, line: H5
Local Railway
Helyi Érdekű Vasút (HÉV). From 1958.
Hungarian State Railways-Budapest Suburban Railway
Magyar Államvasutak-Budapesti Elővárosi Vasút (MÁV-BEV). 1952-1958
Budapest Local Railway
Budapesti Helyi Érdekű Vasút (BHÉV), 1887-1952. Suburban railway and old tramway
Urban Public Transport Museum Szentendre
Opened in 1992 (old HÉV depot 1914-1992)
Transport Museum
Under construction. All vehicles temporarialy transferred to a warehouse.
Millennium Underground Museum
Opened in 1975
Hungarian Tramway History Association
Urban and Suburban Transit Association

Photo trip 24.08.2019.
Tramway depots
Cog-wheel railway
Underground — M1
Local railway
Abandoned tram lines
 Buenos Aires AAT (museum trams)
Premetro (Line E2)
Line Tranvia Del Este
Tren de la Costa
Ferrocarril General Urquiza

Remains of the infrastructure of old tram system
Line AAT — miscellaneous photos
Premetro (Line E2) — miscellaneous photos
Line Tranvía del Este — miscellaneous photos
Line Tren de la Costa — miscellaneous photos
 Buffalo Buffalo Metro Rail
Opened 1984
International Railway Co.
1860 Buffalo Street Railway Co. → 1891 Buffalo Railway Co. → 1902–1950 International Railway Co.
Buffalo & Niagara Falls Electric Street Railway
1902 to International Railway Co
Buffalo & Erie Railway Co.
1906 Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co. → 1924–1933 Buffalo & Erie Railway Co.
Buffalo & Williamsville Electric Railway Co.
1891–1930 [in operation 1893]

Miscellaneous photos
 Burlington, IA Iowa Southern Utilities Co., Burlington Division
1874 Burlington Street Railway → 1878 Union Street Railway → 1895 Burlington Railway & Light → 1901 People's Gas & Electric → 1912 Burlington Railway & Light → 1921 United Utilities Corp. → 1924–1929 Iowa Southern Utilities
 Burlington, VT Burlington Traction Company
 Burnley Burnley & District Tramways Co Ltd.
Burnley Corporation Transport
1901-1933. After 4.1933 Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee
 Bursa BursaRay - Light Rail / Stadtbahn
gauge 1435 mm
Tramway - Modern tramway
guage 1435 mm
Nostalgic Tramway
gauge 1000 mm

BursaRay — Miscellaneous photos
Tramway (1435 mm) — Miscellaneous photos
Nostalgik Tramway (1000 mm) — Miscellaneous photos
 Burton-upon-Trent Burton-upon-Trent Corporation Transport
 Bury Bury Corporation Transport
 Busan Tramway
 Butler Butler Railways Co.
1899 Butler Passenger Railway → 1914 Pittsburgh & Butler Railway → 1917–1941 Butler Railways Co.
 Butte Butte Electric Railway Co.
1886 Butte City Street Railroad Co. → 1887 Butte Consolidated Railway → 1899–1937 Butte Electric Railway Co.
 Bydgoszcz Tramway
Tramwaj Fordon, sp. z o. o.

 Békéscsaba Alföld First Economic Railway
Alföldi Első Gazdasági Vasút. Non-electric urban railway (gauge: 760 mm)
 Caen Classic Electric Tramway 100 mm
Steam interurban tramway 600 mm
Since 27.07.2019
 Cagliari Azienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti
 Cairns Tramway
 Cairo City
 Cairo, IL Illinois Power & Light Co.
1880 Cairo Street Railway Co. → 1890 Cairo Electric Railway Co. → 1903 Cairo Electric & Traction Co. → 1908 Cairo Railway & Light Co. → 1913 Illinois Traction Co. → 1923–1934 Illinois Power & Light Co.
 Calais Calais Street Railway
 Calgary Calgary Transit
CTrain Light Rail Transit System

C-Train LRT: lines and stations
Impact of a flood from June 21th, 2013
 Cambridge, OH Ohio Service Co.
1902 Cambridge Consolidated Co. → 1910 Midland Power & Traction Co. → 1914 New Midland Power & Traction Co. → 1915 Ohio Service Co. → 1925-1927 Ohio Power Co.

Old Photos
 Camden Public Service Railway Co. — Southern Division
1907 Public Service Railway Co. → 1928–1935 Public Service Coordinated Transport
South Jersey Gas & Electric & Traction Co.
Incorporated 1900. Leased 6/6/1903 to Public Service Corp. of New Jersey. 1907 to Public Service Railway Co. (Public Service Railway Co.)
Camden & Suburban Railway Co.
1866 Camden Horse Railroad Co. → 1896–1904 Camden & Suburban Railway Co. 1904 leased by South Jersey Gas & Electric & Traction Co.
Camden, Gloucester & Woodbury Railway Co.
1893–1900. 1900 leased by South Jersey Gas & Electric & Traction Co.

Miscellaneous Photos
 Camerino Società Ferrovie Marchigiane
1906-1930, 1935-1956. Urban part of railway Castelraimondo-Camerino.
 Campinas VLT de Campinas (1991-1995)
Bad-lucky LRT line on the old railway line, 15.03.1991-17.02.1995
Tramway do Parque Taquaral
Walking tram

VLT de Campinas — Miscellaneous photos
 Canberra Transport Canberra

Lines and Stations
 Cannes Compagnie des Tramways de Cannes

Old Photos
 Canton, MA Blue Hill Street Railway
 Canton, OH Canton-Akron Railway
1884 Canton Street Railway Co. → 1892 Canton & Massilion Electric Railway → 1902 Canton-Akron Railway Co. → 1906 Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co.
Canton Traction
1930–1931. Formerly part of Northern Ohio Power & Light Co.
Inter-City Rapid Transit
1930–1940. Canton–Massillon line, formerly part of Northern Ohio Power & Light Co.
 Cape Charles Bay Creek Railway
 Cape May Ocean Street Passenger Railway Co.
1901–1916 [in operation since 1903]
 Cape Town City Tramways Co Ltd
 Carlisle City of Carlisle Electric Tramways Co. Ltd.
 Carrara Tramway
 Casablanca Tram

 Catskill Catskill Traction Co.
1900 Catskill Electric Railway Co. → 1910–1917 Catskill Traction Co.
 Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway
 Centerville Southern Iowa Railway
1887 People's Street Railway → 1903 Citizens Electric Light & Gas Co. → 1906 Centerville Light & Traction Co. → 1916 Southern Iowa Utilities Co. → 1941–1967 Southern Iowa Railway
 Centralia, IL Centralia Traction Co.
1891 Centralia & Central City Street Railway Co. (in operation since 1892) → 1906–1930 Centralia Traction Co.
 Cernier Tramway du Val-de-Ruz
 Certosa di Pavia Horse tramway
 Chambersburg Chambersburg, Greencastle & Waynesboro Street Ry. Co.
Chambersburg & Gettysburg Electric Railway Co.
Chambersburg & Shippensburg Railway Co.
 Changchun Tramway
Opened 11.11.1941
LRT (Line #3)
 Charleroi Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Charles City Charles City Western Railway
1910–1963. 1963 to Charles City Division of Iowa Terminal Railway
 Charleston, SC South Carolina Power Co.
1861 Charleston City Railway → 1899 Charleston Consolidated Railway Gas & Electric Co. → 1910 Charleston Consolidated Railway & Light Co. → 1926–1938 South Carolina Power Co.
 Charleston, WV Charleston Interurban Railroad
1891 Charleston Street Railway Co. → 1896 Charleston Traction Co. → 1900 Kanawha Valley Traction Co. → 1923 Charleston Interurban Railroad Co. → 1934–1939 Charleston Transit Co.
Charleston–Dunbar Traction Co.
1911–1923. 1923 to Charleston Interurban Railroad Co.
 Charlotte LYNX
Opened 2007
Charlotte Trolley
Southern Public Utilities Company
1887 Charlotte Street Railway → 1896 Charlotte Electric Railway Light & Power → 1911 City Electric Railway → 1913 Southern Public Utilities → 1935–1938 Duke Power Co.
 Chattanooga Tennessee Electric Power Co.
1906 Chattanooga Railways Co. → 1909 Chattanooga Railway & Light Co. → 1922–1940 Tennessee Electric Power Co.
Chattanooga Electric Railway Co.
1888 Chattanooga Electric Street Railroad Co. → 1891–1909 Chattanooga Electric Railway Co. Consolidated into Chattanooga Railway & Light Co. in 1909
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Tennessee Valley Railway Museum

Miscellaneous photos
 Chelyabinsk Track service
Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 2

Competitions of professional skill of drivers of a tram
 Chemnitz Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG
1435 mm
CityBahn Chemnitz
1435 mm
Straßenbahnfreunde Chemnitz e.V.
925/1435 mm
915 mm • 1880-1898
915/925 mm • 1893-1988

Maps • Netzpläne
Artistic photography • Kreativfotos
Old Photos • Alte Fotos
Passenger information • Fahrgastinformation
Tram-railway system "Chemnitzer Modell" • Straßenbahn-Eisenbahnkonzept "Chemnitzer Modell"
Service vehicles of the tram • Wirtschaftsfahrzeuge der Straßenbahn
Trams from other cities to guest in Chemnitz • Fahrzeuge aus anderen Städten zu Gast in Chemnitz
Museum exhibits except tramcars • Museumsexponate außer Straßenbahnwagen
Delivery of new Škoda tramways • Lieferung neuer Škoda-Straßenbahnen
Miscellaneous photos • Sonstige Fotos
 Chengdu Tramway
Open in 26.12.2018
 Cherepovets Tramway
MUE "Elektrotrans"

Incomplete Trolleybus infrastructure
Miscellaneous photos
Reconstruction of the bridge over the river Yagorba
Old photos
 Chernivtsi Tramway
26.05.1897 — 21.03.1967
 Cheryokha Horse tram
1890-1918 (?)

Horse railway
 Cheryomushki Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Chester Chester Corporation Transport
 Chester Southern Pennsylvania Traction Co.
1894 Chester Traction Co. → 1910–1940 Southern Pennsylvania Traction Co.
 Chesterfield Horse tramway
 Cheyenne Cheyenne Electric Railway
 Chiasso Società Tram Elettrici Mendrisiensi
1910-1951, tranvia Chiasso-Riva San Vitale.
 Chicago Chicago Railways
1903–1947. 1947 to Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago City Railway — cable cars
Chicago City Railway — electric cars
1896(?)–1947. 1947 to Chicago Transit Authority
Calumet & South Chicago Railway
1908–1947. 1947 to Chicago Transit Authority
Southern Street Railway
1893 Chicago General Railway → 1905 Southern Street Railway. 1947 to Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago Union Traction
1899–1908. 1908 to Chicago Railways
Chicago & Interurban Traction Co.
1893 Englewood & Chicago Electric Railway Co. → 1897 Chicago Electric Traction Co. → 1907 Chicago & Southern Traction Co. → 1912–1927 Chicago & Interurban Traction Co.
North Chicago Street Railway
1859–1899. 1899 to Chicago Union Traction
South Chicago City Railway
Calumet Electric Street Railway
Chicago & West Towns Railway
Electric Railway Historical Society

Streetcars — Miscellaneous Photos
 Chico Chico Electric Railway
1904–1905. Acquired by Northern Electric Railway (operated in Chico till 1947)
 Chippewa Lake Northern Ohio Railway Museum
 Chișinău Tramway
 Chomutov Rychlodráha Chomutov - Jirkov

Non-realized fast-tramway project in the 80s • Nerealizovaný projekt rychlodrahy v 80. letech
 Chongjin Tramway

Tram Lines and Infrastructure
 Christchurch Tramway
Welcome Aboard Tramway
Opened in 1995

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Cienfuegos Miscellaneous photos
 Cieszyn Städtische Straßenbahn Teschen
 Cincinnati Cincinnati Bell Connector
Opened 2016
Cincinnati Street Railway
1873 Cincinnati Consolidated Railway → 1880–1951 Cincinnati Street Railway
Ohio Traction Co.
1901 Cincinnati & Hamilton Traction Co. → 1905–1926 Ohio Traction Co. 1926 to Cincinnati Street Railway
Cincinnati, Milford & Blanchester Traction Co.
1902 Cincinnati Milford and Loveland Traction Co. → 1918–1926 Cincinnati, Milford & Blanchester Traction Co. 1926 to Cincinnati Street Railway
Cincinnati & Columbus Traction Co.
1901–1920. In operation 1906–1919
Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth Railroad Co.
1873 Cincinnati & Portsmouth Railroad Co. → 1880 Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth Railroad Co. → 1927–1936 Cincinnati-Georgetown Railroad Co. Steam service began 1876. Electrified in 1902. Passenger service ceased 1935.
Cincinnati Car Company

Old photos
Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth Railroad Co.
 Civitanova Marche Azienda Tranviaria Autonoma Civitanovese
 Clarksburg Fairmont & Clarksburg Traction Co.
1900 Fairmont & Southern Railway Co. → 1901 Fairmont & Clarksburg Electric Railroad Co. → 1903–1912 Fairmont & Clarksburg Traction Co. 1912 to Monongahela Valley Traction Co.
Clarksburg & Weston Electric Railway
1909 Fairmont & Northern Traction Co. → 1910–1912 Clarksburg & Weston Electric Railway. 1912 to Monongahela Valley Traction Co.
 Clarkston Lewiston–Clarkston Transit Co.
 Clermont-Ferrand Compagnie des tramways électriques de Clermont-Ferrand

Old photos
 Cleveland Cleveland Railway
1893 Cleveland Electric Railway → 1910 Cleveland Railway → 1942–1954 Cleveland Transit System
Municipal Traction
1906–1925. Merged into Cleveland Railway in 1910
Shaker Heights Rapid Transit
1913 Cleveland Interurban Railroad → 1944 Shaker Heights Rapid Transit. 1975 to Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Established 1974
Trolleyville museum
2006 to Lake Shore Electric Railway Museum. Closed 2009
 Cleveland & Southwestern Cleveland Southwestern & Columbus Railway Co.
1894 Cleveland & Elyria Electric Railroad Co. → 1896 Cleveland Berea & Elyria Railway Co. → 1897 Cleveland Berea Elyria & Oberlin Railway Co. → 1900 Cleveland Elyria & Western Railway Co. → 1903 Cleveland & Southwestern Traction Co. → 1907 Cleveland Southwestern & Columbus Railway Co. → 1924–1931 Cleveland Southwestern Railway & Light Co.

Miscellaneous Photos
 Clinton Clinton Street Railway Co.
1869 Lyons Horse Railway Co. → 1889 Clinton & Lyons Horse Railway Co. → 1904–1937 Clinton Street Railway Co.
 Cluj-Napoca Compania de Transport Public
 Coatbridge Summerlee Heritage Park
 Cochabamba The Empresa de Luz y Fuerza Eléctrica de Cochabamba
Cochabamba Metropolitan Train

Light Rail System Construction
Tramway-Related Events
Cochabamba Delegation Visit to Stadler Factory Near Minsk — 16.10.2018
Cochabamba Delegation Visit to St. Petersburg — 25.10.2018
 Coffeyville Union Electric Railway Co.
1904 Union Traction Co. of Kansas → 1937–1947 Union Electric Railway Co.
 Coimbra Tramway
 Colchester Colchester Corporation Tramways

Old photos
 Colne Colne Corporation Light Railways
1914 ex-Colne & Trawden Light Railways Co
 Cologne Tramway
 Colorado Springs Colorado Springs & Interurban Railway Co.
1886 Colorado Springs and Manitou Street Railway Co. (in operation 1887) → 1890 Colorado Springs Rapid Transit Railway Co. → 1901–1932 Colorado Springs & Interurban Railway Co.
Pikes Peak Historical Street Railway

Miscellaneous Photos
 Columbia, SC Columbia Railway
 Columbus, GA Columbus Transportation Co.
1866 Columbus Railroad Co. (in operation 1885) → 1922 Columbus Electric & Power Co. → 1930 Georgia Power Co. → 1931–1935 Columbus Transportation Co.
 Columbus, OH Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co.
1891 Columbus Consolidated Street Railway Co. → 1892 Columbus Street Railway Co. → 1899 Columbus Railway Co. → 1914 Columbus Railway Power & Light Co. → 1937-1948 Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co.
Indiana Columbus & Eastern Traction Co.
1902 Columbus London & Springfield Railway → 1907–1929 Indiana Columbus & Eastern Traction. Part of Ohio Electric in 1907–1921. 1929 to Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad
American Aggregates Corp.
 Como Tramway
 Concord Concord Street Railway
1881 Concord Horse Railroad Co. → 1890–1933 Concord Street Railway
 Connecticut Company Bridgeport Division
1906–1936. 1936 returned to Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co.
Derby Division
1906–1936. 1936 returned to Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co.
Glastonbury Division
1904–1964; 1964–67 as East Hartford Freight Co.
Hartford Division
Meriden Division
Middletown Division
New Britain Division
1906–1936. 1936 returned to Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co.
New Haven Division
New London Division
1904–1934. Rolling stock shared with Norwich Division (1904–1936)
Norwalk Division
Putnam Division
1904–1926. Consolidated with Norwich Division in 1926
Stamford Division
Torrington Division
Waterbury Division
1906–1936. 1936 returned to Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co.
Miscellaneous cars

Miscellaneous Photos
 Constantine Tramway
 Constanţa Regia Autonomă de Transport în Comun Constanţa
 Cordoba Tramway
Closed 1962
 Corning Corning & Painted Post Street Railway Co.

Old Photos
 Cornwall Cornwall Street Railway
Passenger cars and service equipment
Freight equipment
 Corry Corry & Columbus Street Railway
 Cortland Cortland County Traction Co.
1882 Cortland & Homer Horse Railroad Co. → 1894 Cortland & Homer Street Railway Co. → 1895 Cortland & Homer Traction Co. → 1901–1931 Cortland County Traction Co.
 Cosenza Tramway
 Coshocton Ohio Power Company
19?? Ohio Service Company → 1923–1927 Ohio Power Company
 Cottbus Tramway

110 Jahre Straßenbahn Cottbus
 Coventry Coventry & District Tramways
Coventry Electric Tramways
Coventry Corporation Transport
 Covington Cincinnati, Newport and Covington Railway
1875 Covington & Cincinnati Street Railway → 1876 South Covington & Cincinnati Street Railway → 1922–1950 Cincinnati, Newport and Covington Railway
 Craiova Regia Autonoma de Transport Craiova

 Cremona Società Elettrica Bresciana
 Crich National Tramway Museum
 Cuenca Tramway
Opening in 2019

Miscellaneous photos
 Cuiabá Tram
 Częstochowa MPK w Częstochowie sp. z o.o.

 Dalad Xiangshawan Desert Resort rail line
 Dalian Old streetcar depot
Since 1909
New streetcar depot
Since 2002
 Dallas Dallas Streetcar
Opened in 2015
Dallas Area Rapid Transport
Opened in 1996
McKinney Avenue Transit Authority
Opened in 1989
Dallas Railway & Terminal Co.
1887 Dallas Consolidated Street Railway Co. → 1890 Dallas Consolidated Traction Railway Co. → 1895 Dallas City Railway Co. → 1898 Dallas Consolidated Electric Street Railway Co. → 1917 Dallas Railway Co. → 1925 Dallas Railway & Terminal Co. → 1955–1956 Dallas Transit Co.
Dallas Belt Street Railway Co.
1884–1887. Merged into Dallas Consolidated Street Railway Co.
Commerce & Ervay Street Railroad Co.
1876–1887. Merged into Dallas Consolidated Street Railway Co.
Dallas City & Dallas Street Railroad Co.
1884–1887. Merged into Dallas Consolidated Street Railway Co.
Dallas Street Railroad Co.
1875–1884. Merged into Dallas City & Dallas Street Railroad Co.
Dallas City Railroad Co.
1871–1884 (in operation 1872). Merged into Dallas City & Dallas Street Railroad Co.
Texas Electric Railway Co.
1907 Texas Traction Co. → 1917–1948 Texas Electric Railway Co.
Southern Traction Co.
1912–1917. Merged with Texas Electric Railway in 1917
Age of Steam Railroad Museum

Building of Orange Line
 Danbury Danbury and Bethel Street Railway
 Danville, IL Illinois Power & Light Co.
1891 Citizens' Street Railway Co. → 1891 Danville Gas Electric Light & Street Railway Co. → 1899 Danville Street Railway & Light Co. → 1904 Illinois Traction Co. → 1923-1936 — Illinois Power & Light Co.1891 Citizens' St
Danville Car Co.
Defunct manufacturer
 Danville, VA Danville Traction & Power Co.
1886 Danville Street Car Co. → 1900 Danville Railway & Electric Co. → 1911–1938 Danville Traction & Power Co.
 Darmstadt Tramway

 Darwen Darwen Corporation Transport
 Daugavpils Tramway
Daugavpils satiksme

Old photos
Miscellaneous photos
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Construction of the Daugavpils Hospital Line
New trams
 Davenport Tri-City Railway Co.
1888 Davenport & Rock Island Railway Co. → 1895–1940 Tri-City Railway Co.
Davenport City Railway Co.
1869–1888. Merged into Davenport & Rock Island Railway Co.
Davenport Central Street Railroad Co.
1870–1888. Merged into Davenport & Rock Island Railway Co.
 Dayton Dayton Street Railway (I)
1868–1893. 1893 to City Railway Co.
Oakwood Street Railway Co.
City Railway Co.
People's Transit Co.
1906 Peoples Railway → 1940–1945 People's Transit. 1945 to City Railway Co.
Dayton Street Railway (II)
Dayton & Western Traction Co.
1897–1937 (in operation 1898)
Dayton–Xenia Railway Co.
1899 Dayton & Xenia Traction Co. → 1901 Dayton & Xenia Transit Co. → 1909 Dayton, Springfield & Xenia Southern Ry. Co. → 1926–1940 Dayton–Xenia Railway Co.
Dayton, Covington & Piqua Traction Co.
1901–1926 (in operation 1902)
Dayton & Troy Electric Railway Co.
Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad Co.
1902 Cincinnati, Dayton & Toledo Traction Co. → 1918 Cincinnati & Dayton Traction Co. → 1926 Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway Co. → 1929–1939 Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad Co.
 Debrecen Debrecen Transport Company
Debreceni Közlekedési Vállalat Zrt., Salétrom utcai telephely (DKV). Opened in 1911, routes: 1, 2
Debrecen Marketplace Street Railway
Debreceni Vásártéri Közúti Vasút (DVKV), 1888-1893
Debrecen-Nyírbátor Local Railway
Debrecen-Nyírbátor helyi érdekű Vasút (DNyBV), 1906-1950
 Delingha Morden Tramway
 Den Haag Haagse Tramweg Maatschappij
Haags Openbar Vervoer Museum
Tramweg Stichting Scheveningen

Miscellaneous photos
 Denver Denver Tramways Corp.
1871 Denver Horse Railroad Co. → 1872 Denver City Railway Co. → 1899 Denver City Tramway → 1914–1950 Denver Tramways Corp.
The Denver & South Platte Railway Company
Regional Transportation District
Opened 2002
Colorado Railroad Museum
Rocky Mountain Railroad Club
 Derby Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. — Derby Division
1885 Derby Horse Railway Co.→ 1889 Derby Street Railway Co. → 1899 Connecticut Light & Power Co. → 1900–1937 Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. Leased 1906–1936 to Connecticut Company

 Derby Derby Corporation Transport
1899-1934. Early Derby Tramways Company
 Derry Westmoreland County Railway Co.
 Des Moines Des Moines Railway
1868 Des Moines Street Railway Co. → 1889 Des Moines City Railway Co. → 1929–1951 Des Moines Railway Co.
Des Moines & Central Iowa Railroad
1899 Inter-Urban Railroad → 1922–1949 Des Moines & Central Iowa Railroad
 Dessau-Roßlau Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Detroit QLINE
Opened 2017
Department of Street Railways
1921–1956. Absorbed Detroit Division of the Detroit United Railways in 1922
Detroit United Railway
1900 Detroit United Railway → 1928–1936 Eastern Michigan Railways
Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Short Line Railway
1902–1906 (in operation 1904). Merged with Detroit United Railway
Henry Ford Museum
Dearborn, Michigan
 Dijon Compagnie des tramways électriques de Dijon
DIVIA — Tramway de Dijon
Entrée en service: 01.09.2012

Modern Tramway — Miscellaneous photos
 Dnipro Park Tramway
Tramway depot # 1
Closed 1997
Tramway depot #3
Depot #3, facility #2
ex Depot #4

Arrival and unloading of used cars from Germany (2011)
Arrival and unloading of used cars from Germany (2013)
The ride on Tatra T3DC, April 17, 2010
The ride on KTM-5 February 26 2011
The ride on Tatra T4DM, April 5, 2011
Tramcar K8 (K1M8)
Cars without numbers
The ride on Tatra T6A2M April 20 2013
The ride on KTM-8KM, November 5, 2017
Tatra-Yug Company Production Shops at Yuzhmash Factory
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Tram network — right-bank part
Tram network — left-bank part
Tram depots
Tramcar K1M6
 Doha Tramway
 Doncaster Doncaster Corporation Transport
 Donetsk Tramway depot № 3
Tramway depot № 4
Track service
Carriage-repair works
Central tram depot

The ride on Tatra T3SU, March 17, 2012
Miscellaneous tram photos
Excursion to the MTV-82 № 002, October 8, 2011
3th depot tram lines
4th depot tram lines
Tram line to Mushketovo station
Track reconstructions and repairings
Rehab of Tramcars at the Donetsk Electric-Technical plant
 Dornbirn Straßenbahn Dornbirn–Lustenau
 Dortmund Tramway
Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG
Nahverkehrsmuseum Dortmund
 Douglas Douglas Traction & Light Co.
1902 Douglas Street Railway Co. → 1911–1920 Douglas Traction & Light Co.
 Douglas Douglas Corporation Tramways
1902-1976. Now Douglas Borough Council
Manx Electric Railway
Upper Douglas Cable Tramway
Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Company
1876 Thomas Lightfoot, 1882 Isle of Man Tramways Ltd, later the Isle of Man Tramways & Electric Power Co. Ltd.

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Dover, NH Dover, Somersworth & Rochester Street Railway Co.
1887 Dover Horse Railway Co. → 1889 Union Street Railway → 1896 Union Electric Railway → 1901–1926 Dover, Somersworth & Rochester Street Railway Co.
 Dresden Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe
Betriebshöfe Trachenberge, Reick, Gorbitz und Waltherstraße
Straßenbahnmuseum Dresden
Betriebshof Trachenberge • seit 1992
Verkehrsmuseum Dresden
Niedersedlitz — Kreischa • 1000 mm • 1906-1977
Alte Nummerierung (bis 1971)
Dresdner Vorortsbahn
Laubegast — Kleinzschachwitz • 1000 mm • 1899-1921
Deutsche Straßenbahn-Gesellschaft in Dresden (Rote Gesellschaft)
Dresdner Straßenbahn-Gesellschaft (Gelbe Gesellschaft)

Old photos (tramway) • Alte Fotos (Straßenbahn)
Artistic photography • Kreativfotos
Maps • Netzpläne
Stadtbahn 2020: Tramway construction at Oskarstraße / Tiergartenstraße • Stadtbahn 2020: Baustelle Oskarstraße / Tiergartenstraße
Official farewell of the Tatra trams (29.05.2010) • Offizieller Tatra-Abschied 29.05.2010
Stadtbahn 2020: reconstruction of the central tram stop at Kesselsdorfer Straße • Stadtbahn 2020: Umbau Zentralhaltestelle Kesselsdorfer Straße
Trams and bridges • Straßenbahnen und Brücken
Vehicles without visible numbers • Fahrzeuge ohne erkennbare Nummern
Festival: 140 years tram operation in Dresden (29-30.09.2012) • Jubiläum 140 Jahre Dresdner Straßenbahn (29-30.09.2012)
Tram lines and infrastructure • Straßenbahnstrecken und Infrastruktur
Festival: 25 years of tram museum — 50 years of Tatra (03.06.2017) • Doppeljubiläum: 25 Jahre Straßenbahnmuseum — 50 Jahre Tatra (03.06.2017)
Trams in the art • Straßenbahnen in der Kunst
Last day of tram operation at "Diebsteig" loop (04.02.2018) • Letzter Tag des Straßenbahnbetriebs in der Schleife Diebsteig (04.02.2018)
Remains of former tram tracks • Überreste ehemaliger Straßenbahnstrecken
Other building and reconstruction sites in the tramway network • Sonstige Baustellen im Straßenbahnnetz
Last day of tram operation on Wasastraße and Franz-Liszt-Straße • Letzter Tag des Straßenbahnverkehrs in Wasa- und Franz-Liszt-Straße (13.01.2019)
Interurban tramway line Dresden — Freital-Hainsberg (1902-1974) • Überlandstraßenbahn Dresden — Freital-Hainsberg (1902-1974)
Passenger information • Fahrgastinformation
Opening of the new tramway track at Tiergartenstraße and Oskarstraße • Eröffnung der neuen Straßenbahnstrecke über Tiergartenstraße und Oskarstraße
Interurban tram line Lockwitztalbahn Niedersedlitz — Kreischa (1906-1977) • Überlandstraßenbahn Lockwitztalbahn Niedersedlitz — Kreischa (1906-1977)
Models • Modelle
In-Cab photos • Führerstandsfotos
Scrapping of Tatra trams • Verschrottung von Tatra-Wagen
Tram depot Mickten (closed in 1992) • Betriebshof Mickten (Stilllegung 1992)
Tram depot Johannstadt (closed in 1998) • Betriebshof Johannstadt (Stilllegung 1998)
Tram depot Tolkewitz (closed in 2003) • Betriebshof Tolkewitz (Stilllegung 2003)
Tram depot Coswig (closed in 2005) • Betriebshof Coswig (Stilllegung 2005)
Tram depot Bühlau (closed in 2007) • Betriebshof Bühlau (Stilllegung 2007)
Service vehicles of the tram • Wirtschaftsfahrzeuge der Straßenbahn
New tramcars Bombardier NGT DX DD • Neue Straßenbahnwagen Bombardier NGT DX DD
 Druzhkivka Druzhkivka autoelectrotrans Municipal Enterprise

Tram lines
Restored traction to the Porcelain Factory terminal station
Restored traction to the Selysche mashynobudivnykiv terminal station
Start of operation of the first Tatra T3SUCS
Previously Abandoned lines
Miscellaneous photos
 DuBois Du Bois Electric & Traction Co.
1891 Du Bois Traction Passenger Railway → 1897 Du Bois Traction Co. → 1902–1926 Du Bois Electric & Traction Co.
 Dubai Al Sufouh Tramway
To open in 2014
Heritage Tramway
No overhead, replicars with hydrogen cell propulsion package and batteries
 Dublin Tramway
Luas Red Cow Depot
Sandyford Luas Tram Depot

Miscellaneous photos
 Dubrovnik Tramway
22.12.1910 — 20.3.1970
 Dubuque, IA Interstate Power Co.
1868 Dubuque Street Railway Co. → 1900 Union Electric Co. → 1916 Dubuque Electric Co. → 1924–1932 Interstate Power Co.
 Dudley Dudley, Stourbridge & District Electric Traction Co. Ltd
1884-1930. Early Dudley & Stourbridge Steam Tramways Co. Ltd.
Black Country Living Museum
 Duisburg Tramway
 Duluth, MN Duluth-Superior Traction Co.
1881 Duluth Street Railway → 1900 Duluth-Superior Traction Co. → 1933–1939 Duluth-Superior Transit Co.
 Dundee Dundee & District
 Dunedin Cable cars
1881 – 1957
Roslyn Electric Tramway
1900 – 1921
Dunedin City Corporation Tramways
 Durban Tramway
Horsecar 1880-1902, electric tram 1902-1949
 Dzerzhinsk Tramway
Tramway depot # 1
Closed since 2000
Tram depot # 2
Numbers until 2000

Tramway lines
Restavration of vagons X and RGS-2
Withdrawn cars
Closure of the Tramway
 Döbeln Traditionsverein Döbelner Pferdebahn e. V.
Pferdebahnmuseum • seit 2007
Döbelner Straßenbahn AG
Pferdebahn • 1892-1926

Tickets • Fahrscheine
Tram line and infrastructure • Strecke und Infrastruktur
Miscellaneous photos • Sonstige Fotos
 Düren Tramway
 Düsseldorf Rheinbahn AG
ex Rheinische Bahngesellschaft AG
Linie D
Arbeitsgemeinschaft historischer Nahverkehr Düsseldorf e. V.

 East Haven Shore Line Trolley Museum

Miscellaneous photos
 East Liverpool East Liverpool Traction & Light Co.
1892 East Liverpool & Wellsville St. Ry. → 1897 East Liverpool Ry. → 1905 East Liverpool Traction & Light. 1917 to Steubenville East Liverpool & Beaver Valley Traction
 East London Tramway
25 Jan 1900 — 25 Oct 1935

Old photos
 East St. Louis East St. Louis Railway Co.
1872 East St. Louis Street Railway Co. → 1891 East St. Louis Electric Street Railroad Co. → 1902–1935 East St. Louis Railway Co.
East St. Louis & Suburban Railway Co.
East St. Louis Columbia & Waterloo Railway Co.

 East Troy East Troy Electric Railroad
 East Windsor Connecticut Trolley Museum
 Eastern Massachusetts Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway
1901 Old Colony Street Railway Co. → 1911 Bay State Street Railway Co. → 1919–1948 Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway

Miscellaneous Photos
 Eastern Pennsylvania East Penn Electric Co.
1899 Pottsville Union Traction → 1906 Eastern Pennsylvania Railways Co. → 1921-1932 East Penn Electric Co.
Carbon Transit Co.
1893 Carbon County Electric Railway Co. → 1908 Carbon Transit Co. → 1919 Mauch Chunk & Lehighton Transit Co. Merged into East Penn Electric Co.
Tamaqua & Lansford Street Railway Co.
1891–1906. Merged into Eastern Pennsylvania Railways Co.
 Eau Claire Northern States Power Co.
1880 Eau Claire City Railway → 1898 Eau Claire Light & Power → 1905 Eau Claire Railway Light & Power → 1914 Wisconsin-Minnesota Light & Power → 1939 Northern States Power Co.
 Eberswalde Tramway
 Edinburgh Edinburgh Trams
Operated by Transport for Edinburgh
Edinburgh Corporation Tramways
1893 Edinburgh and District Tramways → 1919–1956 Edinburgh Corporation Tramways
Edinburgh Northern Tramways
1888–1897. 1897 to Edinburgh and District Tramways
Edinburgh Street Tramways

Miscellaneous photos
 Edmonton ETS: D.L. MacDonald Yard
Edmonton Light Rail Transit
ETS: Gerry Wright Operations & Maintenance Facility
Valley Line LRT (Under construction)
Edmonton Transit System
09.11.1908 — 01.09.1951
Edmonton Radial Railway Society
Founded in 1980

Miscellaneous photos
 Eisenach Tramway
 Eisleben-Mansfeld Tramway
 El Paso El Paso Streetcar
Since 09.11.2018
El Paso City Lines
1881 El Paso Street Railway Co. → 1901 El Paso Electric Railway Co. → 1925 El Paso Electric Co. → 1943–1977 El Paso City Lines
Paso del Norte Streetcar Preservation Society

The Second Generation Tramway System Opening — 09.11.2018
Old Photos
Storage of PCC Cars at El Paso International Airport
Tramway Under Construction
PCC Cars Modernization
Delivery of PCC Cars
PCC Cars Testing
Tramway Related Public Events
 El Reno Canadian County Historical Society
 Elbląg Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Elizabeth Elizabeth, Plainfield and Central Jersey Railway Co.
1900–1907. 1907 to Public Service Railway Co.
Westfield & Elizabeth Street Railway Co.
1898–1901. 1901 to Elizabeth, Plainfield and Central Jersey Railway
Woodbridge & Sewaren Street Railway Co.
1893–1901. 1901 to Elizabeth, Plainfield and Central Jersey Railway
Rahway Electric Street Railway
1893–1901. 1901 to Elizabeth, Plainfield and Central Jersey Railway
Elizabeth Street Railway
1887–1901. 1901 to Elizabeth, Plainfield and Central Jersey Railway
Elizabeth City Horse Railroad
1869–1901. 1901 to Elizabeth, Plainfield and Central Jersey Railway
 Elmira Elmira Light Heat & Power Co.
1900 Elmira Water Light & Railroad Co. → 1932–1939 Elmira Light Heat & Power Co.
 Enoshima Enoshima Electric Railway (Enoden)
江ノ島電鉄 Enoshima dentetsu
 Enschede Tramway
Twentsche Electrische Tramweg Maatschappij (1908-1933)

 Ephrata Ephrata & Lebanon Traction Co.
1914 Ephrata & Lebanon Traction Co. → 1925–1931 Lancaster, Ephrata & Lebanon Railway Co.
 Erezée Тramway touristique de l'Aisne
 Erfurt Tramway

Tatra KT4D+KT4D+KT4D 3-car Trains
 Erie Erie Railways
Erie Electric Motor Co.
1868 Erie City Passenger Railway Co. → 1887 Erie Electric Motor Co. 1906 to Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co.
 Eskişehir EsTram
 Esslingen Esslinger Städtische Strassenbahn
Strassenbahn Esslingen–Nellingen–Denkendorf
 Evansville Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.
1866 Evansville Railroad Co. → 1886 Evansville Street Railroad Co. → 1901 Evansville Electric Railway Co. → 1906 Evansville & Southern Indiana Traction Co. → 1912 Public Utilities Co. → 1920–1939 Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.
Evansville & Princeton Traction Co.
1902–1906. 1906 to Evansville & Southern Indiana Traction Co.

 Everett Puget Sound International Railway & Power Co.
1893 Everett Railway & Electric Co. → 1905 Everett Railway Light & Water Co. → 1907–1923 Puget Sound International Railway & Power Co.
 Evpatoria Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Historical photos
Tests of 71-411 Tram
 Exeter Exeter Tramways Company
Exeter Corporation Transport

Old photos
 Exeter, CA Visalia Electric Railroad
Electric operation: 1908–1944; passenger service discontinued 1924
 Exeter, NH Exeter Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway
1897 Exeter Street Railway → 1899–1924 Exeter Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway
Haverhill, Plaistow, & Newton Railway Co.
1901–1913. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
Seabrook & Hampton Beach Street Railway Co.
1901–1913. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
 Fairfield, ME Benton & Fairfield Railway Co.
Fairfield & Shawmut Railway Co.
1903–1927 (opened 1907)
 Falkirk Falkirk & District Tramways Company
 Fanipal Stadler Minsk CJSC

 Fargo Northern States Power Co.
1902 Fargo & Morehead Street Railway Co. → 1912 Northern States Power Co. → 1936–1937 Northern Transit Co.
 Farnworth Farnworth UDC Tramways
 Ferlach Historama
 Ferrara Tramway
 Ferrymead Heritage Tramway

Tramway Line and Infrastructure
 Findlay Findlay Street Railway Co.
1887 Findlay Street Railway Co. → 1901 Toledo Bowling Green & Southern Traction Co. → 1930–1937 Findlay Street Railway Co.
 Firenze GEST S.p.A.

Line "T1 Leonardo"
Line "T2 Vespucci"
 Fitchburg Fitchburg & Leominster Street Railway Co.
1886 Fitchburg Street Railway Co. → 1892–1932 Fitchburg & Leominster Street Railway Co.
 Flensburg Tramway
 Fond Du Lac Wisconsin Power & Light Co. — Fond Du Lac Division
1893 Fond Du Lac Power & Railway Co. → 1899 Fond Du Lac Street Railway & Light Co. → 1903 Eastern Wisconsin Railway & Light Co.→ 1917 Eastern Wisconsin Electric Co → 1924–1931 Wisconsin Power & Light Co.
 Fonda–Johnstown–Gloversville Fonda, Johnstown and Gloversville Railroad
 Fontainebleau Compagnie des tramways de Fontainebleau
 Forst Tramway
 Fort Collins Denver and Interurban Railroad
Fort Collins Municipal Railway
Fort Collins Municipal Railway Society
Formed in 1980, heritage streetcar service since 1984
 Fort Dodge Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway
1905 Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railroad → 1942–1955 Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railway
 Fort Smith Fort Smith Traction Co.
1881 Fort Smith Street Railroad Co. → 1898 Fort Smith Traction Light & Power Co. → 1903 Fort Smith Light & Traction Co. → 1928–1933 Fort Smith Traction Co.
Fort Smith Trolley Museum
 Fort Wayne Indiana Service Corp.
1872 Citizens Street Railroad Co. → 1887 Fort Wayne Street Railroad Co. → 1892 Fort Wayne Electric Railway Co. → 1895 Fort Wayne Consolidated Railway Co. → 1899 Fort Wayne Traction Co. → 1904 Fort Wayne & Wabash Valley Traction Co. → 1911 Fort Wayne & Northern Indiana Traction Co. → 1920–1947 Indiana Service Corp.
Fort Wayne & Decatur Traction Co.
1903 Fort Wayne & Springfield Railway → 1912–1916 Fort Wayne & Decatur Traction. 1916 to Fort Wayne & Northern Indiana Traction Co.
Fort Wayne, Van Wert & Lima Traction Co.
1905 Fort Wayne, Van Wert & Lima Traction Co. → 1926–1932 Fort Wayne-Lima Railroad. Part of Ohio Electric in 1907–1921.
Fort Wayne & Northwestern Railway Co.
1907 Toledo & Chicago Interurban Railway → 1913–1924 Fort Wayne & Northwestern Railway. 1924 to Indiana Service Corp.
 Fort Worth Northern Texas Traction Co.
1900 Northern Texas Traction Co. → 1938–1947 Fort Worth Transit Co.
Tandy Center Subway
1963 Leonard's M&O Subway → 1974–2002 Tandy Center Subway
North Texas Historic Transportation

Leonard's M&O / Tandy Center Subway
 Foshan Nanhai Light rail tramway
Open in 30.12.2019
 Framingham Boston & Worcester Street Railway
1901–1932 (placed in operation in 1903)
Framingham Union Street Railway Co.
1887–1903. Merged with Boston & Worcester Street Railway Co.
Framingham, Southboro & Marlborough Street Railway Co.
1898–1904. Merged with Boston & Worcester Street Railway Co.
 Frankfurt am Main Unknown depot
Heddernheim Depot
Ost Depot
Gutleut Depot
Eckenheimer Depot
Verkehrsmuseum Schwanheim
Frankfurter Lokalbahn AG

Miscellaneous photos
U-Bahn — Miscellaneous photos
 Frankfurt an der Oder Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Fredonia Dunkirk & Fredonia Railroad Co.
1864–1934 (in operation 1866). Consolidated with Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co. in 1906 (Buffalo & Erie Railway Co. since 1924) and resumed independent operation in 1933
 Freiberg Straßenbahn Freiberg

Old photos • Alte Fotos
Maps • Netzpläne
Former tram tracks • Ehemalige Straßenbahnstrecken
 Freiburg im Breisgau Tramway

Transportation along Autobahn A6, Rasthof Hohenlohen
Miscellaneous photos
 Fresno Fresno Traction
1901 Fresno City Ry. → 1904–1939 Fresno Traction Co.
 Fribourg Société des tramways de Fribourg
 Fukui Fukubu Electric Railway (Fukutetsu)
福武電気鉄道 Fukubu Denki Tetsudō
Echizen Railway
えちぜん鉄道株式会社 Echizen Tetsudō Kabushikigaisha
 Gadsden Alabama Power Co.
1890 Gadsden & Attalla Union Railway Co. → 1901 Alabama City, Gadsden & Attalla Railway Co. → 1919–1934 Alabama Power Co.
 Gagra Horse tram

Old photos
 Galaţi S.C. Transurb S.A.
 Galesburg Illinois Power & Light Co.
1885 College City Railroad Co. → 1892 Galesburg Electric Motor & Power Co. → 1904 Galesburg Railway Lighting & Power Co. → 1913 Illinois Traction System → 1923–1931 Illinois Power & Light Co.
 Galveston Galveston Electric Co.
1867 Galveston City Railroad Co. → 1900 Galveston City Railway Co. → 1905–1938 Galveston Electric Co.
Galveston Island Trolley

Old photos
 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Bavarian Zugspitze Railway

Miscellaneous photos
 Gary Gary Railways
1908 Gary & Interurban Railway Co. → 1913 Gary & Interurban Railroad Co. → 1917 Gary Street Railway Co. → 1925–1947 Gary Railways
 Gateshead Gateshead & District Tramways

Old photos
 Gaziantep Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Gdańsk Depot “Wrzeszcz”
Depot “Nowy Port”
Unknown depot

Miscellaneous photos
Old photos
 Geelong Tramway
 Genova Tramway
1893 — 1967
Ferrovia a cremagliera Principe-Granarolo
Interurban Genova - Casella
Ferrovia Genova — Casella

Ferrovia a cremagliera Principe-Granarolo
Interurban Genova — Casella
 Gent De Lijn
 Genève Compagnie générale des tramways suisses
Société genevoise des chemins de fer à voie étroite
Transports publics genevois
1900-1977: Compagnie genevoise des tramways électriques

Rack railway Chemin de fer du Salève
 George Town Tramway
 Gera Tramway

Historic Photographs with Trams
 Gettysburg Gettysburg Railway Co.
1891 Gettysburg Electric Railroad Co. → 1897 Gettysburg Transit Co. → 1910–1917 Gettysburg Railway Co.
 Gießen Tramway
 Girardville Schuylkill Railway Co.
1892 Schuylkill Traction Co. (in operation 1893) → 1905–1931 Schuylkill Railway Co.
 Glasgow Tramway
 Glen Cove Glen Cove Railroad
 Glenorchy Tasmanian Transport Museum
 Glossop Glossop Tramways Ltd
 Gloucester Gloucester City Tramways Company
Horse Trams. 1879-1881
City of Gloucester Tramways Company
Horse Trams. 1881-1902. From 1902 — City of Gloucester Corporation
 Gmunden TraunSeeTram Gmunden - Vorchdorf
Opened in: 01.09.2018
Gmundner Strassenbahn
Lokalbahn Gmunden - Vorchdorf

Miscellaneous photos
Official Introduction of Tramlink trams 12.03.2016
Gmunden Strassenbahn — Traunseebahn Connector Construction
 Gold Coast GoldLinQ
Open in 2014

LRT Line construction
 Gorizia Società Goriziana Trenovie
Comune di Gorizia
 Gorzów Wielkopolski Tramway

 Gotha Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Fantrip 08.07.12 with Gotha G4-67 of the “Two rooms and a bath” type
 Gouda - Leiden LRT RijnGouweljin
Interurban on the old railway line
 Granada Metropolitano de Granada
LRT system, gauge 1435 mm, Open 21.09.2017

Metropolitano de Granada — Miscellaneous photos
 Grand Forks Grand Forks Street Railway Co.
1904 Grand Forks Transit Co. → 1908–1934 Grand Forks Street Railway Co.
 Grand Paris Depot T1 — Bobigny
Depot T2 — Issy-les-Moulineaux / La Marine
Depot T3 — Lucotte / Pantin - Stade Jules-Ladoumèg
Depot T4 — Noisy-le-Sec
Depot T7 — Vitry
Depot T8 — Villetaneuse
Start of working line and depot in end of 2014
Musée des transports urbains, interurbains et ruraux

Line of cable car to Belleville hill (1891–1924)
Bulid of new tram lines
Tram line T1
Tram line T2
Tram line T3
Tram line T4
Tram line T7
Tram line T8
Railway line Esbly — Crécy-la-Chapelle
 Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Railway Co.
1885 Street Railway Co. of Grand Rapids → 1890 Consolidated Street Railway of Grand Rapids → 1900 Grand Rapids Railway Co. → 1927–1935 Grand Rapids Railroad Co.
Valley City Street & Cable Railway Co.
1887–1890. 1890 to Consolidated Street Railway of Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon Railway Co.
Grand Rapids, Holland & Chicago Railway Co.
1900 Grand Rapids, Holland & Lake Michigan Rapid Railway Co. → 1904–1926 Grand Rapids, Holland & Chicago Railway Co.
 Grass Lake Lost Railway Museum
 Graz Holding Graz Linien AG
ex Graz AG Verkehrsbetriebe
Tramway Museum Graz
Remise Mariatrost (ex Nr. IV.)

140 Jahre Strassenbahn Graz
130 Jahre Strassenbahn Graz
 Great Falls Great Falls Street Railway Co.
 Green Oak American Aggregates Corp.
 Greensboro Southern Public Utilities Co.
1903 Greensboro Electric Co. → 1909 North Carolina Public Service Co. → 1932–1934 Southern Public Utilities Co.
 Greenville Southern Public Utilities Co.
1912 Southern Public Utilities Co. → 1935–1937 Duke Power Co.
 Greenwich Greenwich Tramway Co.
1901–1904. 1904 sold to Consolidated Railway
 Grenoble Transport de l'Agglomération Grenobloise
 Grimsby Grimsby & Immingham Electric Railway
 Grozny Tramway

The consequences of the battle in the tram depot #1 (19-30.01.1995)
 Grudziądz Tramway

 Guadalajara Tren ligero de Guadalajara

Tren ligero de Guadalajara — Miscellaneous photos
 Guangzhou Tramway
 Guayaquil Empresa de Luz y Fuerza Eléctrica
 Guben Tramway
 Guelph Guelph Radial Railway
 Gyandzha Tramway

Old photos
 Gyula Gyula Region Local Railway
Gyulavidéki Helyi Érdekű Vasút. Non-electric urban railway (gauge: 760 mm)
Almássy Dénes horse railway
 Gävle Gävle City Tramway
1909-1956, 1435 mm
 Görlitz Görlitzer Verkehrsbetriebe

Maps • Netzpläne
Old photos • Alte Fotos
Tram lines and Infrastructure • Straßenbahnstrecken und Infrastruktur
Remains of former tram tracks • Überreste ehemaliger Straßenbahnstrecken
Former track to Rauschwalde • Ehemalige Strecke nach Rauschwalde
Tickets • Fahrscheine
Vehicles from other cities to guest in Görlitz • Fahrzeuge aus anderen Städten zu Gast in Plauen
Miscellaneous photos • Sonstige Fotos
Anniversary: 30 years Tatra KT4D in Görlitz (06.10.2013) • Jubiläum: 30 Jahre Tatra KT4D in Görlitz (06.10.2013)
 Göteborg Göteborgs Spårvägar
Rantorget och Kungsladugårdshallen (Majorna)
Spårvägssällskapet Ringlinien

Old Photos
 Haarlem Tram
 Hagen Hagener Straßenbahn AG

Old photos
 Hagerstown and Frederick Hagerstown & Frederick Railway Co.
1896 Hagerstown Railway Co. → 1911–1961 Hagerstown & Frederick Railway Co. Passenger service ended 1939. Dieselized 1955
Frederick Railroad Co.
1896 Frederick & Middletown Railway Co. → 1909–1911 Frederick Railroad Co. Merged into Hagerstown & Frederick Railway Co.
 Hakodate Comaba Depot
Hakodate City Tram
 Halberstadt Pferdebahn

Old photos
 Halifax Nova Scotia Light & Power Co.
 Halifax Halifax Corporation Transport
 Halle (Saale) Hallesche Verkehrs-AG
Betriebshöfe Rosengarten und Freiimfelder Straße
Hallesche Straßenbahn-Freunde e.V.
Betriebshof Seebener Straße

Maps • Netzpläne
Tickets • Fahrscheine
Official farewell of the Tatra on 30.11.2013 • Offizieller Tatra-Abschied am 30.11.2013
Old photos • Alte Fotos
Anniversary: 125 years of electric tramways in Halle (17.04.2016) • Jubiläum: 125 Jahre elektrische Straßenbahn in Halle (17.04.2016)
Artistic photography • Kreativfotos
Anniversary: 50 years of tramcars Tatra T4D in Halle (07.09.2019) • Jubiläum: 50 Jahre Tatra-Wagen in Halle (07.09.2019)
Tram lines and infrastructure • Straßenbahnstrecken und Infrastruktur
Trams in the art • Straßenbahnen in der Kunst
Service vehicles of the tram • Wirtschaftsfahrzeuge der Straßenbahn
Miscellaneous photos • Sonstige Fotos
 Hamburg Depot Angerstraße
8.5.1890 — 28.9.1969
Depot Bahrenfeld
22.7.1898 — 28.6.1975
Depot Horn
02.11.1880 — 29.08.1968
Depot Harburg
01.03.1902 — 22.05.1971
Depot Krohnskamp
07.02.1928 — 21.06.1977
Depot Langenfelde
15.12.1925 — 03.06.1977
Depot Mesterkamp
1890 — 30.07.1943
Depot Lehmweg
01.11.1894 — 28.09.1959
Depot Ohlsdorf
19.10.1901 — 28.10.1962
Depot Lokstedt
05.02.1924 — 01.10.1978
Depot Rothensburgsort
20.10.1880 — 29.07.1943
Depot Sandweg
30.05.1884 — 28.07.1943
Depot Schützenhof
15.04.1878 — 23.05.1971
Depot Süderstraße
12.11.1903 — 28.07.1943
Depot Tunnelstraße (Veddel)
23.12.1890 — 01.11.1928
Depot Wendemuthstraße (Wandsbek)
16.08.1866 — 02.10.1960
Wagenfabrik Falkenried
Depot unknown

Auf den Spuren der Hamburger Straßenbahn
 Hamilton Lanarkshire Tramways
22.07.1903 — 14.02.1931

Lanarkshire Interurban — Miscellaneous photos
 Hamilton Hamilton Street Railway

Miscellaneous photos
 Hamilton, OH American Aggregates Corp.
 Hammond Chicago & Calumet District Transit Co.
1893 Hammond, Whiting & East Chicago Electric Railway Co. → 1910 Hammond, Whiting & East Chicago Railway Co. → 1929 Calumet Railways → 1931–1940 Chicago & Calumet District Transit Co.
 Han-sur-Lesse Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Hanau Tramway
 Hannover üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG

Stations and stops
 Hanoi Tramway
10.11.1901 — 1990/1991
 Hanover, PA Hanover & McSherrystown Street Railway
 Harbin Tramway
10.10.1927 — 17.06.1987
 Harbke Tramway
 Harrisburg Harrisburg Railways Co.
1861 Harrisburg City Passenger Railway → 1891 East Harrisburg Passenger Railway → 1895 Harrisburg Traction → 1903 Central Pennsylvania Traction → 1912–1939 Harrisburg Railways Co.
Valley Railways Co.
1892 Harrisburg & Mechanicsburg Electric Railway Co. → 1904 Valley Traction Co. → 1913–1938 Valley Railways Co.
 Hartford Hartford Street Railway Co.
1893–1904. 1904 sold to Consolidated Railway
Hartford & Wethersfield Horse Railroad Co.
1862–1893. 1893 to Hartford Street Railway Co.
Hartford & West Hartford Railroad Co.
1863 Hartford & West Hartford Railroad Co. → 1899–1910 Farmington Street Railway Co. 1910 to Connecticut Company
East Hartford & Glastonbury Horse Railroad Co.
1866–1893. 1893 to Hartford Street Railway Co.
Hartford Manchester & Rockville Tramway Co.
1894–1906. 1906 to Consolidated Railway
Suffield Street Railway Co.
1901–1905. 1905 sold to Consolidated Railway
Hartford & Springfield Street Railway Co.
1895 Enfield & Longmeadow Electric Railway Co. → 1901–1926 Hartford & Springfield Street Railway Co.

 Hartlepool West Hartlepool Corporation
1912-1927. ex-Hartlepool Electric Tramways Company
 Haslingden Haslingden Corporation Transport
 Havana Tramway
1900 — 29.04.1952
 Hazleton Lehigh Traction Co.
1892–1932 (in operation since 1893)
Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Railway Co.
1899–1933 (in operation since 1903)

 Heilbronn Tramway
 Helena Helena Light & Railway Co.
1894 Helena Power & Light Co. → 1905–1926 Helena Light & Railway Co. → 1926–1928 Montana Power Co.
Helena Electric Railway Co.
Consolidated into Helena Power & Light Co. in 1894
Helena Rapid Transit Co.
Consolidated into Helena Power & Light Co. in 1894
 Helsingborg Helsingborg's City Tramway
 Helsinki Helsingin kaupungin liikennelaitos
Since 1945
Helsingin Raitiotie- ja Omnibus Oy
1890 — 1944

Track construction works
 Hershey Hershey Transit Co.
1904 Hummelstown & Campbellstown Street Railway → 1913–1946 Hershey Transit Co.
Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society
 Hershey Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Heywood Heywood Corporation Tramways
 Highwood, IL Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad Co.
1898 Chicago and Milwaukee Electric Railroad Co. → 1916–1963 Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad Co.

Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad Co. — North Shore Line
 Hiroshima Hiroshima Electric Railway (Hiroden)

Old photos
 Ho Chi Minh City Tramway
27.12.1881 — 1953
 Hobart Metropolitan Transport Trust
1893 Hobart Electric Tram Company → 1913 Hobart Municipal Tramways → 1955-1960 Metropolitan Transport Trust
 Hof Tramway
 Hohenstein-Ernstthal Sächsische Überlandbahngesellschaft
Straßenbahn Hohenstein-Ernstthal — Oelsnitz • 1913-1960

Old photos • Alte Fotos
Modells • Modelle
 Holyoke Holyoke Street Railway Co.
 Hong Kong Hong Kong Tramways
System in central part of City on the Hong Kong Island
MTR Light Rail
System in the north-west part of city on the New Territories

Hong Kong Tramways — Miscellaneous photos
Hong Kong Tramways — Tram Lines and Infrustructure
Hong Kong Tramways — Rolling Stock Types
MTR Light Rail — Miscellaneous photos
MTR Light Rail — Tram Lines and Infrastructure
 Honolulu Honolulu Rapid Transit Company
 Horlivka Tramway

Tram lines
Charter trip on the #400, May 18, 1998
 Hot Springs Hot Springs Street Railway Co.
 Houston METRORail
Opened 2004
Houston Electric Co.
1874 Houston City Street Railway → 1896 Houston Electric Railway → 1901–1940 Houston Electric Co.

Miscellaneous photos
 Houten Nederlandse Spoorwegen
 Howth Hill of Howth Tramway
National Transport Museum
 Huaian Tramway
 Huddersfield Huddersfield Corporation
 Huntington, NY Huntington Railroad Co.
Huntington Traction Co.

Huntington Railroad Co.
 Huntington, WV Ohio Valley Electric Railway
1887 Huntington Electric Light & Street Railway Co. → 1892 Consolidated Light & Railway Co. → 1901-1938 Ohio Valley Electric Railway
 Huntsville Alabama Power Co.
1888 Huntsville Belt Line & Monte Sano Railway Co. → 1899 Huntsville Railway Light & Power Co. → 1909 Huntsville Chattanooga & Birmingham Interurban Railway Light & Power Co. → 1913–1931 Alabama Power Co.
 Hutchinson Hutchinson Interurban Railway Co.
1886 Hutchinson Street Railway Co. → 1906–1925 Hutchinson Interurban Railway Co.
 Hörde Tramway
 Iaşi Compania de Transport Public Iaşi
Old tramway
 Ida Grove Gomaco Trolley Co.
 Idar-Oberstein Tram
 Ilkeston Ilkeston Corporation Tramways
 Illinois Terminal Railroad Illinois Terminal Railroad

 Ilskaya Horse Tram
1908-1930 (?)
 Independence Union Traction Co. of Kansas
1904 Union Traction Co. of Kansas (1907) → 1936–1948 Union Electric Railway Co.
 Indiana Railroad Indiana Railroad
 Indianapolis Indianapolis Railways
1864 Citizens' Street Railway → 1890 Citizens' Street Railroad → 1899 Indianapolis Street Railway → 1932–1953 Indianapolis Railways
Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Co.
1907–1930. 1930 to Indiana Railroad
Indianapolis & Martinsville Rapid Transit Co.
1901–1907. 1907 to Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction
Indianapolis & Northwestern Traction Co.
1902–1907. 1907 to Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction
Indianapolis & Eastern Railway Co.
1902–1907. 1907 to Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction
Indianapolis & Greenfield Rapid Transit Co.
1899–1902. 1902 to Indianapolis & Eastern Railway
Indianapolis, Crawfordsville & Western Traction Co.
1906–1912. 1912 to Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction
Indianapolis & Western Railway Co.
1906–1907. 1907 to Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction
Indianapolis & Southeastern Railroad
1903 Indianapolis & Cincinnati Traction Co. → 1929–1932 Indianapolis & Southeastern Railroad Co.
Beech Grove Traction
 Innsbruck Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe und Stubaitalbahn GmbH
Tiroler Museumsbahnen
Localbahn Innsbruck - Hall in Tirol
Innsbrucker Mittelgebirgsbahn
Stubaitalbahn AG
Zeughaus Innsbruck

Old photos
 Inowrocław Tramway

 Interstate Public Service Interstate Public Service Co.
1895 Indianapolis Greenwood & Franklin Railroad Co. → 1901 Indianapolis, Columbus & Southern Traction Co. → 1912–1930 Interstate Public Service Co. In operation since 1900. 1930 to Indiana Railroad

 Ipswich Ipswich Corporation Transport
Ipswich Transport Museum
 Irbit Horse tram
 Irkutsk Tramway
 Ironwood Lake Superior District Power Co.
1890 Twin City Railway → 1891 Twin City General Electric Co. → 1910 Gogebic & Iron County Railway & Light Co. → 1911 Ironwood & Bessemer Railway & Light Co. → 1922–1932 Lake Superior District Power Co.
 Isipingo Horsecar
 Isle of Thanet Isle of Thanet Electric Tramways

Old photos
 Issaquah Issaquah Valley Trolley
 Istanbul Narrow-gauge tram T5 (Europe)
gauge 1000 mm
Narrow-gauge tram T3 (Asia)
gauge 1000 mm
Modern tram (T1/T2)
gauge 1435 mm
Light Rail (M1/T4)
gauge 1435 mm; also known as Light Metro (Hafif Metro)

Narrow-gauge tram T5 (Europe) — Miscellaneous photos
Narrow-gauge tram T3 (Asia) — Miscellaneous photos
Modern tram T1/T2 — Miscellaneous photos
Light Rail M1/T4 (Hafif Metro) — Miscellaneous photos
 Itatinga Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Ithaca Ithaca Railway
1887 Ithaca Street Railway Co. → 1912 Ithaca Traction Co. → 1929–1935 Ithaca Railway, Inc.

Old photos
 Ivanovo Tramway
1934 — 2008

Tram line to IZTS (route 5)
Tram line to “Melanzevyi kombinat”
The construction of tramways
Tram line to First Industrial community
 Izhevsk Depot # 1 Numbering before 1968
Numbers before 1986
Depot # 2 Numbering before 1968
Numbers before 1986
Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 2
Track Maintenance

Tramway deport # 1
Tramway deport # 2
New tram
 Izmir İzmir Metro A.Ş
Light Metro
Depot «İzban Çiğli»
Openned April 2017
Depot «Halkapınar»
Openned Semterber 2017
 Izmit İzmit Tramvay

Tramway Construction
 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Traction Co.
1879 Jacksonville Street Railway → 1902 Jacksonville Electric Co. → 1911 Jacksonville Traction Co. → 1932–1936 Motor Transit Co.

 Jacksonville, IL Illinois Power & Light Co.
1867 Jacksonville Railway Co. → 1905 Illinois Traction Co. → 1923–1929 Illinois Power & Light Co.
 Jamestown Jamestown Street Railway
Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern Railroad Co.
1913–1947 (diesel freight operation abandoned 1950)
 Jaén Tramway
 Jeffersonville Public Service of Indiana
1888 Ohio Falls Street Railway Co. → 1889 Jefferson City Railway Co. → 1903 Louisville & Southern Indiana Traction Co. → 1912 Interstate Public Service Co. (local operation) → 1931–1934 Public Service of Indiana
 Jelenia Góra Tramwaj gazowy
gas tramway 1897-1899
Tramwaj elektryczny
electric tramway 1900-1969

Old Photos
Remains of former tram tracks
Tram monuments
 Jena Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Jersey City Hudson–Bergen Light Rail
Opened 2000
 Jerusalem Tramway

Construction of the tram lines
Tramway — Miscellaneous photos
Tramway — Cars without numbers
 Jiaxing Modern Tramway
 Jihlava Tram
ZHTA Jihlava
Občanské sdružení za záchranu historických trolejbusů a autobusů, z.s.
 Johannesburg Tramway
 Johnstown Johnstown Traction Co.
1882 Johnstown Passenger Railway → 1910–1960 Johnstown Traction Co.
Johnstown & Somerset Railway

Miscellaneous photos
 Joliet Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co.
1885 Joliet Street Railway Co. → 1896 Joliet Railway Co. → 1898 Joliet Railroad Co. → 1901–1934 Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co.
 Joplin Southwest Missouri Railroad Co.
1896 Southwest Missouri Electric Railway Co. → 1906–1940 Southwest Missouri Railroad Co.

 Jurby Jurby Transport Museum
 Järva-Jaani A haven for old appliances Jarva-Jaani
 Jönköping Jönköpings Tramway
1907-1958, 1435 mm
 Kagoshima Kagoshima City Tram
 Kaiserslautern Tram
 Kalamazoo Michigan Traction
1885 Kalamazoo City & County Street Railway → 1889 Kalamazoo Street Railway → 1893 Citizens′ Street Railway → 1898–1906 Michigan Traction. 1906 to Michigan United Railways
Kalamazoo Transportation Co.

Old Photos
 Kaliningrad Horsecar
Pferdebahn 05.1881-06.1901
Königsberg tramway
Tramway (old numbering)

Königsberg tramway
Послевоенные фотографии
 Kamensk-Uralsky Tramway
Three separate projects on tramway construction 1945-1955
 Kamianske Tramway depot #1
Tramway depot #2
closed 1999
Tramway depot #3
Cargo depot

Прибытие и разгрузка новых вагонов
Old photos
Miscellaneous photos
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Former tram depot # 2
Tramway Accident 02.07.1996
 Kansas City KC Streetcar
Opened 2016
Kansas City Public Service Co.
1886 Metropolian Street Railway Co. → 1903 Kansas City Railway & Light Co. → 1914 Kansas City Railway Co. → 1925–1957 Kansas City Public Service Co.
Kansas City, Leavenworth & Western Railway Co.
1897 Kansas City & Leavenworth Traction Co. (in operation 1900) → 1905 Kansas City Western Railway Co.→ 1920–1938 Kansas City, Leavenworth & Western Railway Co.
Kansas City, Merriam & Shawnee Railroad Co.
1901 Kansas City & Olathe Electric Railway Co. (never opened) → 1909 Kansas City, Lawrence & Topeka Railway Co. (in operation 1910) → 1928–1934 Kansas City, Merriam & Shawnee Railroad Co.
Missouri & Kansas Interurban Railway Co.
Kansas City, Clay County & St. Joseph Railway Co.
Kansas City Kaw Valley & Western Railway Co.
1914 Kansas City Kaw Valley & Western Railway → 1935–1961 Kansas City Kaw Valley Railroad

 Kaohsiung Qianzhen Depot
 Karaganda Tramway

The old tram depot
 Karlskrona Karlskrona City Tramway
1910-1949, 1435 mm
 Karlsruhe VBK - Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe GmbH
AVG - Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft mbH

Building, reconstructions
Miscellaneous photos
 Karpinsk Tramway

Articles and publications
Miscellaneous photos
 Kassel Tramway
Tram Museum Kassel
 Kaunas Tramway

 Kawasaki Tramway
13.10.1944 — 1.04.1969
 Kayseri KayseRay

Miscellaneous photos
 Kazan Tramway depot named after I. K. Kabushkin
Depot #1 prior to 11/2011
The Walk of Fame
Tramway depot #2 named after H. H. Akalaev
Closed 2005
Tramway depot #3
Closed 31.10.2011. 2006–2011 — Depot #2 named after H. H. Akalaev, former Joint Tramway and Trolleybus depot
Tramway depot # 1 (numeration before 1975)
Tramway depot # 2 (numeration before 1975)
Tramway depot # 2 (numeration before 1975)
Track Maintenance
Closed in 2003, formerly named after Petrov
Horse Tram
2.10.1875 — 13.12.1899

11th all-russian professional mastership contest of tram drivers, 2004
Construction of tram line to “Sun Town” district
The Tram of Victory (2015)
Construction of tram line in Berry Suburb
The tram of lovers (2016)
Constuction of new tram line on Energetics and Serov streets
Construction of tram line "SunCity — Boriskovo"
New trams
Kabushkin tram depot
Tram depot at Pavluhin street
Tramway depot #3
Horse tram depot
 Kemeri Electric tramway
Kemmern 1912-1915
Gasoline tramway
Kemeri 1929-1935 (?)

Old photos and postcards
 Kemerovo Numbers before 1980
Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 2
Passenger operation from 1956 to 2002 and from november 2005 to october 2006. Served routes of the right bank №3, 4, 9. Since october 2006 — service depot
The road service
Cars are based on the territory of Tram Park #2

New Tpamway
Trams park
Competition of professional skill of the drivers of trams 2014
 Kennebunkport Seashore Trolley Museum

Museum Streetcar Line
 Kenosha Kenosha Transit
 Keokuk Keokuk Electric Co.
1889 Keokuk Street Railway Co. → 1891 Keokuk Electric Street Railway Co. → 1894 Keokuk Electric Railway → 1911 Keokuk Electric Railway & Power Co. → 1911–1928 Keokuk Electric Co.
Keokuk Junction Railway
 Kerch Tramway

Kerch Tramway
 Kewanee Galesburg & Kewanee Electric Railway Co.
1902 Galesburg & Kewanee Electric Railway Co. [in operation 1903] → 1924–1932 Kewanee & Galva Railway Co.
Kewanee Publiс Service Co.
 Khabarovsk Tramway depot #1
Opened in 1956.
Tramway depot #2
Opened in 1973. Converted to maintenance shops 10.2016
 Kharkov Narrow-gauge Tramway
1906–1930, narrow gauge. Petinskoe and Piskunovskoe Depots
Kominternovskoye tramway depot
1928-2007; closed 22.03.2007
Leninskoye tramway depot
Oktyabrskoye tramway depot
Saltovskoye tramway depot
Freigh depot
Kharkiv Municipal Car-Repair Plant
Cargo Service
Tekhnologii Elektrotransporta, LLC
Rolling stock rebuilders and resellers

Tram lines
Transportation Party 07/08/2006 on a Tatra-T6B5 Dedicated to the 100 Years' Anniversary of the Kharkov Electric Tram
Tramcar Tatra-T3VPA presentation
Transportation Party 1/23/2011 on a KTM-19 (10th Anniversary of the Transport Community in Kharkov)
Transportation Party 07/03/2016 on a tramcars X and Tatra T3A dedicated to the 110 Years' Anniversary of the Kharkov Electric Tram
Tramcar T3VPNP presentation
 Kiel Tramway
 Kilmore Tramway Museum Society of Victoria
 Kimberley Tramway
Horse tram 1887-1900, steam tram 1900-1906, electric tram 1906-1947
Heritage tram (From 1985)
 Kingston Jamaica Public Service Co
1899 West India Electric Co → 1923 Jamaica Public Service Co. Ceased operations 05/10/1948
 Kingston, NY Kingston Consolidated Railroad Co.
1896 Colonial City Traction Co. → 1901–1930 Kingston Consolidated Railroad Co.
Trolley Museum of New York
 Kinver Kinver Light Railway
 Kirkaldy Kirkcaldy Corporation Tramways
Wemyss and District Tramways
 Kirov Tramway
Servise Line in 1942
 Kiruna City tramway (Stadsspårvägen)
1907-1958, 1000 mm.
Mine tramway (Gruvspårvägen)
1943-1961, 1435 mm
Museum tramway (Museispårvägen)
1984-1993, 1000 mm
 Kislovodsk Tramway

Old photos
 Kitakyūshū Chikuhō Electric Railroad (Сhikutetsu)
筑豊電気鉄道線 Chikuhō Denki Tetsudō-sen
 Kitchener Kitchener & Waterloo Street Railway
1923 — 27.12.1946
 Klagenfurt Klagenfurter Straßenbahn
Museumstramway Klagenfurt See
 Klaipeda Tramway

 Klingenthal Schmalspurbahn Klingenthal — Sachsenberg-Georgenthal

Maps • Netzpläne
Timetables • Fahrpläne
 Knoxville Knoxville Transit Lines
1876 Knoxville Street Railway → 1897 Knoxville Traction Co. → 1904 Knoxville Power & Light Co. → 1930 Tennessee Public Service Co. → 1938–1947 Knoxville Transit Lines
 Koblenz Tramway
 Kolkata Tramway
The Calcutta Tramways Company Ltd. (CTC)

Miscellaneous photos
Tram Lines
Closed and Teporarely Closed Lines
 Kolomna Tramway

Old photos
Miscellaneous photos
Tram lines
Museum MOET
 Komsomolsk-on-Amur Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Old photos
 Konotop Tramway
Opened in 1949

Miscellaneous photos
Delivery of ex-Riga Tatra T3A Trams
Tram trip 02.10.2006
Tram trip 12.07.2008
Tram trip dedicated to the 60 anniversary of the tramway traffic 26.12.2009
 Konstantinovka Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Overhead wire repairs
Abandoned tramway lines
Historical Photos
 Konya Tramway

Delivery of New Škoda 28T Trams
Tram Lines Under Construction
 Kopeysk Tramway

Old photos
 Koslin Kösliner Stadt- und Strandbahn

Old photos
 Košice Bardejovská Depot

Old photos
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Farewell Ride of Tram T3SUCS #364 on 19.5.2017 * Rozlučková jazda s električkou #364 dňa 19.5.2017
 Kraków Nowa Huta
1882-1938, 2009- Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej w Krakowie
Tramway (unknown)

Miscellaneous photos
 Kramatorsk Tramway
 Krasnodar MUP KTTU, Vostochnoye (Eastern) tramway depot
MUP KTTU, Zapadnoye (Western) tramway depot
Post-war narrow gauge motor cars
Vostochny & Tsentralny tramway depots
Post-war narrow gauge trailers
Vostochny & Tsentralny tramway depots
Standard gauge old model motor cars
Severny, Vostochnoye & Zapadnoye tramway depots
Standard gauge old model trailers
Severny, Vostochnoye & Zapadnoye tramway depots

Tram lines
Track repair works
Reconstrustion of museum tram H exterior
 Krasnoturyinsk Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Krasnoyarsk Tramway

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Closed Tramway Lines
 Krefeld Tramway
 Kremenchug Tramway
 Krnov Krnovské opravny a strojírny
 Kropyvnytsky Tramway
 Krymskaya Horse Tram
 Kryvyi Rih Tramway depot
Metrotram depot

Tram rapid transit
The ride on tram K1 № 484 on April 16, 2011
 Kumamoto Tramway
 Kursk Tramway Depot
Closed in 1931
Northern tram depot
Closed in 4 June 2004
South tram depot
Closed in 2004
East tram depot

Tram's Driver's Cup 2009
Tram Driver's Cup
Tram's night out of depot
Arriving Tatra T3 from Prague
27.04.2013 Tram arent “Solovinye pokatushki”
 Kusttram De Lijn
TTO Noordzee
Knokke & De Panne depots (historic trams)

3. Themarit TTO Noordzee, 01.10.2017
 Kyiv Podils'ke tramway depot
Created after merger of Lenin and Krasin depots on the territory of Krasin depoot in 2004
Shevchenko tramway depot
Opened in 1894. Until 1920's — Kuznechnyi tram depot
Darnyts'ke tramway depot
Opened in 1959
Track service
Kiev plant of electric transport PrJSC
Pre-war cars
Krasin tramway depot
Opened in 1891. Until 1920's — Troitskiy tram depot. Merged with the Luk'yanivs'ke tram depot into Podilske in 2004
Luk'yanivs'ke tramway depot
Opened in 1891. From 20's until 90's Lenin tram depot. Merged with the Krasin tram depot into Podilske in 2004
Aleksandrovskiy car yard
Svyatoshin tramway
Narrow-gauge. Opened in 1898 for horse-drawn trams, electrified in 1901. In 1923 the line was regauged to broad gauge, depot closed
Demeevskiy tramway
1908-1918, property of David Margolin. The line connected to the Kiev tram, depot turned into a museum in 1926 (destroyed in World War II)
Slobodskiy tramway
1912-1918 (as a separate system), 1925–1941 (Frunze tram depot as a part of the Kiev tram). Electrified in 1934
Gorky cargo depot

Presentation of Combino Plus at December, 2007
Tram lines: Tram rapid transit
Tram lines: Tram rapid transit No.2
Private trip with ЭЛ-1 the 16.05.1998
Trip by the tram Tatra T3R.P 20th of Novenber, 2004
Presentation to the press trams that were repaired by amateurs of transport 17th of June, 2011
Opening of the speed tram 16.10.2010
Trip by the tram Tatra T3 6th of November, 2010
Trip by the trams K1 and K1M8 6th of November, 2011
Last fan-trip on 5-th route 22th of February, 2011
Trip by the tram 71-154M (ЛВС-2009) 7th of May, 2011
Trip by the tram Tatra T3 29th of October, 2011
Trip by the tram K3-RN 8th of March, 2012 dedicated to International Women's Day
Parade dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the tram traffic in Kiev
The presentation and tests of the tram car Pesa Fokstrot 71-414K
Tram parade 10.10.2015
Reconstruction of rapid tram (Pokotyla street)
Tram parade 17.06.2017
Rebuilding of the tram line (Almatynska street)
 Kyoto Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.
Eizan Electric Railway
Keihan Electric Railway - Ōtsu Lines
Keishin and Sakamoto lines

Miscellaneous Photos
Keihan Electric Railway — Ishiyamadera — Sakamoto (interurban)
 Königswinter Drachenfelsbahn

Drachenfelsbahn — Various photos
 København Kjøbenhavns Sporvei-Selskab
1866-1898 (Only horse-trams)
Københavns Sporveje
1898-1972 (till 1911: De kjøbenhavnske Sporveje)
Frederiksberg Sporveje
Nordsjællands Elektricitets og Sporvejs Aktieselskab
1902-1953 (till 1911: Tuborg-Klampenborg Elektriske Sporvej)
HT Museum
 Küstrin Tramway
 Kōchi Tosa Electric Railway (Tosaden)
土佐電気鉄道 Tosa Denki Tetsudō

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Use of batoons (hoops) on single track segments
Miscellaneous photos
Operation via Straßenbahn-Gegenverkehr
 La Chaux-de-Fonds Tramway
 La Paz Ferrocarril Guaqui a La Paz
Tranvías de La Paz
 La Spezia Associazione FITRAM
 Laconia Laconia Street Railway Co.
 Lafayette Lafayette Street Railway Co. (I)
Lafayette Street Railway Co. (II)
1920 Lafayette Service Co. → 1922–1940 Lafayette Street Railway Co.

Miscellaneous Photos
 Lake Charles Lake Charles Railway Light & Waterworks Co.
1891 Lake Charles Street Railway → 1909 Lake Charles Railway Light & Waterworks Co. → 1924 Lake Charles Electric Co. → 1925–1929 Eastern Texas Electric Co.
 Lake Shore Electric Lake Shore Electric Railway
 Lana Società per Azioni Ferrovia Elettrica Lana-Merano
 Lancashire South Lancashire Transport Co. Ltd.
 Lancaster, OH Lancaster Traction & Power Co.
1889 Lancaster Street Railway → 1896 Lancaster Electric Railway → 1898 Lancaster Traction Co. → 1907–1937 Lancaster Traction & Power Co.
Fairfield Traction Co.
1898–1907. 1907 to Lancaster Traction & Power Co.
 Lancaster, PA Conestoga Traction Co.
1893 Pennsylvania Traction Co. → 1899–1947 Conestoga Traction Co.
Lancaster & York Furnace Street Railway Co.
Lancaster & Southern Street Railway Co.
Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Manheim Historical Society
Lancaster Streetcar
Construction laid off

 Landshut Tramway
 Langres Miscellaneous Photos
 Laon Tramway
 Launceston Tramway
04.08.1911 — 13.12.1952
Tramway museum
 Lausanne Société des Tramways lausannois
 Lawrence, KS Kansas Electric Power Co.
1909 Lawrence Railway & Light Co. → 1915 Kansas Electric Utilities Co. → 1922–1933 Kansas Electric Power Co.
 Laxey Snaefell Mountain Railway
National Air Traffic Services

Old photos
 Le Havre Old tramway
1435 mm. 1894–1951
Narrow-gauge tramway-interurban to Montivilliers
1000 mm. 1899–1944
Modern Tramway

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure

Old photos
 Le Tréport Tramway d'Eu-Le Tréport-Mers

Tramway d'Eu-Le Tréport-Mers — Old photos
 Lecco City Tramway
Interourban Lecco - Como
 Leeds Tramway
 Legnica Tramway

Old photos
Remains of former tram tracks
 Leicester Leicester Corporation Transport
 Leiden Tramway
 Leipzig Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe
Historische Nahverkehrsmittel Leipzig e.V.
Straßenbahnhof Wittenberger Straße

Vehicles without visible numbers • Fahrzeuge ohne erkennbare Nummern
Maps • Netzpläne
Tickets • Fahrscheine
Trams in the art • Straßenbahnen in der Kunst
Remains of former tram tracks • Überreste ehemaliger Straßenbahnstrecken
Passenger information • Fahrgastinformation
Scrapping of Tatra trams • Verschrottung von Tatra-Wagen
Service vehicles of the tram • Wirtschaftsfahrzeuge der Straßenbahn
Vehicles from other cities to guest in Leipzig • Fahrzeuge aus anderen Städten zu Gast in Leipzig
 Lewiston, ME Androscoggin & Kennebec Railway
1881 Lewiston & Auburn Horse Railway Co. → 1897 Lewiston Brunswick & Bath Street Railway → 1908 Lewiston Augusta & Waterville Street Railway → 1919–1932 Androscoggin & Kennebec Railway
 Lewistown, PA Lewistown & Reedsville Electric Railway Co.
1892–1933 (in operation since 1900)
 Lexington Kentucky Traction & Terminal Co.
1882 Lexington Railway Co. → 1890 Lexington Street Railway Co. → 1905 Kentucky Traction & Terminal Co. → 1935–1938 Lexington Railway System

 Liberec - Jablonec nad Nisou Liberec
Jablonec nad Nisou

Miscellaneous photos
Fantrip 14.07.2012 with the world's last regular service Tatra T2 train
Tram Lines and Infrastructure / Tramvajové tratě a infrastruktura
120 let Libereckých tramvají
Farewell to Tatra T2R trams / Rozlučka s vozy Tatra T2R
 Liepaja Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Old photos
New Končar Trams
 Lille Transpole

 Lima Lima Electric Railway & Light Co.
1896 Lima Electric Railway → 1896 Lima Railway → 1900 Lima Electric Railway & Light Co. → 1909 Ohio Electric Railway
Lima City Street Railway Co.
1922–1940 Lima City Street Railway Co.
Lima-Toledo Railroad
1906 Lima & Toledo Traction→ 1924–1929 Lima-Toledo Railroad. Part of Ohio Electric in 1907–1921. 1929 to Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad
Western Ohio Railway Co.
1900 Western Ohio Railway Co. (in operation 1902) → 1928–1938 Western Ohio Railway & Power Co.
 Lima Compañía Nacional de Tranvías
Operated until 1965
Museo de la Electricidad
Operated by Electroperú S.A.

Old photos
Miscellaneous photos
Heritage Line of Museum of Electricity
 Limoges Compagnie des Tramways Électriques de Limoges
Chemins de fer départementaux de la Haute Vienne
 Lincoln Lincoln Traction Co.
1883 Lincoln Street Railroad Co. → 1885 Lincoln Street Railway Co. → 1898 Lincoln Traction Co. → 1942–1945 Lincoln City Lines
Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice Railway Co.
1903–1928. Restored freight service in 1929

Old Photos
 Linz Tramway
 Lipetsk Tramway depot # 1
in march 2002 united with # 2
Tramway depot
before 2002 # 2
 Lisbon Carris - Santo Amaro Depot
CarrisTur - tourist trams in Lisbon
Serviced in Santo Amaro Depot
Museu da Carris
Tram-bus museum
Carris - old trams

Tram depot Santo Amaro
Closed tram lines
 Little Rock METRO Streetcar
Capital Transportation Co.
1885 City Electric Street Railway → 1901 Little Rock Traction & Electric Co. → 1925 Arkansas Power & Light Co. → 1935–1947 Capital Transportation Co.
 Liuzhou Light rail transit
 Liverpool Tramway
 Livorno Tramway
 Liège Tramway
Tramways Est-Ouest de Liége
Railways Economiques de Liége-Seraing
former suburban trams
Musée des Transports en Commun de Wallonie
 Ljubljana Tramway

Tramway network remains
 Llandudno The Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway Limited
Great Orme Tramway

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Locarno Tramway
Ferrovia Domodossola-Locarno
Since 1923

Old photos
 Lock Haven Susquehanna Traction
1894 Lock Haven Electric Railway → 1895 Lock Haven Traction Co. → 1900–1930 Susquehanna Traction Co.
 Logansport Logansport Street Railway

 London Tramlink
Therapia Lane Depot
London Passenger Transport Board
1933 London Passenger Transport Board → 1948–1952 London Transport Executive
Metropolitan Electric Tramways
1894 Metropolitan Tramways and Omnibus Company → 1901–1933 Metropolitan Electric Tramways
London United Tramways
London County Council Tramways
London Transport Museum
 London London and Port Stanley Railway
London Street Railway
 Lorain Lorain Street Railroad Co.
1894 Lorain Street Railway → 1906–1938 Lorain Street Railroad Co.
Lorain & Cleveland Electric Railway
1895 East Lorain Street Railway → 1896 Lorain & Cleveland Electric Railway. 1901 to Lake Shore Electric Railway
 Los Angeles Metro Rail — Division 11
Blue and Expo Lines
Metro Rail — Division 21
Gold Line
Metro Rail — Division 22
Green Line
Pacific Electric Waterfront Red Car Line
The Grove Shopping Center
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority
Los Angeles Transit Lines
1945–1958. 1958 to Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority
Los Angeles Railway Co.
1895–1945. 1945 to Los Angeles Transit Lines
Los Angeles Traction Co.
1896–1903. 1903 to Los Angeles Inter-Urban Electric Railway Co.
Main, Fifth & San Pedro Street Railway Co.
1897–1899. In operation 1898. 1899 to Pacific Electric Co.
Main Street & Agricultural Park Railroad Co.
1874–1898. In operation 1875. Electrified 1897. 1898 to Los Angeles Railway Co.
Los Angeles Consolidated Electric Railway Co.
1890 Consolidated Electric Railway Co. → 1893–1895 Los Angeles Consolidated Electric Railway Co. 1895 to Los Angeles Railway Co.
Los Angeles Cable Railway Co.
1887–1893. 1893 to Los Angeles Consolidated Electric Railway Co.
City Railroad Co.
1883–1887.1887 to Los Angeles Cable Railway Co.
Central Railroad Co.
1883–1887. In operation 1884. 1887 to Los Angeles Cable Railway Co.
Spring & West Sixth Street Railroad Co.
1873–1884. In operation 1874. 1884 to Central Railroad Co.
Los Angeles & Redondo Railway Co.
1902–1911. Merged into Pacific Electric Railway
Los Angeles Pacific Railroad Co.
1896–1911. Merged into Pacific Electric Railway
Los Angeles Inter-Urban Electric Railway Co.
Glendale & Montrose Railway Co.
1909 Glendale and Eagle Rock Railway Co. → 1914–1930 Glendale & Montrose Railway Co.
Electric Railway Historical Association
Red Car Museum
20th Century Fox Studios
Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Studios
Warner Brothers Studios
 Louisville Louisville Railways Co.
 Lounatjoki Horse tram
1900-1919 (?)
Steam tram
1900-1917 (?)

The Steam Tram Line Infrastructure
 Lowell Lowell & Pelham Street Railway Co.
1901–1913. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
Lowell & Fitchburg Street Railway Co.
National Streetcar Museum in Lowell
Operated by US National Park Service and The Seashore Trolley Museum
 Lowestoft Lowestoft Corporation Transport
East Anglia Transport Museum
 Ludwigshafen Tramway

 Lugano Ferrovia Lugano-Ponte Tresa
Since 1912
Tramvie Elettriche Luganesi
Ferrovia Lugano-Cadro-Dino
Ferrovia Lugano-Tesserete
 Luhansk Tramway
Old tramcars (up to 71-605)

Tram lines (in service)
Tram lines (out of service)
 Lund Tramway
Opening is planned for 2020

Track Construction
 Lusail Tramway
 Luton Luton Corporation Transport
 Luxembourg Tramways de la Ville de Luxembourg
Tramways and Bus Museum of the City of Luxembourg

2017 — CAF Urbos Presentation
Tramway Construction
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Luzern Trambahn Luzern
Verkehrshaus Luzern
 Lviv Tramway depot # 1
Since 26.12.2011 — repair shops
Tramway depot # 2
Track Department
Tram (1894–1965)
All depots prior to 1965
Lviv bus plant

Building of tram line to Sykhiv neigborhood
Tram depots
Remains of electric transport infrastructure
Tram lines and infrastructure
Replica tram Sanok
Horse tram
Tracks reconstruction: line to depot no.1
Tracks reconstruction: Rynok sq.
Fantrip 31.07.2007 with Tatra KT4SU no.1145
Tracks reconstruction: Chuprynky str.
Tracks reconstruction: Pidvalna str.
Tracks reconstruction: Osmomysla sq.
Tracks reconstruction: Knyagyni Olgy str.
Tracks reconstruction: Zamarstynivska-Lypynskogo str. crossing
Tracks reconstruction: Lychakivska str. [15.06-20.11.2011]
Tracks reconstruction: crossing of Gorodotska str. & Kropyvnytskogo sq. [09.07-14.11.2011]
Tracks reconstruction: Konovaltsya, Melnyka, Chuprynky str.
Tracks reconstruction: crossing of Gorodotska & Chernivetska str., line to depot no.1 [14.03-24.05.2012]
Tracks reconstruction: Gorodotska str. upper
Tracks reconstruction: Gorodotska str. lower and ring [16.05-26.12.2013]
Tracks reconstruction: Bandery & Kopernika str. [01.07-12.12.2013]
Tracks reconstruction: Hmelnytskogo & Zamarstynivska str. [08.07.2013-13.01.2014]
Tracks reconstruction: Promyslova, Hmelnytskogo, Gaidamatska str. [12.03.2015-29.04.2016]
Parade of trams on the occasion 23 anniversary Ukraine independence
Exhibition on the occasion of European Heritage Days
Tracks reconstruction: Sventsitskogo, Franka str. [03.08.2015—11.08.2016]
Tracks reconstruction: Mechnikova str. [14.12.2015-18.09.2017]
Tracks reconstruction: Nechuya-Levytskogo, Kotlyarevskogo, Kyivska, Rusovyh str. [30.06-26.11.2016]
Tracks reconstruction: Lychakivska str. [25.03.2017-31.08.2018]
Tracks reconstruction: Chernivetska str. [12.05.2017-01.09.2017]
Tracks reconstruction: Zamarstynivska str. [06.03.2018-16.01.2020]
Tracks reconstruction: Dvirtseva sq.[01.03.2019-07.12.2019]
Tram show on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Lviv tram
Tracks reconstruction: other
 Lynchburg, VA Lynchburg Traction & Light Co.
1891 Lynchburg Street Railway Co. → 1896 Lynchburg Electric Railway Co. → 1898 Lynchburg Electric Railway & Light Co. → 1901–1941 Lynchburg Traction & Light Co.
 Lyon Compagnie des omnibus et tramways de Lyon
Transports en Commun Lyonnais
Modern tramway
Tram-train de l'Ouest lyonnais
Dépôt L'Arbresle

Modern Tramway — Miscellaneous photos
 Lévis Levis Tramways Co.
1902 Levis County Railway → 1924 — 24.11.1946 Levis Tramways Company
 Lübeck Allgemeine Lokal- und Straßenbahn AG
 Maastricht Horse Tram
 Macau Light rail transit
Open in 10.12.2019
 Maceió Maceió LRT
 Macon Georgia Power Co.
1902 Macon Railway & Light Co. (formed by consolidation) → 1911 Georgia Railway & Power Co. → 1926–1938 Georgia Power Co.
 Madison Madison Railways Co.
1884 Madison Street Railroad Co. → 1887 Madison City Railway Co. → 1897 Madison Electric Railway Co. → 1901 Madison Traction Co. → 1904 Madison & Interurban Traction Co. → 1907 Southern Wisconsin Railway Co. → 1916–1935 Madison Railways Co.
 Madrid Historical tramway
Cocheras de Bombilla
Cocheras de Cuatro Caminos
Cocheras de Fuencarral
Cloused in 1971
Hortaleza depot
Metro Ligero Oeste depot

Tram depots
 Magdeburg Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe
Betriebshöfe Nord und Südost (Westerhüsen)
Interessengemeinschaft Historischer Nahverkehr
Betriebshof Sudenburg

Maps • Netzpläne
Tickets • Fahrscheine
Building and reconstruction in the tram network • Baustellen im Straßenbahnnetz
Trams in the art • Straßenbahnen in der Kunst
20 years of Tatra T6A2 in Magdeburg (02.05.2010) • 20 Jahre Tatra T6A2 in Magdeburg (02.05.2010)
Creative photos • Kreativfotos
Farewell of the Tatra on 27.01.2013 • Tatra-Abschied am 27.01.2013
Remains of former tram tracks • Überreste ehemaliger Straßenbahnstrecken
30 years of tramway operation to Olvenstedt (27.04.2014) • 30 Jahre Straßenbahnverkehr nach Olvenstedt (27.04.2014)
Models • Modelle
Vehicles from other cities • Fahrzeuge aus anderen Städten
Handover of Tatra trams to Romania • Abgabe von Tatra-Wagen nach Rumänien
 Magnitogorsk Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 3
Tramway depot # 2
Closed in 2010
Older cars

Tram depot # 1
Construction of the tram line on Karl Marx Ave. and st. Green log
Tram depot # 2
Tram depot # 3
Historic photos
Miscellaneous photos
Schedules and warnings
Track repair works
Tram lines
 Mahiloŭ Horsecar
 Mainz Tramway
 Maitland Tramway
 Makiivka Tramway depot # 1
closed 2006
Tramway depot # 2
closed 2002
 Malaga Tramway
 Malakhovka Horse Tram

Old photos
 Malmköping Museispårvägen Malmköping
 Malmö Malmö City Tramway
1906-1973, 1435 mm
Malmö City Tramway Museum Association
From 1987

Old photos
 Malyshev Log Tramway
 Manchester Manchester Corporation Tramways Department
Manchester Metrolink
Heaton Park Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Manchester, NH Public Service Co. of New Hampshire
1871 Manchester Horse Railroad → 1899 Manchester Street Railway → 1901 Manchester Traction Light & Power Co. → 1926–1940 Public Service Co. of New Hampshire
 Manila LRT-1 || Megatren
MRT-3 || Metrostar
Old tramway system

Old photos
LRT-1 || Yellow Line
MTR-3 || Metrostar
 Mansfield Ohio Public Service Co.
1898 Citizens Electric Railway Light & Power Co. → 1903 Mansfield Railway Light & Power Co. 1914-1918 — Mansfield Public Utility & Service Co. → 1918 Richland Public Service Co. → 1922–1934 Ohio Public Service Co.
 Mantova City Tramway
Suburban Tramway
 Maoka Tramway

Old photos
 Maputo Tramway
 Mar del Plata Turist tramway
Not regular service

Miscellaneous photos
 Marburg Tramway
 Mariazell Tramway
Museumstramway Mariazell

 Marion Marion City Railway Co.
1889 Marion Street Railway Co. 1893 Marion City Railway Co. 1899 to Union Traction of Indiana
Marion Railways
 Mariupol Track service
Central tram depot (# 1)
closed 2004
Ordzhonikidze tram depot (# 2)
Illichivsk tram depot (# 3)

Tram lines and twines
 Mariánské Lázně Tramway
 Marquette Marquette City & Presque Isle Railway Co.
1890 Marquette City & Presque Isle Railway Co. (in operation 1891) → 1921–1935 Marquette City Railway Co.
 Marseille Old Tramway
Morden Tramway

Tramway — Old photos
Morden Tramway — Miscellaneous photos
 Marshalltown Iowa Electric Light & Power Co.
1878 Marshalltown Street Railway Co. → 1889 Marshalltown Passenger Railway Co. → 1892 Marshalltown Light Power & Railway → 1912 Iowa Railway & Light Co. → 1925 Iowa Railway & Light Corp. → 1932–1938 Iowa Electric Light & Power
 Martigny Martigny-Chatelard
 Mashhad Mashhad Urban Railway (Persian: قطار شهری مشهد)
Opened in 2011
 Mason City Iowa Traction Railway
1896 Mason City & Clear Lake Railway → 1912 Mason City & Clear Lake Railroad Co. → 1961 Iowa Terminal Railroad → 1987 Iowa Traction Railroad → 2012 Iowa Traction Railway

Miscellaneous Photos
 Matanzas Ferrocarril Eléctrico de Matanzas
 Matlock Matlock Cable Tramway
 Matsuyama Iyo Railway Co. (Iyotetsu)
 Mazyr Tramway

Tour 24.04.2010
Lines and Infrastructure
Timetables and Schedules
Miscellaneous photos
 Meadville Meadville Traction Co.
Northwestern Electric Service Co.
1911 Northwestern Pennsylvania Railway → 1923–1928 Northwestern Electric Service Co.
 Medellin Tramway
 Meissen Straßenbahn Meißen

Old photos • Alte Fotos
Former tram tracks • Ehemalige Straßenbahnstrecken
 Melbourne Yarra Trams
Old Trams (Pre-Yarra Trams)
Horse railroad
Cable railroad
Melbourne Tram Museum
Hawthorn Tram Depot

 Melun SA des Tramways Melunais
 Memphis MATA Trolley
Opened 1993
Memphis Street Railway
 Mendoza Compania de Electricidad de los Andes
Metrotranvía de Mendoza
 Mengzi LRT
 Menominee Menominee & Marinette Light & Traction Co.
1891 Menominee Electric Light Railway & Power Co. → 1903–1928 Menominee & Marinette Light & Traction Co.
 Merano Società Anonima per l'Edilizia Residenziale
 Meriden Meriden Electric Railroad Co.
1871 Meriden Horse Railroad Co. → 1886–1904 Meriden Electric Railroad Co. 1904 sold to Consolidated Railway
 Merseburg Merseburger Überlandbahnen-AG
1902-1948 -> HAVAG Halle
 Merthyr Tydfil Merthyr Tydfil Electric Traction and Lighting Co. Ltd.
 Messina Azienda Trasporti di Messina
 Mettmann Tramway
 Metz Tramway
 Mexborough & Swinton Mexborough & Swinton Tramway Company
 Mexico City Servicio de Transportes Eléctricos
1878 Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Distrito Federal → 1882 Compañía de Ferrocarriles del Distrito Federal → 1906 Compañía de Tranvías de México → 1947–1984 Servicio de Transportes Eléctricos
Xochimilco Light Rail
Tren ligero de la Ciudad de México
 Miami, FL Miami Traction
Florida Power & Light Co. — Miami Division
Florida Power & Light Co — Miami Beach Division
Coral Gables Utilities
 Miami, OK Northeast Oklahoma Railroad Co.
1908 Oklahoma, Kansas & Missouri Inter-Urban Railway Co. → 1917 Oklahoma, Kansas & Missouri Railway Co. → 1919–1940 Northeast Oklahoma Railroad Co.
 Michigan City Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad — South Shore Line
 Michigan United Michigan United Railways
1906 Michigan United Railways → 1923–1929 Michigan Electric Railway Co.

Miscellaneous Photos
 Middleton Middleton Electric Traction
 Middletown, CT Middletown Street Railway Co.
1893–1904. 1904 sold to Consolidated Railway
 Middletown, DE Odessa & Middletown Railway
1903–1908 (?)
 Middletown, PA Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad
 Milano Deposito ATM Messina
From 1912. Lines 1, 2, 10, 12, 19.
Deposito ATM Ticinese
From 1912. Lines 3, 9, 15, 24.
Deposito ATM Leoncavallo
From 1929. Lines 1, 5, 19, 27, 33.
Deposito ATM Baggio
From 1929. Lines 2, 3, 16.
Deposito ATM Varedo
From 1928, suburban tramway line "Comasina"-"Limbiate".
Deposito ATM Precotto (Tram)
M1 line from 1964. Tram from 2007. Lines 4, 7, 9, 31.
Deposito ATM Desio
From 1929 till 2011, suburban tramway lines "Milan"-"Cusano Milanino"/"Desio"/"Carate"/"Giussano".
Officina ATM Teodosio
Since 1929.
Azienda Trasporti Milanesi S.p.A.
Since 1931.
Società Trazione Elettrica Lombarda
Since 02/10/1919 till 1939, suburban network.
Since 1893 till 1916.
Tramvie Interprovinciali Padane
From 22/03/1881 till 1939, suburban and regional network.
Deposito di Vimercate
Since 1880 till 1981, suburban tramway line "Milano" — "Vimercate".
Deposito di Gorgonzola
Since 1928 till 1980, suburban tramway line "Milano" — "Crescenzago"/"Gorgonzola"/" Villa Fornaci"/"Vaprio d'Adda/Cassano d'Adda", fast lines "Linee celeri dell'Adda"
Deposito di Molino Nuovo
Since 1929 till 1960.
Deposito di Monza Borgazzi
Since 1924 till 1966. Suburban tramway line "Milano" — "Monza".

Suburban tramway line "Comasina"-"Limbiate"
Tram lines: north
Tram lines: south
Suburban tramway line "Milano"-"Carate/Giussano"
 Milton Lewiston Milton & Watsontown Passenger Railway Co.
 Milwaukee The HOP MKE Streetcar
The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.
1894 Milwaukee Street Railway Co. → 1896 The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co. → 1938 The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Transport Co. → 1953–1958 Milwaukee & Suburban Transport Corp.
Kenosha Motor Coach Lines
Milwaukee Rapid Transit & Speedrail

Old Photos
Tramway Construction
Production of Trams
Delivery of New Cars
New Trams' Testing
Tramway-Related Events
Lines and Infrastructure
Tramway Starter Segment Opening 02.11.2018
Streetcar Opening 02.11.2018
Miscellaneous Photos
 Minneapolis–St. Paul Twin City Rapid Transit
1875 Minneapolis Street Railway → 1892–1954 Twin City Rapid Transit Co.
METRO (light rail)
Opened 2004
Minnesota Streetcar Museum

Miscellaneous photos
 Minsk Tramway
Minsktrans Museum
Horse tram
JSC "Belkommunmash"

Trip of fans of transport on rented museum RVR-6M2
90 лет Минскому трамваю
Repairs of tramways
Tramway park
 Mirandola City Tramway
 Miskolc Miskolc City Transport Ltd.
Miskolc Városi Közlekedési Zrt., Szondi György utcai telephely (MVK Zrt.). Opened in 1950, routes: 1, 2
Miskolc Urban Electric Railway
Miskolc Városi Villamos Vasút (MVV), 1897-1950
Miskolc-Diósgyőr Local Railway
Miskolc-Diósgyőri Helyi Érdekű Vasút (MDV), 1906-1950
 Missoula Missoula Street Railway Co.
1909 Missoula Street Railway Co. → 1924 Missoula Public Service Co. → 1929–1932 Montana Power Co.
Missoula County History Museum
 Mobile Mobile Light & Railroad Co.
1887 Mobile Street Railway Co. → 1892 Mobile Street Railroad Co. → 1897–1939 Mobile Light & Railroad Co.
 Modena Tramway
 Molochnoye Tramway
07.1989-08.2014 (only the summer)

Miscellaneous photos
 Monaco Old photos
 Monongahela West Penn City Lines of West Virginia
1912 Monongahela Valley Traction Co. → 1921 Monongahela Power & Railway Co. → 1923 Monongahela West Penn Public Service Co. → 1944–1947 City Lines of WV
 Monroe City of Monroe Water, Light & Traction Department
 Monterrey Monterrey Railway, Light & Power Co
 Montevideo Tramway
 Montfermeil Steam tramway 1000 mm
Electric tramway 1000 mm
Electric tramway 1435 mm
1907-14.11.1938; from 1921 operated by STCRP
 Montgomery Alabama Power Co.
1886 Capitol City Railway Co. → 1893 Montgomery Street Railway Co. → 1906 Montgomery Traction Co. → 1911 Montgomery Light & Traction Co. → 1923–1936 Alabama Power Co.
 Montpelier Barre & Montpelier Traction Co.
1896 Barre & Montpelier Traction Co. → 1919 Barre & Montpelier Traction & Power Co. → 1925–1927 Vergennes Power Co.
 Montpellier Transports de l'Agglomération de Montpellier

Miscellaneous photos
 Montreal Montreal Tramways Co.
1861 Montreal City Passenger Railway Co. → 1886 Montreal Street Railway Co. → 1911 Montreal Tramways Co. → 1951–1959 Montreal Transit Commission
Montreal Park & Island Railway Co.
1893–1911. 1911 to Montreal Tramways Co.
Montreal & Southern Counties Railway Co.
1897–1956 (service began 1909)
Exporail — le Musée Ferroviaire Canadien

Old Photos
 Morgantown Monongahela West Penn Public Service Co.
1903 Morgantown Electric & Traction Co. → 1909 Union Utility Co. → 1912 West Virginia Traction & Electric → 1921 West Virginia Utilities Co. → 1927–1934 Monongahela West Penn Public Service Co.
 Morristown Morris County Traction Co.
 Moscow Tramway department, Apakov depot
Until 01.12.2015 — Apakov tramway depot
Tramway department, Bauman depot
Until 01.12.2015 — Bauman tramway depot
Tramway department, Krasnopresnenskoye depot
Until 01.12.2015 — Krasnopresnenskoye tramway depot
Tramway department, Oktyabrskoye depot
Until 01.12.2015 — Oktyabrskoye tramway depot
Tramway department, Rusakov depot
Until 01.12.2015 — Rusakov tramway depot
Tramway department, Tramway repair plant
Until 01.12.2015 — Tramway repair plant (TRZ)
Museum of public transport
Tramcars before 1994 — cars before 1924
All depots — numbers before 1994
Tramcars before 1994 — cars of 1924–1935 years
All depots — numbers before 1994
Tramcars before 1994 — MTV-82 (1947–1954)
All depots — numbers before 1994
Tramcars before 1994 — Tatras T2, K2, T3 (1959–1977)
xxx, 1xxx, 2xxx series — K2, T2, T3 with 2 doors (1959–1977)
Tramcars before 1994 — Tatra T3 (1978–1987)
5xxx and 6xxx series — T3 cars with 3 doors (1978–1988)
Tramcars before 1994 — KTM-8 (1990–1994)
All depots — numbers before 1994
Tramcars before 1994 — other
Experimental, small-batch, cargo and service cars
Steam tramway
Horse tram

Moscow tram in the movies
Ugreshkaya station
Line restoration on Volokolamskoe shosse
Tramway model on chassis GAZ-51 (Mosfilm)
Trams without fleet numbers
Construction of a tram line to Belorussky railway teminal
Closed tram lines
Views from tram cabine
Historical photos — horse cars (1872-1912)
Historical Photos — Horse Tram in the Novo-Gireyevo Suburb
Historical photos — Steam tramway (1886-1922)
Historical photos — Electric tramway (1898-1920)
Historical photos — Tramway Depots (1898-1945)
Tram lines: [1] Apakov depot network — center
Tram lines: [1] Apakov depot network — South-West
Tram lines: [1] Apakov depot network — South
Tram lines: [2] Bauman depot network — center
Tram lines: [2] Bauman depot network — North
Tram lines: [3] Strogino network — north
Tram lines: [3] Strogino network — North-West
Tram lines: [3] Strogino network — Volokolamskoe shosse and Leningradskiy prospekt
Tram lines: [4] Oktyabrskaya network — Center and South-East
Tram lines: [5] Rusakov depot network — North-East
Tram lines: [5] Rusakov depot network — East
Tram depots: [1] Apakova
Tram depots: [2] Baumana
Tram depots: [3] Krasnopresnenskoye. Old territory on in Vagankovo (until 2002)
Tram depots: [3] Krasnopresnenskoye. New site in Strogino
Tram depots: [4] Oktyabrskoye
Tram depots: [5] Rusakova
TRZ & SVARZ Plants
Arrival of LT-5 tramcars at April 2003
Ride on KM at May 24, 2003
Transportation of LM-99A № 3002 from Bauman depot to TRZ at March 2, 2006
Transfer of new LM-99AE from Ugreshkaya station to TRZ at March 21, 2006
22nd Championship of Tram Drivers
71-630 and other trams on TRZ at August 22, 2006
23rd Championship of Tram Drivers
25th Championship of Tram Drivers
24rd Championship of Tram Drivers
Meeting for tram line on Lesnaya at Juny 7, 2008
Clousure of tramway line on Lesnaya street
Filming of BF car # 932 in “Isaev” movie at Novemver 2008
Parade to 110 years of Moscow tram at June 13, 2009
26th Championship of Tram Drivers
27th Championship of Tram Drivers
28th Championship of Tram Drivers
Renewal of the tram traffic on Lesnaya Street
29th Championship of Tram Drivers
Parade to115 years of Moscow tramway at April 12, 2014
Parade to116 years of Moscow tramway at April 11, 2015
Parade to 118 years of Moscow tramway at April 15, 2017
Parade to 120 years of Moscow tramway at April 20, 2019
Moscow Transport Day at 13 July 2019
 Most - Litvinov Narrow-gauge tram
Most Depot
Litvinov Depot

Foto-Traveling with T5B6t 273
 Mostaganem Tramway

 Mount Clemens Michigan Transit Museum
 Mountain region of Catalonia Cremallera de Montserrat
Monestir de Montserrat, Montserrat Rack Railway (FGC)
Cremallera de Núria
Núria Rack Railway in Pyrenees (FGC)

Cremallera de Montserrat — Miscellaneous photos
Cremallera de Núria — Miscellaneous photos
 Mrozy Horse tram

Miscellaneous photos
 Mt. Pleasant Midwest Electric Railway

 Mulhouse Transports de l'Agglomération Mulhousienne
 Mumbai Bombay Tramway Co. Ltd.
1873 Bombay Tramway Co. Ltd. → 1905–1908 Bombay Electric Supply & Tramways Co. Ltd.
Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport
1907 Bombay Electric Supply & Tramways Co. Ltd. → 1947–1964 Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport

Old Photo — Tramway
 Muncie Muncie, Hartford & Fort Wayne Railway Co.
1901–1906. Leased to Union Traction Co. of Indiana in 1906
Muncie & Portland Traction Co.
1905–1916. Leased to Union Traction Co. of Indiana in 1916
 Munich Tramway
 Murcia Tramway
 Murmansk Tramway
 Muscatine Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Railway
1883 Muscatine Street Railway → 1893 Muscatine Electric Railway → 1902 Citizens' Railway & Light Co. → 1906 Muscatine Light & Traction Co. → 1910 Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Railway → 1928–1929 Iowa Electric Co.
 Muskegon Muskegon Traction & Lighting Co.
1882 Muskegon Railway Co. → 1897 Muskegon Street Railway Co. → 1901–1929 Muskegon Traction & Lighting Co.
 Mödling Lokalbahn Mödling-Hinterbrühl
Mödlinger Stadtverkehrsmuseum
 Mönchengladbach Tramway
 Mühlhausen Straßenbahn
 Münster Tramway
 Naberezhnye Chelny «Elektrotransport», LLC

New trams
The old part of city
Construction and opening of the “16th Complex — Pedagogical Institute” line
The new part of city
Construction and opening of the “Belyaev Street — 16th complex” line
Factory line
Construction and opening of the “45th Complex — 16th Complex" line
The territory of depot
Unfinished line from Leninsky to 50 complex
Old photos
Miscellaneous photos
Route Number Signs and Stop Signs
 Nagasaki Nagasaki Electric Railway
 Nagoya Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya
 Nagycenk Széchenyi Museum Railway
Old tramcars in nostalgia train (gauge: 760 mm)
 Nancy Tramway
 Nanjing Hexi Tram Depot
Qilin Tram Depot
Jiangxinzhou Line depot
 Nantes Transports en Commun de l'Agglomération Nantaise

Old photos
 Nanticoke Peoples Street Railway of Nanticoke And Newport
 Napa San Francisco, Napa Valley & Calistoga Railway
1902 Vallejo, Benecia & Napa Valley Railroad → 1910 San Francisco, Vallejo & Napa Valley Railroad → 1911 San Francisco, Napa Valley & Calistoga Railway → 1935–1938 San Francisco & Napa Valley Railroad
 Napoli Depot "San Giovanni a Teduccio"
Depot "Fuorigrotta"
Till 1980.
Société Anonyme des Tramways Provinciaux
Suburban lines 1881-1957.
 Nashville Tennessee Electric Power Co.
1903 Nashville Railway & Light Co. → 1922 Tennessee Electric Power Co. → 1940–1941 Nashville Coach Co.
Nashville-Franklin Interurban Railway Co.
1908 Nashville Interurban Railway Co. → 1933–1941 Nashville-Franklin Interurban Railway Co.
Union Traction Co. of Tennessee
1911 Nashville-Gallatin Interurban Railway Co. (in operation 1913) → 1917–1932 Union Traction Co. of Tennessee

 Naumburg Tramway
 Nazareth Allen Street Railway Co.
1906–1927. Consolidation of earlier existed lines
 Negaunee Marquette County Electric Railway Co.
1892 Negaunee & Ishpeming Street Railway Co. (in operation 1893) → 1904 Marquette County Gas Light & Traction Co. → 1917 Marquette County Gas & Electric Co. → 1917–1927 Marquette County Electric Railway Co.
 Nelson Nelson Corporation Tramways
 Neuchatel Transports en commun de Neuchatel et environs
Association Neuchâteloise des Amis du Tramway
 Neunkirchen Tram
 Neuss Tramway
 Neustadt-Landau Pfälzer Oberlandbahn
 Neuwied Tramway
 New Albany New Albany Street Railroad Co.
1891 New Albany Street Railway Co. → 1894 New Albany Railway Co. → 1902 New Albany Street Railroad Co. 1903 to Louisville & Southern Indiana Traction Co. (see Jeffersonville)
Home Transit Co.
 New Bedford Union Street Railway Co.
1872 New Bedford & Fairhaven Street Railway → 1887–1947 Union Street Railway Co.
 New Brighton Beaver Valley Traction Co.
1884 Beaver Valley Street Railway Co. → 1891–1937 Beaver Valley Traction Co.
 New Britain Connecticut Railway & Lighting — New Britain Division
1886 Central Railway & Electric Co. → 1899 Connecticut Light & Power Co. → 1901–1937 Connecticut Light & Power Co. Leased 1906–1936 to Connecticut Company
 New Castle, PA New Castle Traction Co.
1889 New Castle Electric Street Railway Co. (I) → 1897–1906 New Castle Traction Co. 1906 to Mahoning & Shenango Valley Railway & Light Co.
New Castle Electric Street Railway Co. (II)
1930–1939. Operated by the Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co.
 New Haven Fair Haven & Westville Railroad Co.
1860–1904. 1904 sold to Consolidated Railway
New Haven & Centreville Street Railway Co.
1865 New Haven & Centreville Horse Railroad Co. → 1893–1897 New Haven & Centreville Street Railway Co. 1897 to Fair Haven & Westville Railroad Co.
New Haven & West Haven Horse Railroad Co.
1865–1893. 1893 to Winchester Avenue Railroad Co.
Winchester Avenue Railroad Co.
1889–1901. 1901 to Fair Haven & Westville Railroad Co.
New Haven Street Railway
1893–1898. 1898 to Fair Haven & Westville Railroad Co.

 New London New London Street Railway Co.
1886 New London Horse Railway Co. → 1893–1904 New London Street Railway Co. 1904 sold to Consolidated Railway
 New Orleans New Orleans Public Service
1902 New Orleans Railway Co. → 1905 New Orleans Railway & Light Co. → 1922 New Orleans Public Service, Inc.
New Orleans Railway Museum Association
 New York City Brooklyn & Queens Transit
1896 Brooklyn Rapid Transit → 1923–1956 Brooklyn & Queens Transit
Bush Terminal Railroad
1907–1936 [passenger service]
Coney Island & Brooklyn Railroad
1862–1914. 1914 to Brooklyn Rapid Transit
Department of Plants & Structures
Staten Island Midland and Williamsburg Bridge Divisions. 1920–1927. Municipal operator
Dry Dock, East Broadway and Battery Railroad
Eighth Avenue Railroad
1852–1936. 1926 to Eighth & Ninth Avenues Railway; 1935 to Green Lines
Jamaica & Brooklyn Road Co.
1863 East New York & Jamaica Railroad Co. → 1872 Jamaica, Woodhaven & Brooklyn Railroad Co. → 1879 Jamaica & Brooklyn Road Co. 1894 to Brooklyn, Queens County & Suburban Railroad Co.
Jamaica Central Railways
1897 Long Island Electric Railway → 1926–1934 Jamaica Central Railways Co.
Manhattan Bridge Three-Cent Line
Manhattan & Queens Traction Co.
1903 South Shore Traction Co. (in operation 1909) → 1912–1937 Manhattan & Queens Traction Co.
Metropolitan Street Railway
1893–1911. 1911 to New York Railways
New York City Interborough Railway
1906–1911. 1911 to Union Railway
New York & Harlem Railroad
1832–1936. 1932 to New York Railways
New York & Queens County Railway
1896 New York and Queens County Railway → 1932–1937 New York and Queens Transit Corporation
New York Railways
1911 New York Railways Company → 1925–1936 New York Railways Corporation
Ninth Avenue Railroad
1859–1935. 1926 to Eighth & Ninth Avenues Railway; 1935 to Green Lines
Ocean Electric Railway
Richmond Railways
1895 Staten Island Electric Railroad → 1902 Richmond Light & Railroad → 1927–1934 Richmond Railways
Second Avenue Railroad
Steinway Lines
1892 Steinway Railway → 1896 New York & Queens Railway → 1922 Steinway Lines → 1938–1939 Steinway Transit
TARR — horsecars
Third Avenue Railroad. 1853–1893
TARR — cable cars — 10th Ave. & 125th St.
Third Avenue Railroad. 1886–1899
TARR — cable cars — Main Line
Third Avenue Railroad. 1893–1899
TARR — electric cars
Third Avenue Railroad. 1899–1900. 1900 to Metropolitan Street Railway
Third Avenue Railway
1908–1947 [Conduit and storage battery cars of TARS | Carhouses: Amsterdam Ave., 54th St., 65th St.]
Queensboro Bridge Railway
Union Railway / Third Avenue Railway System
1892–1948 [Overhead wire cars of Union Railway and TARS | Carhouses: Harlem, Kingsbridge, West Farms]
Van Brunt Street & Erie Basin Railroad
Westchester Electric Railway
Westchester Street Railroad
1894 New York Elmsford & White Plains → 1898 Tarrytown White Plains & Mamaroneck → 1926–1929 Westchester Street Railroad
Bridge Operating Company
1904–1920. Williamsburg Bridge
Yonkers Railroad
New York & Long Island Traction
1901 Mineola, Hempstead & Freeport Traction Co → 1902–1926 New York & Long Island Traction
New York & North Shore Traction
1902 Mineola, Roslyn & Port Washington Traction → 1907–1920 New York & North Shore Traction
Metropolitan Sand & Gravel Corp.
Port Washington, Long Island
Brooklyn Historic Railway Association
Defunct museum

Streetcars — Miscellaneous Photos
BRT and BMT Streetcar Lines — Miscellaneous Photos
Third Avenue Railway System — Miscellaneous Photos
Metropolitan Street Railway — Miscellaneous Photos
New York Railways Co. — Miscellaneous Photos
New York & Queens County Railway Co. — Miscellaneous Photos
Miscellaneous Photos
 Newark New Jersey Transit
Established 1979
North Jersey Street Railway
1890 Newark Passenger Railway → 1893 New Jersey Traction Co. → 1894 Consolidated Traction Co. of New Jersey → 1898–1903 North Jersey Street Railway. 1907 to Public Service Railway Co.
Orange & Passaic Valley Railway Co.
1893 Suburban Traction Co. → 1898 Orange & Passaic Valley Railway Co. 1903 leased to Consolidated Traction Co. of New Jersey
South Orange & Maplewood Traction Co.
1895 South Orange & Maplewood Street Railway Co. → 1897 South Orange & Maplewood Traction Co. 1903 leased to Consolidated Traction Co. of New Jersey
New Jersey & Hudson River Railway & Ferry Co.
1900–1910. 1910 to Public Service Railway Co.

 Newburgh Orange County Traction Co.
1886 Newburgh Street Railway → 1894 Newburgh Electric Railway → 1901–1923 Orange County Traction Co.
 Newcastle Old Tramway
Newcastle Light Rail
Opened on 17 February 2019
 Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle-upon-Tyne Corporation
New tram depot
To be opened in 2018
 Newport Newport & Providence Railway Co.
Newport Electric Corp.
1920 Newport County Electric Co. → 1921–1926 Newport Electric Corp.
 Newport News Citizens Rapid Transit Co.
1897 Newport News, Hampton & Old Point Railway Co. → 1898 Newport News & Old Point Railway & Electric Co. → 1914 Newport News & Hampton Railway Gas & Electric Co. → 1925–1945 Citizens Rapid Transit Co.
Newport News Street Railway Co.
1890–1897. Consolidated into Newport News, Hampton & Old Point Railway Co.
Hampton & Old Point Railway Co.
1888–1897. Consolidated into Newport News, Hampton & Old Point Railway Co.
Fort Monroe Museum
 Newtonville Middlesex & Boston Street Railway Co.
1891 Natick Electric Street Railway Co. → 1893 South Middlesex Street Railway Co. → 1907–1930 Middlesex and Boston Street Railway Co.
 Nice Depo Ligne 1
Исторический трамвай
Depo Ligne 2

Lines and Infrastructure
 Nijmegen Tramway
 Nikolaev Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 2
Old number system

2006.09.16 — # 2006 arrival
2008.11.22 — # 1107 arrival
2009 — # 2002 painting
Painting of 71-608 # 2131 tram
Pokatuschki — 2010
100 Year Anniversary of Nikolaev Tramway Fantrip
 Nizhnekamsk Tramway

Tramway lines and stations
Timetables and route signs
Miscellaneous photos
All-Russian tramway driver contest — 2011
Parade of new trams — May 23, 2016
Opening of the monument to the first tram
 Nizhniy Tagil Tram depot “Novaya Kushva”
Tram depot “Vagonka”
Unknown depot

Miscellaneous photos
Historical photos
Tram 71-407 at “Magistral—2009”
New Trams
 Nizhny Novgorod Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 2
Tramway depot # 3
Museum of electric transport
Service Of Lines
Old numbering system

Testing of new LM-2008 (71-153) tram car
Opening of tram circle at Blagoveschenskoy Square
Technical class — trams
Repair Of Molitovsky Bridge — 2016
Transportation of tramway circle to Comsomolsky Square
Closed tram lines
16-th All-Russian competition of professional skills "The best tram driver", 13-15 september 2017
Moscow gifts (71-153)
Construction tram collar around Kanavinskiy bridge
Restoration of tram route 28
 Niš Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Noblesville Indiana Transportation Museum
Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co.
 Noginsk Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
September 28, 2008
Tram depot
Old Photos
 Nordhausen Tramway

 Norfolk Virginia Electric & Power Company
1866 Norfolk City Railway → 1894 Norfolk Street Railroad → 1899 Norfolk Railway & Light → 1902 Norfolk & Portsmouth Traction → 1911 Virginia Railway & Power Co → 1925 Virginia Electric & Power Co → 1944–1947 Virginia Transit
Tide Light Rail
Opened 2011

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Norristown Schuylkill Valley Traction Co.
1893 Norristown Bridgeport & Conshohoken Traction Co → 1895–1933 Schuylkill Valley Traction Co.
Roxborough Chestnut Hill & Norristown Railway Co.
1895–1931. Leased by the United Traction Co. of Reading and successors in 1899–1930
 Norrköping Tramway

Old photos
 Northeastern Massachussetts Massachusetts Northeastern Street Railway
Citizens Electric Street Railway Co.
1889 Newburyport & Amesbury Street Railway → 1899–1913 Citizens Electric Street Railway. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
Haverhill & Amesbury Railway Co.
1892–1913. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
Amesbury & Hampton Street Railway Co.
1899–1913. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
Hudson, Pelham & Salem Electric Railway Co.
1899–1913. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
Lawrence & Methuen Street Railway Co.
1899–1913. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
Haverhill & Southern New Hampshire Street Railway Co.
1900–1913. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
Haverhill & Plaistow Street Railway Co.
1901–1913. 1913 to Massachusetts Northeastern Streeet Railway
 Northern Virginia Washington, Alexandria & Mount Vernon Railway Co.
1890 Alexandria & Fairfax Passenger Ry. Co. → 1892–1932 Washington, Alexandria & Mount Vernon Railway Co. Part of the Washington-Virginia Railway Co. in 1910–1927
Washington, Arlington & Falls Church Railroad Co.
1891 Washington & Arlington Railway Co. → 1896–1910 Washington, Arlington & Falls Church Railroad Co. Merged into Washington-Virginia Railway Co.
Washington-Virginia Railway Co.
Arlington & Fairfax Electric Railway Co.
1927 Arlington & Fairfax Electric Railway Co. → 1936–1939 Arlington & Fairfax Auto Railroad Co.
Washington & Old Dominion Railway Co.
1900 Great Falls & Old Dominion Railroad Co. → 1912 Washington & Old Dominion Railway Co. → 1936 Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Co. Electric passenger service abandoned in 1941
 Northport Northport Traction Co.

Northport Traction Co.
 Norwalk Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. — Norwalk Division
1862 Norwalk Horse Railroad Co. → 1899 Connecticut Light & Power Co. → 1901–1935 Connecticut Light & Power Co. Leased 1906–1935 to Connecticut Company
Westport & Saugatuck Street Railway Co.
1876–1900. 1900 to Connecticut Light & Power Co.
Norwalk Tramway Co.
1889–1900. 1900 to Connecticut Light & Power Co.

 Norwich Norwich Street Railway Co.
1882–1904. 1904 sold to Consolidated Railway
Norwich & Westerly Railway Co.
1905–1916. 1916 sold to Shore Line Electric Railway
 Norwich Norwich Electric Tramways
 Nottingham Tramway
 Novi Sad Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Novocherkassk Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Old photos
Tram lines
Route signs
 Novokuznetsk Tramway depot #1
Tramway depot #2
Tramway depot #3
Track Service
Old numbering (pre-war cars)
Old numbering (post-war cars)
Post-war cars
Old numbering: Tatra Т3 and KTM-5
 Novopolotsk Tramway

Various photos
Tram stops and timetables
 Novorossiysk Novorossiysk tramway
30.05.1934 — 24.08.1969
 Novosibirsk Branch # 5 'Pravoberezhnyi tramway'
Old name 'Oktyabrskoe tramway depot'
Branch # 4 'Levoberezhnyi tramway'
Old name 'Kirovskoye tramway depot'
Sibeltrans CJSC
Dzerzinskoye tramway depot (Closed 1998)
Closed 1998
Leninskoe tramway depot (Closed 2005)
Closed 2005

Historical photos (tram)
Construction of the new line to Chistaya Sloboda
New trams
Modernisation of trams
Competition of driver's skill of drivers of a tram 2011
 Novotroitsk Tramway

Old photos
Miscellaneous photos
Tram lines and loops
Miscellaneous photos
 Nytva Horse Tram

Old Photos
 Nyíregyháza Nyíregyháza Region Narrow Gauge Railways (electric)
Nyíregyházavidéki kisvasutak. Electric urban railway (gauge: 760 mm), 1911–1969
Nyíregyháza Region Narrow Gauge Railways (railway)
Other railway cars on electric urban railway
 Nîmes / Gard Tramway
 Nürnberg Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg
Freunde der Nürnberg-Fürther Straßenbahn e.V.
 Oakland Key System Transit Company
1898 Oakland Transit Co. → 1902 Oakland Transit Consolidated Co. → 1904 Oakland Traction Consolidated Co. → 1906 Oakland Traction Co. → 1912 San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways → 1923 Key System Transit Co. → 1946–1958 Key System Transit Lines
Interurban Electric Railway
1902 East Bay Electric Lines → 1938–1941 Interurban Electric Railway
Northwestern Pacific Railroad
1902 North Shore Railroad → 1907–1941 Northwestern Pacific Railroad
Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway
1911 Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway → 1920–1928 San Francisco-Sacramento Railroad. Merged with Sacramento Northern Railway in 1928
Northern California Chapter, R&LHS
Railway & Locomotive Historical Society
Pacific Coast Chapter, R&LHS
Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

Key System Transit Company
 Oberhausen Tramway
 Odense Tramway (1911-1952)
 Odessa Tramway depot #1
1880 Main depot → 1910 Richelievskoye depot → 1924 Lenin depot → 10.03.1998 Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot #2
1912 Slobodskoye depot → 1966 Oktyabrskoye depot → 10.03.1998 Tramway depot # 2 (2012–2014 Maintenance depot)
Ilyich tramway depot
1880 Bolshevokzal'noye depot → 1925 Ilyich tramway depot. Closed 03.07.1997
Freight Service
01.09.1971 merged with Oktyabrskoye depot
Track Department
Energy Department
Maintenance Shops
411th Coastal Battery Memorial
The Memorial of heroic defence of Odessa of the 411th battery
Lustdorf Tramway
Horse street railway
Steam tramway
1910–1961 (all depots)

Documents — correspondence with UKVZ (1970)
Horse-drawn & steam tram
Track reconstructions
Old photos: tram
Broad gauge reconstruction
2006–07: Reconstruction of Preobrazhenskaya Street
2006: Reconstruction of the Shevchenko Park terminal
2007: Reconstruction of Kolontaevskaya Street
2008: Reconstruction of Tiraspolskaya Street
2008–09: Reconstruction of Fontan [Fountain] Road
2015: Construction of a new Arcadia tramway terminal
2016 — Rehabilitation of Starosennaya Square
2016 — Rehabilitation of Tiraspolskaya Square
Tram depot # 1 & ORZET
Tram depot # 2
Ilyich tramway depot
Assembly of "Т3 КВП Од" and "Odissey" in Odessa
Tram lines: Blizhnie Mel'nitsy and Tcheremushki
Tram lines: Bolshoy Fontan
Tram lines: Bolshoy Fontan to 411th Coastal Battery Memorial
Tram lines: Central station to Fish Seaport via Lustdorf
Tram lines: Frantsuzskiy Boulevard — Arcadia
Tram lines: Khadjibey road
Tram lines: Center to Slobodka
Tram lines: Center
Tram lines: Peresyp' to Tsentrolit
Tram lines
Removed tram lines
Removals and abandoned lines
Lustdorf tram line
2016–2018 — Rehabilitation of Preobrazhenskaya street
20.07.2007 — Phototravelling 3333
03.01.2009 — Arrival of the new #7011
25.09.2009 — 99 years of Odessa's tram
27.10.2009 — Snow-removing cars parade
23.04.2011 — Phototravelling 3144
24.09.2011 — 101th anniversary of Odessa's tram
03.11.2012 — Golden autumn phototravelling
Phototravelling 355 914
20.05.2016 — Opening tram route №4
2017 — Rehabilitation of the Peresyp Junction
 Odomari Tramway

Old photos
 Offenbach am Main Tramway
 Offida Società Tranvia Elettrica di Offida
1926-1952, suburban line Offida-Castel di Lama (вокзал Offida).
 Ohio Electric Ohio Electric Railway
 Oil City Citizens' Traction Co.
1891 Oil City Street Railway → 1908–1928 Citizens' Traction Co.
 Okayama Okayama Electric Tramway (Okaden)
岡山電気軌道 Okayama Denki Kidō
 Oklahoma City Oklahoma Railways
Oklahoma City Streetcar
Opened 14.12.2018

Old Photos
Tramway Construction
Delivery of New Cars
New Trams' Testing
Tramway-Related Events
Lines and Infrastructure
Tramway Starter Segment Opening 14.12.2018
Miscellaneous photos
Interurban Terminal
 Oldham Oldham Corporation Transport
 Olean Olean Bradford & Salamanca Railway Co.
1880 Olean Street Railway → 1906 Western New York & Pennsylvania Traction → 1921–1926 Olean Bradford & Salamanca Railway Co.

Miscellaneous Photos
 Olomouc Vozovna Koželužska

Miscellaneous photos
 Olsztyn Tramway
 Olympia Puget Sound Power & Light Co.
1894 Olympia Light & Power Co. → 1923 Puget Sound Power & Light Co. → 1930–1932 Olympia Transit Co.
 Omaha Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Co.
1889 Omaha Street Railway Co. → 1902–1955 Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Co.
Omaha Motor Railway Co.
1887–1889. 1889 to Omaha Street Railway Co.
Omaha Cable Tramway Co.
1884–1889. 1889 to Omaha Street Railway Co.
Omaha Horse Railway Co.
1867–1889. 1889 to Omaha Street Railway Co.
 Omsk Tramway depot
Tramway depot # 2
Closed 1998
Tramway depot # 2 (1959)
Track Department

Track Department
Tram depot # 1
Tram Depot # 2
Tram line — Left bank
Driver's championship 2009
Tram roads — Omsk
Closed tram lines
Prezentation of Stadler 62103
Presentation of Literature Tramway
Receipt of 71-608 trams from Moscow
 Oneonta Southern New York Railway
1897 Oneonta & Otsego Valley RR → 1900 Oneonta Cooperstown & Richfield Springs Ry. → 1906 Oneonta & Mohawk Valley Ry. → 1908 Otsego & Herkimer RR → 1916 Southern New York Power & Ry. Co. → 1924–1940 Southern New York Ry.
 Ontario, CA Ontario & San Antonio Heights Railway Co.
1887–1912. Merged with Pacific Electric Railway Co.
 Opatija Tramway

Old photos
Tramway line remains
 Opava Tramway
 Oradea Oradea Transport Local Regia Autonomă

Miscellaneous photos
 Oran Tramway

Tramway — Miscellaneous photos
 Oranjestad Tramway

 Orlando Grand Cypress Resort
 Orléans SETAO
Société d'Exploitation des Transports de l'Agglomération Orléanaise

 Orsk Orskoe Tramvaynoe Upravlenie
[Orsk Tramway Authority]
Sintez depot
Closed 2004
OZTP depot
Closed 2008

Educational class of electric transport operaror
Tram lines and loops
Professional skills competition tram driver in 2010
Tram depo OZTP
Professional skills competition tram driver in 2018
Tram depo-1
Old photos
Miscellaneous photos
Closed tramlines
Unfinished Line Between 240 Kvartal — Mikrorayon 3C Loops
Reconstruction of tram tracks for street Builders
 Oryol Old depot
Opened 1898. 1966 to track department. Closed 1982
Tramway depot named by Y. Vitas
Opened 02.02.1966. Expanded 1982

Tram lines
Tram depot named by Y. Vitas
Tram cars in storage
Old tram depot
 Osaka Deport Yamatogawa
Serves Hankai and Uemachi lines
Deport Miyakojima
Closed in 1969
Deport Imazato
Closed in 1969

Tramway lines
 Oshawa Oshawa Railway Co.
1891–1964. In operation 1895. Passenger service abandoned 1940
 Oshkosh Wisconsin Power & Light Co. — Oshkosh Division
1882 Oshkosh Street Railway Co. → 1897 Citizens' Traction Co. of Oshkosh → 1900 Winnebago Traction Co. → 1908 Wisconsin Electric Railway Co. → 1917 Eastern Wisconsin Electric Co → 1924–1930 Wisconsin Power & Light Co.
 Osijek Gradski Prijevoz Putnika d.o.o.

Miscellaneous photos
 Osinniki MUE “Eltrecrtotransport”
1960 Tramvaynoe Upravlenie [Osinniky Tramway Authority] → 1998 MUE “Osinnikovsky Tramvay” → 2010 MUE “Eltrans” → 2010 MUE “Eltrecrtotransport”

Tram lines
Miscellaneous photos
 Oskaloosa Oskaloosa Traction & Light Co.
1890 Oskaloosa Street Railway & Land Co. → 1903 Oskaloosa Traction & Light Co. → 1924–1926 Des Moines Electric Light Co.
 Oslo Sporveien AS
Sporveismuseet Vognhall 5
 Osnabrück Tramway
Místní dráha Ostrava - Karviná
Slezské zemské dráhy
DPO Narrow gauge system
Vozovna Místní nádraží
Vozovna Vítkovické závodní dráhy
1913-1953. Operator: Vítkovice steelworks
Vozovna Moravská Ostrava — Křivá
Opened 1929. T3SU, T3SUCS, T3G, T3R.P, KT8D5R.N1, Astra, Vario LF, Vario LF2+, Vario LF3/2. Routes no. 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18.
Vozovna Poruba
Opened 1960. T3SUCS, T6A5, T3R.P, T3R.E, T3R.EV, Trio, Vario LF, Vario LF2, Vario LF3, Stadler. Routes no. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 19.
Ústřední dílny Martinov
Opened 1969
Ekova Electric

11.9.2014 — Tram parade to 120 anniversary of Ostrava public transport
Colours of Ostrava 2018
13.04.2019 — The fototravel on the Tatra T3SUCS no. 953
Colours of Ostrava 2019
21.5.2016 — Special ride on Tatra T3SU №902
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Trams without numbers
17.11.18 — Special ride with the tram T3R.EV No. 1301 with the trailer VV60LF No. 301
 Oswego Empire State Railroad [Oswego city cars]
1885 Oswego Street Railway → 1896 Lake Ontario & Riverside Railway → 1900 Oswego Traction → 1909 Syracuse, Lake Shore and Northern Railroad → 1913 Empire United Railways → 1917 Empire State Railroad

 Ottawa Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission, O-Train LRT
Ottawa Transportation Commission
29.06.1891 — 30.04.1959

Line 1 (Confederation Line) — Light Rapid Transit Line — Stations
Line 1 (Confederation Line) — Light Rapid Transit Line — Infrastructure
Line 1 (Confederation Line) — Light Rapid Transit Line — Various Photos
Tramway Closure Parade — 04.05.1959
 Ottawa, IL Chicago Ottawa & Peoria Railway Co.
1902 Illinois Valley Traction Co. → 1904 Illinois Valley Railway Co. → 1909 Chicago Ottawa & Peoria Railway Co. → 1923–1934 Illinois Valley Division of the Illinois Traction System

 Ottumwa Iowa Southern Utilities Co., Ottumwa Division
1889 Ottumwa Electric Light Co. → 1896 Ottumwa Traction & Light Co. → 1923 Ottumwa Traction Co. → 1925–1930 Iowa Southern Utilities Co.
 Ouargla Tramway

Tramway Operation Opening 20.03.2018
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Miscellaneous Tramway Photos
 Oxford, MI American Aggregates Corp.
 Pacific Electric Pacific Electric Railway Co.
1911 Pacific Electric Railway Co. → 1953–1958 Metropolitan Coach Lines
Pacific Electric Railway (pre-1911)
1899–1911. Consolidated into new Pacific Electric Railway Co. in 1911
Torrance Shops
1917–1955; this list contains only cars stored and/or rebuilt at Torrance before entering service

Lines and Stations
Carhouses and Shops
Miscellaneous Photos
 Padova Tramway
1883 — 1954
Società dei Tramvia in Padova
Tramvie Comunali di Padova
 Paekakariki Wellington Tramway Museum
 Painesville Cleveland, Painesville & Eastern Railroad

 Palermo Tramway (1887-1947)
 Panama Tramway
 Parana Compania Enterriana de Electricidad
 Parkersburg Kanawha Valley Traction & Electric Co.
1888 Parkersburg City Railway → 1898 Parkersburg City and Suburban Railway → 1898 Parkersburg Light, Power and Railway → 1901 Parkersburg Marietta & Interurban Railway → 1916–1920 Kanawha Valley Traction & Electric Co. 1920 to Monongahela Valley Traction Co.
 Parla Tramway

Tram lines
 Parma Tramway
1899 — 1953
 Pasadena Los Angeles & Pasadena Electric Railway Co.
1894 Pasadena & Los Angeles Electric Railway Co. → 1898–1902 Los Angeles & Pasadena Electric Railway Co. Merged with Pacific Electric Railway Co.
Pasadena & Mount Lowe Railway Co.
1891 Pasadena & Mount Wilson Railroad Co. → 1899 Pasadena & Mount Lowe Railway Co. Merged with Pacific Electric Railway Co.
 Patchogue Suffolk Traction Co.
1906–1919 (in operation 1911)

Suffolk Traction Co.
 Paterson Jersey City, Hoboken and Paterson Street Railway Co.
1899–1903. 1903 sold to Public Service Corp. of New Jersey.
 Pau Tramway
 Pavia Tramway
Closed in 1954
 Pavlodar Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Tram properties
The 2nd tram depot (unfinished)
 Payerbach-Reichenau Lokalbahn Payerbach-Hirschwang
 Peekskill Peekskill Lighting & Railroad Co.
1898 Peekskill Traction Co. → 1900–1926 Peekskill Lighting & Railroad Co.

Old Photos
 Pekin, IL Pekin Municipal Street Railway
1910 Pekin & Petersburg Interurban Railway Co. → 1914 Pekin Street Railway → 1915–1935 Pekin Municipal Street Railway
 Pen Argyl Slate Belt Electric Street Railway Co.
1900 Slate Belt Electric Street Railway Co. → 1921–1929 Bangor & Nazareth Transit Co.
 Penn-Ohio System Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co.
1873 Youngstown Street Railroad Co. → 1890 Youngstown Street Railway Co. → 1901 Mahoning Valley Railway → 1906 Mahoning & Shenango Railway & Light Co. → 1920–1940 Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co.
 Penns Grove Salem & Penns Grove Traction Co.
 Pensacola Gulf Power Co.
1881 Pensacola Street Car Co. → 1897 Pensacola Electric Terminal Railway Co. → 1906 Pensacola Electric Co. → 1926–1932 Gulf Power Co.
 Penza Tramway
 Peoria Illinois Power Co.
1906 Illinois Traction Co. → 1923 Illinois Power & Light Co. → 1937 Illinois-Iowa Power Co. → 1943–1946 Illinois Power Co.
 Perm Krasny Oktyabr depot
Balatovo depot
Track Department facility (“Razguliay”)
Perm Tramway Repair Works
Razguliay depot
 Perpignan Tramway
 Perris Orange Empire Railway Museum
 Perth Museum
 Petaluma and Santa Rosa Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railway Co.
Chartered 1903. Electric passenger service 1904–1932; electric freight service 1904–1947
 Petrópolis Companhia Brasileira de Energia Elétrica
1910–1939 (in operation 1912)
 Philadelphia Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Established 1964
Philadelphia Transportation Co.
1895 Union Traction Co. → 1902 Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co. → 1940 Philadelphia Transportation Co. 1968 to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Electric Traction Co. of Philadelphia
1893–1896. 1896 to Union Traction Co.
Philadelphia Traction Co.
1883–1896. 1896 to Union Traction Co.
People's Traction Co.
1873 People's Passenger Railway Co. → 1893 People's Traction Co. 1896 to Union Traction Co.
Hestonville Mantua & Fairmount Passenger Railroad Co.
1859–1898. 1898 to Union Traction Co.
Lehigh Avenue Passenger Railway Co.
1873–1899. 1899 to Union Traction Co.
Media Middletown Ashton & Chester Electric Railway Co.
1893–1906. 1906 to Philadelphia Rapid Transit
Philadelphia Morton & Swarthmore Street Railway Co.
1899–1906. 1900 leased to Media Middletown Ashton & Chester Electric Railway
Frankford Tacony & Holmesburg Electric Railway Co.
1890 Holmesburg Tacony & Frankford Electric Railway Co. → 1910–1926 Frankford Tacony & Holmesburg Electric Railway Co. 1926 to Philadelphia Rapid Transit
Fairmount Park Transportation Co.
Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co.
1895 Philadelphia & West Chester Traction → 1936 Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co. 1970 to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Philadelphia & Western Railroad Co.
1907 Philadelphia & Western Railway Co. → 1946 Philadelphia & Western Railroad Co. 1954 to Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co.
Philadelphia Railways
1897 Southwestern Street Railway → 1911–1932 Philadelphia Railways
J. G. Brill Company
Buckingham Valley Trolley Association
Preservation group. 1975 ex Trolley Valhalla

Trolley Line Construction, Chestnut Street / Clark Park
City lines (SEPTA and predecessors)
Suburban lines (SEPTA only)
Red Arrow Lines (except former P&W)
Philadelphia & Western Railway
 Phoenix Phoenix Street Railway
1882 Phoenix City Railway → 1900 Phoenix Railway Co. → 1925-1948 Phoenix Street Railway
Valley Metro
 Phoenixville Phoenixville, Valley Forge & Strafford Electric Railway
1909–1923 (opened 1911)
 Piacenza City Tramway
 Pietermaritzburg Tramway
2 Nov 1904 — Dec 1936
 Pine Bluff Pine Bluff Power & Transit Co.
1886 Citizens Street Railway Co. → 1891–1936 Pine Bluff Power & Transit Co.
 Piran Tramway

Old photos
 Pirmasens Tramway
 Pittsburg Joplin & Pittsburg Railway Co.

 Pittsburgh Port Authority Transit
Established 1964
Pittsburgh Railways
1902–1964 Pittsburgh Railways. 1964 to Port Authority Transit
Pittsburgh & Birmingham Traction Co.
1859 Pittsburgh & Birmingham Passenger Railway → 1889 Pittsburgh & Birmingham Traction Co. 1902 to Pittsburgh Railways
Pittsburgh Consolidated Traction
1895–1902. 1902 to Pittsburgh Railways
United Traction Co.
1896–1902. 1902 to Pittsburgh Railways
Monongahela Street Railway Co.
1898–1902. 1902 to Pittsburgh Railways
Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler and New Castle Railway
Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
Union Switch & Signal Division
 Pittsfield Berkshire Street Railway
Hoosac Valley Street Railway
1886–1906. 1906 to Berkshire Street Railway
Pittsfield Electric Street Railway
1886 Pittsfield Street Railway → 1891–1910 Pittsfield Electric Street Railway. 1910 to Berkshire Street Railway
 Plainfield Plainfield Street Railway
 Plattsburgh Plattsburgh Traction Co.
 Plauen Tramway
Plauener Straßenbahn (PSB)

Maps • Netzpläne
Building and reconstruction in the network • Baustellen im Straßenbahnnetz
Anniversary: 100 years of Plauen tramway (18.09.1994) • Jubiläum: 100 Jahre Straßenbahn Plauen (18.09.1994)
Tram procession: 125 years of Plauen tramway (23.06.2019) • Fahrzeugkorso: 125 Jahre Straßenbahn Plauen (23.06.2019)
Old Photos • Alte Fotos
Service vehicles of the tram • Wirtschaftsfahrzeuge der Straßenbahn
Vehicles from other cities to guest in Plauen • Fahrzeuge aus anderen Städten zu Gast in Plauen
Tramway at "Elster-Park" shopping mall • Straßenbahn im Einkaufszentrum "Elster-Park"
Miscellaneous photos • Sonstige Fotos
 Ploieşti Transport Călători Express
 Plovdiv «Trade Fair in Plovdiv» - Tramway
 Plymouth Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Co.
1889 Brockton & Plymouth Street Railway Co. → 1922–1928 Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Co.
 Plzeň Depot Cukrovarská
Depot Slovany
Public transport muzeum Strašice
Škoda Plzeň

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Tram line to Borská Pole construction / Stavba tramvajové trati na Borská Pole
New Škoda tramways
 Poitiers Tramway

Old photos
 Pomeroy Ohio River Electric Railway & Power Co.
1900 Ohio River Electric Railway & Power Co. → 1925–1929 Ohio River Railway & Power Co.
 Pontypridd Pontypridd UDC
 Popovka Old photos
 Port Arthur, TX Eastern Texas Electric Co.
1910 Port Arthur Traction Co. → 1918–1937 Eastern Texas Electric Co.
 Port Chester New York & Stamford Railway
Port Chester Street Railway
 Port Clinton Toledo & Eastern Railroad Co.
1902 Toledo, Port Clinton & Lakeside Railway Co. (in operation 1905) → 1912 Northwestern Ohio Railway and Power Co. → 1924 Ohio Public Service Co. → 1951–1958 Toledo & Eastern Railroad Co.
Lake Erie Bowling Green & Napoleon Railway Co.
1901–1916 [in operation since 1902]
 Port Elisabeth Tramway
Horse tram 1881-1897, electric tram 1897-1948
 Port Louis Metro Express
 Port of Spain Belmont Tramway Company
Trinidad Electric
 Portland, ME Portland Railroad Co.
1860 Portland and Forest Avenue Railroad Co. → 1865–1941 Portland Railroad Co.
Westbrook, Windham & Naples Railway Co.
1901 to Portland Railroad Co.
Portland & Cape Elizabeth Railway Co.
1895–1908. 1908 to Portland Railroad Co.
Portland & Yarmouth Electric Railway Co.
1897–1900. 1900 to Portland Railroad Co.
Portland–Lewiston Interurban Railroad Co.
1907 Portland Gray & Lewiston Railroad → 1912–1933 Portland–Lewiston Interurban Railroad
 Portland, OR Metropolitan Area Express
Portland Streetcar
Portland Vintage Trolley
Willamette Shore Line
Heritage streetcar
Portland Traction
1896 Portland Railway → 1900 Portland Traction → 1904 Portland Consolidated Railway → 1905 Portland Railway → 1906 Portland Railway Lt. & Pwr. → 1924 Portland Electric Power → 1930–1958 Portland Traction
Oregon & California Electric Lines
1907 Portland, Eugene & Eastern Railway Co. → 1915–1929 Oregon & California Electric Lines [Red Electric]
Oregon Electric Railway Co.
1908–1994. Passenger service abandoned 1933. Dieselized 1945

 Porto Historical tram
Metro do Porto - Modern Tramway

Historical Tram — Miscellaneous photos
Tram depot and Museum — Miscellaneous photos
Modern Tram — Miscellaneous photos
 Porto Alegre Tramway
 Portsmouth Portsmouth Corporation Transport
 Portsmouth, NH Portsmouth Electric Railway
Portsmouth & Exeter Street Railway Co.
 Portsmouth, OH Portsmouth Public Service Co.
1893 Portsmouth Street Railroad & Light Co. → 1923–1939 Portsmouth Public Service Co.
 Portsmouth, VA Virginia Electric & Power Company
1887 Portsmout Street Railway → 1906 Norfolk & Portsmouth Traction → 1911 Virginia Railway & Power Co → 1925–1936 Virginia Electric & Power Co
 Poti Horse tram
 Potosí Ferro Carril Urbano de Potosí
 Potsdam Tramway
 Pottstown Pottstown Passenger Railway
1890 Pottstown Passenger Railway → 1905 Pottstown & Reading Street Railway → 1912 Pottstown & Phoenixville Railway → 1922–1936 Pottstown Passenger Railway
 Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie & Wappingers Falls Railway Co.
1869 City Railroad Co. → 1877 City Railroad of Poughkeepsie → 1894 Poughkeepsie City & Wappingers Falls Electric Railway → 1917–1935 Poughkeepsie & Wappingers Falls Railway Co.
 Poznań Tramway

Old photos
 Praha Prototypy ČKD Tatra
Vozovna Hloubětín
#1. Opened in 1951
Vozovna Kobylisy
#2. Opened in 1939
Vozovna Motol
#3. Opened in 1937
Vozovna Pankrác
#4. Opened in 1927
Vozovna Strašnice
#5. Opened in 1908, rebuilt in 1929-1932
Vozovna Střešovice (+ museum)
#6. In service from 1909 till 1992, since 1993 used as museum and depot for sightseeing tramcars
Vozovna Vokovice
#7. Opened in 1933, in 1977-1992 also used for storage of the museum collection
Vozovna Žižkov
#8. Opened in 1912
Ústřední dílny
1900-1914 Centrála Holešovice, 1914-1974 Rustonka, since 1968 Hostivař (vehicles, which are renovated or stored in the workshops are not included)
Elektrická dráha Letná — Stromovka
1891–1900. Owner: František Křižík
Elektrická dráha Praha — Libeň — Vysočany
1896–1907. Owner: František Křižík
Elektrická dráha Smíchov — Košíře
1897–1900. Owner: Matěj Hlaváček and heirs
Tram (unknown depot)
Ostatní / Others

Tram Lines and Infrastructure / Tramvajové tratě a infrastruktura
Barrandov line
Tram depots
ČKD Tatra factory
Remains of abandoned lines
Terminus stations
Children's tram in the zoo
Den otevřených dveří Vozovna Žižkov 28.4.2012 / Open Day in Žižkov tram depot 28.04.2012
 Presque Isle Aroostook Valley Railroad
 Pretoria Tramway
Horsecar 1897 — ?, electric tram 1910 — 19 Aug 1939
 Prokopyevsk Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 2
Closed 1.12.2013
Tramway depot # 3
Closed 5.12.2016
Track Department
Numbers before 1987

Closed line at the Bakery
Miscellaneous photos
 Prora Eisenbahn & Technik Museum Rügen
Seit 1994
 Providence United Electric Railways Co.
1865–1921 Union Railroad of Providence → 1921–1948 United Electric Railways Co.
Providence & Danielson Railway
Providence & Burrellville Street Railway
 Pskov Horse tram

Horse tram
Old photos and postcards
Photos of the Great Patriotic war
Various photos
 Public Service Corp. of NJ Public Service Railway Co.
1903 Public Service Corporation of New Jersey → 1907 Public Service Railway Co. → 1928 Public Service Coordinated Transport → 1971 Transport of New Jersey. 1980 to New Jersey Transit
 Pueblo Southern Colorado Power Co.
1878 Pueblo Street Railroad Co. → 1890 Pueblo City Railway Co. → 1895 Pueblo Electric Street Railway Co. → 1899 Pueblo Traction & Electric Co. → 1900 Pueblo Traction & Lighting Co. → 1902 Pueblo & Suburban Traction & Lighting Co. → 1911 Arkansas Valley Railway Light & Power Co. → 1923–1947 Southern Colorado Power Co.
Pueblo Railway Museum

Miscellaneous Photos
 Pula Tramway

Old photos
Tramway marketing
Tramway network remains
 Pyatigorsk Tramway
Municipal Unitary Eneterprise “City Electric Transport”

Miscellaneous photos
Old photos
 Pyongyang Old tramway
Mangyongdae Depot (1435 mm)
Munsu Depot (1435 mm)
Rangrang Depot (1435 mm)
Songsin Depot (1435 mm)
Kumsong Depot (1000 mm)
Exhibitions of the Three Revolutions

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Fan Trip with Tatra KT8D5K tram 1002
 Pécs Pécs Electric Street Railway/Pécs Urban Transport Company
Pécsi Villamos Közúti Vasút, 1913-1933/Pécs Városi Közlekedési Vállalat, 1933-1960. Gauge: 1435 mm

Old photos
 Qingdao Tramway
 Quebec City Quebec Railway Light & Power Co.
1863 Quebec Street Railway Co. → 1897 Quebec District Railway Co. → 1899–1948 Quebec Railway, Light and Power Co.
 Quito Tramway
 Rabat Tramway

Tramway — Miscellaneous photos
 Ramon Tramway
 Rawtenstall Rawtenstall Corporation Transport
 Reading Tramway
 Reading Reading Transit Co.
1874 Reading City Passenger Railway → 1893 Reading Traction Co. → 1895 United Traction Co. of Reading → 1910 Reading Transit Co. → 1913 Reading Transit & Light Co. → 1919 Reading Transit Co. → 1929–1952 Reading Street Railway Co.
Neversink Mountain Railway
Oley Valley Railway Co.

Old Photos
 Regensburg Tramway
 Regina Tramway
 Reims Tramway

Old photos
 Remscheid Tramway
 Rennes Tramway
 Reutlingen Tramway
Reutlinger Strassenbahn 1899-1974
 Reşiţa S.C. Prescom S.A.

 Rhein-Neckar Mannheim
Oberrheinische Eisenbahn Gesellschaft

Miscellaneous photos
Tramway Lines: Straßenbahn-Gegenverkehr Segments
 Rheineck Bergbahn Rheineck–Walzenhausen
Since 1958
 Richmond, VA Virginia Electric & Power Company
1860 Richmond Railway → 1881 Richmond City Railway → 1900 Richmond Passenger & Power Co → 1901 Virginia Passenger & Power Co → 1909 Virginia Railway & Power Co → 1925 Virginia Electric & Power Co → 1944–1949 Virginia Transit
 Riesa Riesaer Straßenbahngesellschaft-AG

Old photos • Alte Fotos
Miscellaneous photos • Sonstige Fotos
 Riffelalp Riffelelptram
1899-1960, 2001-
 Riga Tram depot # 3
Tram depot # 4
From 01.11.2010 no departure of trams. It is used to store backup trams
Tram depot # 5
Track departament
Historical trams
before Tatras

Tram network
Reconstruction of line to Jugla (14.04.2012-28.05.2013)
Cinevilla — cinema city
Fire in Tram depot # 4
 Rijeka Tramway

Tramway network remains
 Rimini Tramway
Since 1921 till 1939. Suburban line Rimini-Riccione.
 Rio de Janeiro Old Tramway
VLT Rio de Janeiro
modern Alstom LRT network
Tramway Santa Teresa
Tourist line
LRT Rio de Janeiro
1981–2002. Combined system LRT-Metro (modern metro line L2)
Corcovado Rack Railway

Light Rail in the port redevelopment area (opening date 2015-2016)
Tramway Santa Teresa — Miscellaneous photos
Corcovado Rack Railway — Miscellaneous photos
 Riverside, CA Riverside & Arlington Railway Co.
1887–1911. Merged into Pacific Electric Railway

Miscellaneous Photos
 Roanoke Roanoke Railway & Electric Co.
1887 Roanoke Street Railway Co. → 1901–1948 Roanoke Railway & Electric Co.
Virginia Museum of Transportation
 Rochdale Rochdale Corporation Transport
 Rochester New York State Railways
1868 Rochester City & Brighton Railroad → 1890 Rochester Railway Co. → 1909 New York State Railways → 1938–1941 Rochester Transit Co.
Rochester & Suburban Railway Co.
1879 Rochester & Lake Ontario Railway Co. → 1893 Rochester & Irondequoit Railroad Co. → 1900–1912 Rochester & Suburban Railway Co. Controlled by Rochester Railway Co. since 1905. Merged into New York State Railways in 1912
Rochester & Sodus Bay Railway Co.
1898–1909. Controlled by Rochester Railway Co. since 1902. Merged into New York State Railways in 1912
Irondequoit Park Railroad Co.
1895–1902. Merged into Rochester & Sodus Bay Railway Co. in 1902
Rochester & Manitou Railroad Co.
1891 Grand View Beach Railroad Co. → 1895 Rochester, Charlotte & Manitou Beach Railroad Co. → 1908–1925 Rochester & Manitou Railroad Co.
Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway Co.
Ontario Light & Traction Co.
1886 Canandaigua Street Railway Co. → 1893 Canandaigua Electric Light & Railway Co. → 1900–1903 Ontario Light & Traction Co. Leased to Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway Co. in 1903
New York Museum of Transportation in Rush

Old photos
 Rockford Rockford & Interurban Railway Co.
1881 Rockford Street Railroad Co. → 1890 Rockford City Railway Co. → 1898 Rockford Railway Light & Power Co. → 1902–1930 Rockford & Interurban Railway Co. City lines operated by Rockford City Traction Co. (1910–1936)
 Rockhampton Steam Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Rockhill Rockhill Trolley Museum

Miscellaneous photos
 Rockland Rockland Thomaston & Camden Street Railway Co.
1889 Rockland Street Railway Co. → 1892–1931 Rockland Thomaston & Camden Street Railway Co.
 Roma ATAC — «Officine Centrali» Depot
Opened in 1921, central shop for overall and depot for the new trams. Lines: 2, 3, 8
ATAC — “Porta Maggiore” Depot
Opened 1889. Run by ATAC from 1922. Lines: 3, 5, 14, 19
ATAC — “Portonaccio” depot — Track department
Opened in 1933. Track department depot, closed in 1973
ATAC — Trams before 1965
All tram before 1965. Unknown depots.
SRTO — All depots
1886-1929. Public transport operator of Rome. Urban networks.
STEFER — "Alberone” depot
1903–1980. Suburban network. Urban service.
STEFER — Suburban network
1903–1965. Suburban network. Suburban service.
TFE — Urban line: “Termini–Verano”
1879–1927. Urban electric service of suburban steam tram for Tivoli. 1927 to ATAC. Line 53 closed in 1929.
TFE — Suburban steam tram for Tivoli
1879–1934. Steam suburban line for Tivoli. 1927 to STEFER. After 1931 freight service only
Museum “Polo Museale ATAC”
Museum near the Piramide Station (opened 2007)
Other preserved trams
Other vehicles preserved by groups and entities

Old photos
Track repair works
Tramway: Lines and Infrastructure
Tram depots: “Porta Maggiore”
 Rosario Tramway
 Rossendale Rossendale Valley Tramways Co. Ltd.
 Rostock Rostocker Straßenbahn-AG
Betriebshof Hamburger Straße
Rostocker Straßenbahnfreunde
Betriebshof Marienehe
Strandbahn Warnemünde — Markgrafenheide
1000 mm • 1910-1945

Maps • Netzpläne
Last day of operation of Tatra T6A2M and Bombardier 4NBWE (24.04.2015) • Letzter Einsatztag von Tatra T6A2M und Bombardier 4NBWE (24.04.2015)
Tickets • Fahrscheine
Trams in the art • Straßenbahnen in der Kunst
Old photos • Alte Fotos
Beach tramway line Warnemünde — Markgrafenheide (1910—1945) • Strandbahn Warnemünde — Markgrafenheide (1910—1945)
Tram lines and Infrastructure • Straßenbahnstrecken und Infrastruktur
Remains of former tram tracks • Überreste ehemaliger Straßenbahnstrecken
Service vehicles of the tram • Wirtschaftsfahrzeuge der Straßenbahn
Vehicles from other cities to guest in Rostock • Fahrzeuge aus anderen Städten zu Gast in Rostock
 Rostov Cargo trolley

Old photos
 Rostov-na-Donu Tramway depot MUP "RTK"
Tram depot "36-ya Liniya street, 1"
Tram depot "Balakireva street, 27"
Kirovskoye tram depot
Oktyabrskoye tram and trolleybus depot
Track department
Electrical department
Horse street railway

Tram lines
The tramway of Pioneer motor park
Tram tour with Tatra T3
Tram tour with City Star
 Rotherham Rotherham Corporation Transport
 Rotterdam Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram
Tram Museum Rotterdam

Miscellaneous photos
 Rouen Transports en Commun de l'Agglomération de Rouen

Old photos
 Royan Old Photos
 Ruhrbahn Essen
Mülheim an der Ruhr
Stadtbahn Essen
Ab 01.09.2017
 Rutland Rutland Railway Light & Power Co.
1872 Rutland Street Railway → 1906–1924 Rutland Railway Light & Power Co.
 Ryazan Tramway
 Région de montagne de Savoie Tramways de Savoie
1892–1932. Les lignes suburbane de tramways de Chambery, 32 km
Interurban Saint-Gervais-les-Bains - Chamonix - Vallorcine
Haute-Savoie, Interurban Saint-Gervais-les-Bains — Chamonix — Vallorcine
Rack Railway Chamonix - Mer de Glace
Haute-Savoie, Ligne Chamonix-Mont-Blanc — Mer de Glace
Tramway du Mont-Blanc
Haute-Savoie, Ligne Saint-Gervais-les-Bains — Glacier de Bionnassay

Interurban Saint-Gervais-les-Bains — Chamonix — Vallorcine
Rack Railway Chamonix — Mer de Glace
Tramway du Mont-Blanc
 Rüdesheim am Rhein Rüdesheimer Zahnradbahn

Old photos
 Saarbrücken Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Sablino Horse tram
7.10.1905-1918 (?)
 Sacramento Sacramento Regional Transit District
Opened 2003
Sacramento City Lines
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
1891 Sacramento City Street Railroad → 1892 Sacramento Electric Power & Light → 1896 Sacramento Electric Gas & Railway → 1901 California Gas & Electric → 1912–1943 Pacific Gas & Electric
Sacramento Northern Railway
1905 Northern Electric Railway → 1918 Sacramento Northern Railroad → 1925–1947 Sacramento Northern Railway

Old Photos
 Saginaw Saginaw Transit Co.
1897 Saginaw Valley Traction Co. → 1910 Saginaw-Bay City Railway Co. → 1923–1931 Saginaw Transit Co.
 Saint-Etienne Les Transports Urbains de l'Agglomération de St-Étienne

Miscellaneous photos
 Saint-Petersburg Tram depot #1
Formerly named after Konyashin
Tram depot #3, facility #2
Closed 2003. Formerly named after Leonov
Tram depot #3, facility #1
Formerly named after Blokhin
Tram depot #4
Closed 2003. Formerly named after Smirnov
Tram depot #5
Formerly named after Kalinin
Tram depot #6
Closed 2003. Formerly named after Skorokhodov
Tram depot #7
Formerly named after Volodarsky
Tram depot #8
Formerly Kirovsky district depot
Tram depot #9
Closed 2003. Formerly named after Kotlyakov
Combined Tram and Trolleybus depot
Vehicles of Transport Concession Company LLC
E. I. Krasutsky freight car depot
Freight department prior to 1935. Merged with Konyashin depot in 02/1971
Track department
Building-montage departament
Energy department
Museum of Urban Electric Transport
Tram-mechanical plant of St. Petersburg
Number series prior to 1983
Horse street railways of group I
Ligovsky depot (municipal since 14.09.1899)
Horse street railways of group II
Vasileostrovksy, Vyborgsky, Rozhdestvensky, Moskovsky, Narvsky, Peterburgsky depots (municipal since 16.09.1902)
Depot Knyazhevo

Stop signs (tram)
Views from tram cabine
Route boards (tram)
Historic tramway photos
Historic Photos of Tramway Infrastructure
The Oranela Suburban Electric Line
New PTMZ trams
New Tramcars
Tram lines construction
Service points and rail departments
Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 2
Tramway depot # 3
Tramway depot # 4
Tramway depot # 5
Tramway depot # 6
Tramway depot # 7
Track department (formerly tramway depot # 8)
Tramway depot # 8 (formerly tramway depot # 9)
Tramway depot # 11
Tram lines
Source: Transport Concession Company (TCC) — Various Photos
Parade of the 90th birthday of St. Petersburg tram
Parade of the 100th birthday of St. Petersburg tram
Building and testing of LVS-2009 (71-754) for Volgograd
Lines and Infrastructure
Charter ride with LM-68 to Strelna and Sosnovaya Polyana 13.05.2012
Alstom Citadis 302 presentation in Petersburg
Petersburg tram 105 anniversary, parade of cars
Charter ride with LVS-86 No. 3077 15.12.2012
Памятный рейс 27.01.2013 на МС-4 № 2424 в честь 69-й годовщины полного снятия блокады Ленинграда
Charter ride with 71-631 No. 5217
Заказная поездка 8.03.2014 на МС-4 № 2424 в честь пуска грузового трамвая в блокадном Ленинграде в 1942 году
Charter ride with LM-68M 5681+5448 in Strelna and Kupchino
Charter ride with 71-631 No. 7416 21.12.2014
Charter ride with 71-605 No. 1123 26.12.2015
Tram parade for the 70th anniversary of the Victory
Charter ride with LVS-2005 No. 1123 26.12.2015
Charter ride on LM-49 and LP-49
Charter ride with ТС-76 No. 5000 — 11.03.2017
Заказная поездка на СМЕ 5062+5063 6.05.2017
110 Years of St. Petersburg Tramway Parade
Заказная поездка в честь XXIII Зимниих Олимпийских игр 9 февраля 2018 года
Competitions of emergency repair services
 Salavat Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
tram line
End station and turning the ring
Closed tram line at the Novo-Salavat CHP
Stencils and stopping plate
Track reconstructions and repairings
 Salem, OR Salem Street Railway Co.

Old Photos
 Salina Salina Street Railway
 Salt Lake City Transit Express
Utah Light & Traction Co.
1872 Salt Lake City Railroad Co. → 1901 Consolidated Railway & Power Co. → 1904 Utah Light & Railway Co. → 1912 Utah Light & Traction Co. → 1944–1945 Salt Lake City Lines
Bamberger Railroad
1891 Great Salt Lake & Hot Springs Railway → 1896 Salt Lake & Ogden Railway → 1917 Bamberger Electric Railroad → 1939–1952 Bamberger Railroad
 Salvador Tramway
 Salzburg Horse Tram
Since 1896
 Samara Horse tram
Gorodskoye tramway depot
1915-1945 — Trampark, Repair service
Kirovskoye tramway depot
Since 1942
Severnoye tramway depot
1969-1970 — Tramway depot #3 (branch of Gorodskoye tramway depot)

Gorodskoye tramway depot
Kirovskoye tramway depot
Severnoye tramway depot
Terminus stations and loops (tramway)
Tram lines
Horse tram
Presentation of new tram cars at December 23, 2008
6th city tram drivers' experience tournament at July 11, 2009
Presentation of new tram car at November 17 and 28, 2011
15th Russian tram drivers' experience tournament at June 17-19, 2015
Construction of new tram line to Samara Arena stadium
 Samarqand Old tramway
Since 2017

City narrow gauge railroad (steam tramway)
Old photos — tramway
Tramway Line Construction
Former tramway lines
 Samsun Samray
Light Rail

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
The Gar — Tekkeköy Segment Construction
 San Antonio San Antonio Traction
1902 San Antonio Traction Co. → 1917–1933 San Antonio Public Service Co.
 San Bernardino San Bernardino Valley Traction Co.
1902–1911. Merged with Pacific Electric Railway Co.
Redlands Street Railway Co.
1888–1903. Merged with San Bernardino Valley Traction Co.
Redlands Central Railway Co.
1903–1911. Merged with Pacific Electric Railway Co.
 San Diego San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
Opened 1981
San Diego Electric Railway
1886 San Diego Street Car Co. → 1891 San Diego Electric Railway → 1948–1949 San Diego Transit Co.
Point Loma Railroad Co.
1908–1922 [in operation 1909]. Merged with San Diego Electric Railway Co.
San Diego & South Eastern Railway Co.
1908 San Diego Southern Railway Co. → 1912–1917 San Diego & South Eastern Railway Co. Sold to San Diego & Arizona Railway Co. in 1917

Miscellaneous photos
 San Francisco San Francisco Municipal Railway
Opened 1912
Muni Metro
LRT System. Opened 1982
Muni Cable Cars
Powell-Hyde Line, Powell-Mason Line, California Line
Market Street Railway
1860 Market Street Railroad → 1882 Market Street Cable Railway → 1893 Market Street Railway → 1902 United Railroads of San Francisco → 1921 Market Street Railway. 1944 to SF Muni
Sutro Railroad Co.
1896–1902. 1902 to United Railroads of San Francisco
San Francisco and San Mateo Electric Railway
1892–1902. 1902 to United Railroads of San Francisco
Ferries & Cliff House Railway
1888–1902. 1902 to United Railroads of San Francisco
Geary Street, Park & Ocean Railroad
1880–1887. 1887 to Market Street Railway
Presidio & Ferries Railroad
1880–1913. 1913 to SF Muni
California Street Cable Railway
1878–1951. 1952 to SF Muni
Clay Street Hill Railroad
1873–1888. 1888 to Ferries & Cliff House Railway
Sutter Street Railroad
1866 Front Street, Mission & Ocean Railroad → 1872–1902 Sutter Street Railroad. 1902 to United Railroads of San Francisco
Omnibus Railroad & Cable Co.
1861–1893. 1893 to Market Street Railway

Muni Metro
Tram Lines and Infrastructure
Old photos and postcards
 San Jose San Jose Railroads
Peninsular Railway
1904 San Jose–Los Gatos Interurban Railway → 1909–1934 Peninsular Railway
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Old photos
Miscellaneous photos
 San Juan Tram
 San Marino Ferrovia Rimini-San Marino
 San Sebastián Tramway
 Sandusky People's Electric Railway
1891 People's Electric Railway → 1900 Sandusky Milan & Southern Electric Railway. 1901 to Lake Shore Electric Railway
Sandusky Milan & Norwalk Railway
1893 Sandusky Milan & Norwalk Railway → 1900 Sandusky Milan & Southern Electric Railway. 1901 to Lake Shore Electric Railway
Sandusky & Interurban Electric Railway
1898–1901. 1901 to Lake Shore Electric Railway
 Sanford York Utilities
 Sankt Florian Lokalbahn Ebelsberg - St. Florian
 Sankt Pölten Tramway
 Sanremo Ventimiglia - Bordighera
Ospedaletti - San Remo - Taggia
 Santa Barbara Santa Barbara & Suburban Railway
1876 Santa Barbara Street Railroad → 1888 Santa Barbara Street Railway → 1900 Santa Barbara Consolidated Railroad → 1912–1929 Santa Barbara & Suburban Railway

Miscellaneous Photos
 Santa Cruz Union Traction Co.
1875 Santa Cruz & Felton Railroad Co. (in operation 1876) → 1877 Pacific Avenue Street Railroad Co. → 1885 Pacific Avenue Railroad Co. → 1891 Santa Cruz, Garfield Park & Capitola Electric Railroad Co → 1892 Santa Cruz Electric Railway Co. → 1904–1926 Union Traction Co.

Miscellaneous Photos
 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Tramway

 Santiago de Chile Tramway
 Santiago de Cuba Tramway

The remains of tramway system
 Santos Tramway
 Sanya Tramway Depot #1
Open in 1.01.2019
 Sapporo Tramway
 Sarajevo JPK Gradski Saobracaj Sarajevo
 Saratov Kirovskoe Tramway depot (# 1)
Zavodskoe tramway depot (# 2)
Storage Yard
Museum of military and labor glory
The exhibits of this Museum belong to the "GAUK" Saratov historical and Patriotic complex " Museum of military and labor glory».
Leninskoe tramway depot (# 3)
Closed since 07.2007 (MRPS «SGET» since 2001)
Horse street railway
Cargo depot
Numbering before 1979

The dismantling of tram lines
A tour on a vintage tram at 01.10.2016
The competition of professional skill of drivers of a tram — 2019
Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 2
Tramway depot # 3
 Saskatoon Saskatoon Municipal Railway
Western Development Museum
Saskatchewan Railway Museum
 Sassari Tramway
 Satu Mare Tramway
 Savannah Savannah Electric & Power Co.
1901 Savannah Electric Co. (formed by consolidation) → 1921 Savannah Electric & Power Co. → 1945–1946 Savannah Transit Co.
River Street Streetcar
Savannah Roundhouse Museum

Miscellaneous Photos
 Schaffhausen Tramway
 Schenectady Schenectady Railway
1886 Schenectady Street Railway → 1895–1946 Schenectady Railway Co.

Miscellaneous Photos
 Schepdaal Tramsite Schepdaal
 Schwerin Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Old photos
 Schwerte Schwerter Museums-Strassenbahn e.V.
 Schwyz Tramway
 Schönberger Strand Verein Verkehrsamateure und Museumsbahn e.V.

Miscellaneous photos
 Schöneiche-Rüdersdorf Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Scranton Scranton Transit Co.
1896 Scranton Railway Co. → 1934–1954 Scranton Transit Co.
Electric City Trolley Museum Association
ex Buckingham Valley Trolley Association
Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Railroad
Laurel Line. 1903–1976 (passenger service ended in 1952)
 Sea Cliff Nassau County Railway Co.
 Seaton Tramway
 Seattle Seattle Municipal Railway
1900 Seattle Electric Co. → 1912 Puget Sound Traction & Light Co. → 1919 Seattle Municipal Railway → 1939–1941 Seattle Transit System
North Coast Transportation Co.
1906 Seattle-Everett Interurban Railway Co. → 1910 Seattle-Everett Traction Co. → 1912 Pacific Northwestern Traction Co. → 1930–1939 North Coast Transportation Co.
Western Washington Power Co.
George Benson Waterfront Streetcar Line
Seattle Streetcar — South Lake Union Line
Opened 2007
Sound Transit — Central Link
Opened 2009
Seattle Streetcar — First Hill Line
Opened 2016
 Seneca Falls Geneva Seneca Falls & Auburn Railroad Co.
1895 Geneva Waterloo Seneca Falls & Cayuga Lake Traction Co. → 1909 Geneva & Auburn Railway → 1913–1925 Geneva Seneca Falls & Auburn Railroad Co.
 Seoul suburban area 동대문 주차장
차고 마모
삼각형 차고
영등포 주차장
 Sevastopol Korabel'ny tramway depot
Destroyed in 1942
City tramway depot
Destroyed in 1942

Historical tram photos
 Sevilla Metrocentro
Metro de Sevilla
Tranvías de Sevilla S.A.

Metrocentro (Tramway) — Miscellaneous photos
Metro de Sevilla (Metro) — Miscellaneous photos
 Shakhty Tramway
 Shamokin Shamokin & Edgewood Electric Railway Co.
1891 Shamokin Street Railway Co. → 1900–1938 Shamokin & Edgewood Electric Railway Co.
Shamokin & Mount Carmel Transit Co.
1893 Shamokin & Mount Carmel Electric Railway Co. → 1906–1936 Shamokin & Mount Carmel Transit Co.
 Sharon Youngstown-Sharon Railway & Light Co.
1890 Shenango Valley Street Railway → 1895 Valley Street Railway → 1900–1914 Youngstown-Sharon Railway & Light Co. 1914 to Mahoning & Shenango Valley Railway & Light Co.
Shenango Valley Traction Co.
1930–1939. Operated by the Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co.
 Sheboygan Wisconsin Power & Light Co. — Sheboygan Division
1886 Sheboygan City Railway Co. → 1894 Sheboygan Light Power & Railway Co. → 1910 Sheboygan Railway & Electric Co. → 1917 Eastern Wisconsin Electric Co → 1924–1938 Wisconsin Power & Light Co.
 Sheffield Supertram
Sheffield Corporation Tramways

Miscellaneous photos
 Sheffield, AL Sheffield Co.
1889 Sheffield Street Railway Co. (in operation 1891) → 1904 Sheffield Co. → 1924–1933 — Alabama Power Co.
 Shelburne Falls Shelburne Falls & Colrain Street Railway
Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum
 Shenyang Old tram
15.03.1925 — 1.08.1974
Tram Depot #1
Tram Depot #2

Tramway lines
 Shenzhen Tramway
 Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Railway & Power Co.
 Shipley Mid-Yorkshire Tramways Company
 Shore Line Electric Shore Line Electric Railway Co.
1910 Shore Line Electric Railway Co. → 1923–1929 New Haven & Shore Line Railway Co.

Old Photos
 Shreveport Shreveport Railways Co.
1888 Shreveport Traction Co. → 1914–1939 Shreveport Railways Co.
 Shànghai Old tram
15.03.1908 — 1.12.1975
Depot #3
Songjiang Tram. Route T1
Depot #4
Songjiang Tram. Route T2
 Sibiu S.C. Tursib S.A., Sibiu-Răşinari
1917-2011, 2018-...

Reopening of Tramway Operation 12.01.2018
 Sidi Bel Abbès Tramway

 Siegen Tram
 Silezia trams Vehicle repair workshop (former depot Chorzow)
Będzin tramway depot
Katowice tramway depot
Bytom tramway depot
Gliwice tramway depot

2008.05.10 — Farewell to 102Na cars (1970-2008)
2008.06.21 — Eightieth anniversary of tram in Dąbrowa Coalfield
2009.08.31 — Tram farewell in Gliwice
Historical photos
Miscellaneous photos
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Closed Tramway Lines
Tram Route 25 Bendzin — Grodzets — Voykovitse (22.01.1951—31.03.2006)
Tramway Network in Gliwice (26.08.1894—31.08.2009)
2009.12.31/2010.01.01 — New Year's Night
 Simferopol Tramway

Old photos
Tramway — Lines and Infrastructure
 Sintra Tramway
 Sioux City Sioux City Service Co.
1884 Sioux City Street Railway Co. → 1894 Sioux City Traction Co. → 1909–1948 Sioux City Service Co.
 Sioux Falls Sioux Falls Traction Co.
City Street Railway Co.
South Dakota Rapid Transit & Railway Co.
1889 South Dakota Rapid Transit & Railway Co. (in operaion 1890) → 1898 Sioux Falls Transportation Co. Ceased operations 1898 (?)
 Sistersville Sistersville & New Martinsville Traction Co.
1903 Wetzel & Tyler Railway Co. → 1908 Union Traction Co. → 1919–1925 Sistersville & New Martinsville Traction Co.
Parkersburg & Ohio Valley Electric Railway Co.
Tyler Traction Co.
1911–1930 [in operation 1913]
 Skjoldenæsholm Sporvejsmuseet Skjoldenæsholm - 1000 mm
Sporvejsmuseet Skjoldenæsholm - 1435 mm
 Skowhegan Somerset Traction Co.
Skowhegan & Norridgewock Railway Co.
 Skælskør Omstigningsklubben Skælskør
 Slovakian forest railways Lubochňa Forest railway
Čierny Hron Railway
Historical Reverse Forest Railway
1916-1973 Kysucko-oravská forest railway
Hriňová Forest Railway
Kriváň — Hriňová — Periská, 1913-1962
Vígľaš Forest Railway
Vígľaš — Kyslinky, 1904-1975
Orava Forest Railway
Považská Forest Railway
 Smolensk Tramway (1000 mm)
Tramway (1524 mm)
since 1947

Closed down lines
Trams depot
Track reconstructions and repairings
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Design of electric lighting and tramway in Smolensk
pervye pokatushki v g. Smolenske! 6 yanvarya 2012 goda.
vtorye pokatushki v g. Smolenske: Nochnoi Smolensk! 29 aprelya 2012 goda.
 Sofia Klokotnitsa depot
1901 — 1998. 1009 mm gauge
Krasno selo depot
1934 — 1976 1009 mm gauge
Banishora depot
Opened 1954. 1009 mm gauge
Krasna poliana depot
Opened 1976. 1009 mm gauge
Iskar depot
Opened 1987. 1435 mm gauge
Est. 1934. Repair works
Iliantsi Facility
Transremontstroy AD. 1009 mm gauge
Depot undetermined

Track repair works
Destruction and abandoned rails
Overhaul of the Boulevard Cherni Vrah — 2012 and 2016
Terminus stations
Temporary route to station “TV tower” — 06.2012 — 10.2013
Overhaul of the Boulevard Bulgaria 2014
Historical — Тramway photos (1901–1943)
Booklet ČKD Praha Tatra Smíchov 1852-1992 — Sofia trams
Historical — Тramway photos (1944–1989)
Album “Album de Sofia”
Historical — Тramway photos (1990–2000)
Album "Sofia 1912"
Album "from Sofia" 1910
Historic Photos of Tramway Infrastructure (1901–1943)
Overhaul of the Street Graf Ignatiev 2018 — 2019
Overhaul of the Street Camenodelska — Orlandovci — 03.2019 — 09.2019
Historic Photos of Tramway Infrastructure (1944–1989)
Album “Sophia”
Historic Photos оа Tramway Infrastructure (1990 — 2000)
Transport Sofia during the Second World War — 1943 — 1944
Album «Le capitali del mondo: Sofia» 1925
Tram depots: [1] Klokotnica
Tram depots: [2] Krasna poliana
Tram depots: [3] Banishora
Tram depots: [4] Iskar
Base Ilienci
Krasno Selo Depot
Тramway rail tracks
Trams without numbers
Construction of the tram line to Orlandovtsi — July 1926
Official presentation of T8M-700IT — 11.03.2009
Тest run Inekon T8M-700IT — 03.2009 — 07.2009
Delivery and unloading of T4D-M in Sofia. — 12.04.2010
Delivery and unloading of T4D-C in Sofia — July 2011
A fantrip with the historic two-axle tramset MAN-Kardalev 92-501 — 20.05.2012
Save the tram museum exhibit 1094 (Т4D) — 05.04.2013
Moving and conservation of historical trams 174 (Sofia 70) — 07/23/2013
Presentation of the film series “5 minutes Sofia”: Trams in Sofia. — 09.2013
Delivery the new wagons PESA 122NaSF Swing — 11.2013 — 04.2014
Тest run PESA 122NaSF — 2013 — 2014
Official presentation of PESA 122NaSF — 13.01.2014
Official presentation of the renovated trams Siemens «553» — 01.12.2015
Delivery the new 5 wagons PESA 122NaSF2 Swing — May — August 2016
Delivery 20 trams ČKD Tatra T6A5 — July — October 2016
Christmas retro tram — December 2016
Delivery 28 trams Be 4/6 S Schindler/Siemens — 2017
A fantrip with the historic tram Т6М-400 (Sofia 100) 435 — 12.01.2020
 Solingen Tram
 Somma Lombardo Museo Volandia collezione dei trasporti Ogliari
 Sopron Sopron Urban Electric Railway
Sopron Városi Elektromos Vasút, 1900–1923. Gauge: 1000 mm

Old photos
 South Bend Northern Indiana Transit
1899 Indiana Railway → 1905 Northern Indiana Railway → 1907 Chicago, South Bend & Northern Indiana Railway → 1930 Northern Indiana Railways → 1939–1940 Northern Indiana Transit

 South Elgin Fox River Trolley Museum
 South Fork Penn Central Railway Co.
1912 South Fork-Portage Railway Co. → 1917–1928 Penn Central Railway Co. Operation began in 1913 (?).
 South Lake Tahoe Tahoe Valley Lines PCC Railway
 Southampton Southampton Corporation Transport
 Southend-on-Sea Southend-on-Sea Corporation Transport
 Sovetsk Tilsit tramway
Tilsiter Strassenbahn 1901-1944
Tram monument
Installed 08.2012

Tilsit tramway
Tram monument
 Spokane Spokane United Railways Co.
1899 Washington Water Power Co. → 1922–1936 Spokane United Railways Co.
Spokane Traction Co.
1903–1922. Merged into Spokane United Railways
 Springfield, IL Springfield Transportation Co.
1893 Springfield Consolidated Railway Co. → 1921 Illinois Power Co. → 1933–1937 Springfield Transportation Co.
 Springfield, MA Springfield Street Railway Co.
 Springfield, MO Springfield Traction Co.
1880 Citizens Railway Co. → 1891 Metropolitan Electric Street Railway Co. → 1895–1937 Springfield Traction Co.
 Springfield, OH Springfield Railway Co.
1892 Springfield Electric Railway Co. → 1892 Springfield Railway Co. → 1933–1938 Springfield City Lines
Citizens' Street Railway Co.
1882–1892. 1892 to Springfield Railway Co.
Springfield & Xenia Railroad Co.
1902 Springfield & Xenia Traction Co. → 1904 Springfield & Xenia Railroad Co. → 1928–1934 Springfield & Xenia Railroad Co.
Springfield & Washington Railway Co.
1904 Springfield South Charleston Washington Court House & Chillicothe Traction Co. → 1905 Washington Traction Co. → 1908–1922 Springfield & Washington Railway Co.
Springfield Suburban Railroad
1904 Springfield, Troy & Piqua Railway Co. → 1917 Springfield Terminal Railway & Power Co. → 1923–1959 Springfield Suburban Railroad. Passenger service ceased 1920. Dieselized 1946
 Springfield, VT Springfield Terminal Railway
1897 Springfield Electric Railway → 1918–1956 Springfield Terminal Railway
 St. Catharines Niagara, St. Catharines & Toronto Railway Co.
1899–1960. Dieselized in 1959
 St. Charles St. Charles City Streetcar
Never built
 St. Gallen Trambahn St. Gallen
Trogener Bahn
 St. Helens St. Helens Corporation Transport
1919-1936, ex St. Helens and District Tramways Co. Ltd
 St. Joseph St. Joseph Railway Light Heat & Power Co.
1866 Citizens Railway Co. → 1895–1938 St. Joseph Railway Light Heat & Power Co.
 St. Louis MetroLink
The Loop Trolley
Heritage Streetcar
St. Louis Public Service
1898 United Railways Co. of St. Louis → 1927–1966 St. Louis Public Service Co.
St. Louis & Suburban Railway Co.
1890–1907. Taken over by United Railways Co. on 1/1/1907
Museum of Transportation
Kirkwood, Missouri
American Car Company
Manufacturer. 1891–1931
St. Louis Car Company
Manufacturer. 1887–1973

Horse Tram & First Generation Electric Tram — Old Photos
New cars of the St. Louis Car Co.
New cars of the American Car Co.
MetroLink — Lines and Infrastructure
The Loop Trolley — Tramway Under Construction
The Loop Trolley — Gomaco & MMTB W2 Cars Modernization
The Loop Trolley — Delivery of Cars
The Loop Trolley — Testing of Cars
The Loop Trolley — Trolley Related Public Events
The Loop Trolley — Lines and Infrastructure
 St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Municipal Railway
1902 St. Petersburg & Gulf Electric Railway Co. → 1919–1949 St. Petersburg Municipal Railway
 Stakhanov Tramway

Closed Tramway Lines
A journey with the tram #86 (20.05.1998)
 Stamford Stamford Street Railway
1860–1904. 1904 sold to Consolidated Railway

 Staraya Russa Tramway

Old photos
 Stary Oskol Tramway
Open Society "High-speed tram"

Miscellaneous photos
Tramway depot
New trams
Tram network
 Stassfurt Tram
 Steubenville Steubenville East Liverpool & Beaver Valley Traction Co.
1888 Steubenville Street Railway → 1894 Steubenville Traction Co. → 1901 Steubenville East Liverpool Railway & Light Co. → 1917–1939 Steubenville East Liverpool & Beaver Valley Traction Co.
 Stockholm Stockholms New Tramway JSC
1904-1916, 1435 mm
Stockholms South Tramway JSC
1901-1917, 1435 mm
AB Stockholms Spårvägar
1916–1966, 1435 mm
Spårväg City/Djurgårdslinjen (L7 and L7N)
AB Stockholms Spårvägar (2015-2022)
Lidingö Trafik AB (Norra Lidingöbanan, L20)
1907-1971, 1435 mm
Lidingöbanan (Södra Lidingöbanan, L21)
1914-1993: Trafik AB Stockholm Södra Lidingöns Järnväg. 2015-2022: AB Stockholms Spårvägar
Nockebybanan/Tvärbanan (L12 and L22)
Arriva Sverige AB (since 2012)
Stockholm Tramway Museum
 Stockport Stockport Corporation Transport
 Stockton Stockton Electric Railway
Central California Traction Co
Opened 1907. Passenger service ended 1933. Freight service dieselized 1947

 Stone Mountain Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad
 Stralsund Tram

Miscellaneous photos
 Strasbourg Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois
Historical tram

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
The Strasbourg — Kehl International Tramway Line
Tramway depot Elsau
Tramway depot Kibitzenau
 Strausberg Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Fantrip 04.07.2012 with Reko TZ69 and world's only Tatra T6C5
 Stroudsburg Stroudsburg Passenger Railway Co.
1871 Stroudsburg Passenger Railway Co. → 1917–1928 Stroudsburg Traction Co.
Stroudsburg, Water Gap & Portland Railway Co.
1907 Stroudsburg & Water Gap Street Railway Co. → 1911–1917 Stroudsburg, Water Gap & Portland Railway Co. Merged with Stroudsburg Traction Co.
 Stuttgart SSB AG - Stadtbahn
Stadtbahn, 1435 mm (1982-)
Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG
Strassenbahn, 1000 mm (1868-2007)
Stuttgarter Historische Strassenbahnen e.V.
Strassenbahnmuseum Bad Cannstatt
Marienplatz — Degerloch
FBG / WN / SFB (1884-1933)
Städtische Strassenbahn Feuerbach

Miscellaneous photos
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Rack Railway (SSB Zahnradbahn)
 Subotica Subotička električna železnica d.d.

Miscellaneous photos
 Sudbury Sudbury & Copper Cliff Suburban Electric Railway
 Suisun City Western Railway Museum
 Sumgait Tramway

 Sunbury Northumberland County Railway Co.
1890 Sunbury & Northumberland Street Railway Co. → 1892 Sunbury & Northumberland Electric Railway Co. → 1911 Northumberland County Traction Co. → 1918–1939 Northumberland County Railway Co.
Sunbury & Selinsgrove Electric Railway
 Sunderland Sunderland Corporation Transport
 Sundsvall Sundsvall's Tramway Company
1910-1949, 1435 mm
Tramway company Sundsvall-Skön
1925-1952, 1435 mm. Suburban tramway Sundsvall-Skönvik
 Surrey, BC Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society
 Suzhou Depot #1
Depot #2
 Sydney Historical Tramway
Sydney Tramway Museum
Metro Light Rail

Tramway — Miscellaneous photos
 Syracuse New York State Railways
Syracuse Rapid Transit Railway
1896–1912. 1912 to New York State Railways
Syracuse & Suburban Electric Railroad Co.
1895–1921 (in operation 1898)
Rochester & Syracuse Railroad Co.
1901 Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Railroad Co. (in operation 1906) → 1917–1931 Rochester & Syracuse Railroad Co. Part of the Empire United Railway in 1913–1916
Syracuse Lake Shore & Northern Railroad
1905–1913. 1913 to Empire United Railway
Empire United Railway
1912–1917. 1917 to Empire State Railroad
Empire State Railroad
1917–1931. See also Oswego city cars

Empire State Railroad
 Szczecin Other (pre-war cars)
Other (post-war cars)
ex-Niemierzyn, Muzuem Techniki i Komunikacji

 Szeged Szeged Transport Company
Szegedi Közlekedési Társaság Kft., Pulz utcai telephely (SZKT). Opened in 1908, routes: 1, 2, 3, 3F, 4
Transport Memorial Foundation
Szeged-Hódmezővásárhely tram-train
Under construction. From 2021 operation

Tram lines and infrastructure
Construction and renovation
 Szombathely Vas County Electric Works/Szombathely Eletric Railway
Vas Megyei Elektromos Művek, 1897–1950/Szombathelyi Villamos Vasút, 1950–1974. Gauge: 1000 mm
 São Paulo São Paulo Tramway, Light & Power Company
 Sétif Tramway

Tramway Opening May 8th, 2018
The Depot
Miscellaneous Photos
 Sóller Tramway
 Słupsk Tramway
 Tacoma Tacoma Railway & Power
Tacoma Municipal Street Railway
1917 Tacoma Municipal Street Railway → 1925–1937 Tacoma Municipal Belt Line
Tacoma Link
Opened 2003
 Taganrog Tramway
MUE “TTU” [Tramway and Trolleybus Authority]

Taganrog Tramway 80th Anniversary ride
Tram and trolleybus rides August 30, 2014
Taganrog Tramway 85th Anniversary ride
 Taipei Tramway
 Taizhou Light rail transit
 Takaoka Takaoka Kidō Line
Operated by Man'yōsen
 Tallinn TLT Trammipark
Vana-Lõuna depoo + Kopli depoo
Trammid 1888 - 1988
 Tambov Tram project in Tambov
 Tampa TECO Line Streetcar System
Opened 2002
Tampa Electric Co.
1885 Tampa Street Railway Co. → 1899 Tampa Electric Co. → 1942–1946 Tampa Transit Lines
 Tampere Tampere tram

Tramway Construction
 Tampico Transportes Eléctricos de Tampico

Miscellaneous Photos
 Tarentum Tarentum Brackenridge & Butler Street Railway
 Tarnow Miejska Kolei Elektryczną

Miscellaneous Photos
 Tashkent Tramway depot # 1
closed 2001
Tramway depot # 2
Closed 2016
Tramway depot # 3
closed 2015
Number series prior to 1978
Track departament
Closed 2016

Tram network and infrastructure
Closed tram lines
100 jahre anniversary of Tashkent tram
 Taunton Taunton Street Railway Co.
1871–1900. 1900 to Globe Street Railway Co. 1901 to Old Colony Street Railway Co.
Dighton Somerset & Swansea Street Railway Co.
1895–1900. 1900 to Globe Street Railway Co. 1901 to Old Colony Street Railway Co.
East Taunton Street Railway Co.
 Tbilisi Horse Street Railway Depot "Mushtaid" (900 mm)
Tram Depot "Mushtaid" (1000 mm)
Tram Depot "Mushtaid" (1524 mm)
Tram-Trolleybus Depot "Isani" (1524 mm)
Tram Depot "Avchala" (1524 mm)

Horse Tram
Narrow gauge tram
The Light Rail Project 2012
 Tehran Horse Tram
 Tel Aviv LRT
 Temirtau Tramway
Tramway department (Temirtau Associates and Ancillaries LLP)

Old photos
Tram line
Abandoned lines
Miscellaneous photos
Tram-monument KTM-2
50th Annivesary of Temirtau tram
 Teplice Tramway
 Terre Haute Terre Haute Traction & Light Co.
1867 Terre Haute Street Railroad Co. → 1894 Terre Haute Electric Railway Co. → 1899 Terre Haute Electric Co. → 1903 Terre Haute Traction & Light Co. → 1931–1939 Indiana Railroad

 Texarkana Southwestern Gas & Electric Co.
1888 Texarkana Railway → 1891 Texarkana Street Railway Co. → 1903 Texarkana Light & Traction Co. → 1906 Texarkana Gas & Electric Co. → 1912–1934 Southwestern Gas & Electric Co.
 Thessaloniki Old photos
 Thuin ASVi — Musée du Tram Vicinal
 Thun Rechtsufrige Thunerseebahn
 Tianjin Tramway
2.06.1906 — 1973
 Timişoara Societatea de Transport Public Timisoara
 Tokyo Tokyo Toei Street Car Arakawa Line
Tokyo Tokyu Setagaya Line
Older cars
 Toledo Community Traction Company
1885 Toledo Consolidated Street Railway → 1896 Toledo Traction Co. → 1901 Toledo Railways & Light Co. → 1913 Toledo Traction Light & Power Co. → 1921–1949 Community Traction Co.
Maumee Valley Railways & Light Co.
Toledo Fremont & Norwalk Railway
1899–1901. 1901 to Lake Shore Electric Railway
Toledo & Western Railway Co.
1900–1935. Passenger service abandoned 1933
Toledo & Indiana Railway Co.
1901–1939 [in operation 1903]
Waterfront Electric Railway
 Tomsk Tramway

Tram Depot
Tram Lines and Terminals
New Rolling Stock Deliveries — Trams
 Topeka Kansas Power & Light Co.
1881 Topeka City Railway → 1892 Topeka Railways → 1926–1937 Kansas Power & Light Co.
 Torino Tramway
Deposito GTT Venaria
From 1966. 16x2800, 23x5000, 44x6000.
Deposito GTT San Paolo
From 1930. 36x2800, 8x5000.
Deposito GTT Nizza
From 1953. 9x2800, 12x5000, 10x6000.
Deposito GTT Tortona-Manin
From 1953. 11x2800, 11x5000.
Deposito GTT Sassi
Rack railway Tranvia Sassi-Superga. From 1884

Tramway — Miscellaneous photos
Ferrovia a cremagliera — Tranvia Sassi-Superga
 Toronto TTC: Roncesvalles Carhouse
Opened in 1895
TTC: Russell (Connaught) Carhouse
Opened in 1913
TTC: Leslie Barns
Opened in 2015
TTC: Eglinton Crosstown LRV MSF
Eglinton Crosstown Line | Under construction
TTC: Other — Streetcar passenger car fleet
Unknown division
TTC: Other — Streetcar work car fleet
Unknown division
Toronto & York Radial Railway
1904–1948. 1927 to Toronto Transportation Commission
Toronto Civic Railway
1912–1921. 1921 to Toronto Transportation Commission
Halton County Radial Railway
Opened in 1953

TTC Unveils New Streetcar Design and Mockup
LFLRV Presentation
Streetcar Properties
Public opening at St. Clair Avenue: Free Vintage Streetcar Ride
Roncesvalles Carhouse
Russell (Connaught) Carhouse
Leslie Barns
Hillcrest Complex
Miscellaneous photos
 Torrington Torrington & Winchester Street Railway Co.
1897–1906. 1906 to Consolidated Railway
 Toruń Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Toulon Régie Mixte des Transports Toulonnais
1895 Société des Tramways du Var et du Gard → 1937 Régie Municipale des Transports Toulonnais → 1951 Régie Mixte des Transports Toulonnais
 Toulouse Tisséo
Le réseau des transports en commun de l'agglomération toulousaine

Miscellaneous photos
 Tours Modern Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Toyama Portram - Toyamakō Line
Centram - Toyama Chihō Railway
 Toyohashi Toyohashi Railroad (Toyotetsu)

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Trento KKStB - suburban line "Trento-Malè"
Ferrovie dello Stato - suburban line "Trento-Malè"
SATP - suburban line "Trento-Malè"
FLTM/FETM - suburban line "Trento-Malè"
 Trenton Trenton & Mercer County Traction Co.
1891 Trenton Passenger Railway → 1898 Trenton Street Railway → 1910 Trenton & Mercer County Traction Co. → 1929–1934 Trenton Transit Co.
Pennsylvania–New Jersey Railway
1901 New Jersey and Pennsylvania Traction Co. → 1913 Bucks County Interurban Railway → 1917–1934 Pennsylvania–New Jersey Railway
Trenton-Princeton Traction Co.
NJT River Line
Trenton — Camden interurban

Miscellaneous photos
 Trenčianska Teplá Trenčianska elektrická železnica
Trenčianska Teplá — Trenčianske Teplice

Maps • Mapy
Tickets • Cestovné listky
Tramway lines and Infrastructure • Trať a infraštruktúra
Timetables • Cestovné poriadky
 Treviso Tramway
 Trier Tramway
 Trieste Trieste Trasporti
ACEGAT — Urban network
Trieste Railways Museum
Museo Ferroviario di Trieste Campo Marzio

Miscellaneous photos
 Trondheim Boreal Norge
Gråkallbanen since 1990
Sporveishistorisk Forening
Trondheim Sporvei

Old photos
Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Miscellaneous photos
 Tucson Sun Link
Opened 2014
Old Pueblo Trolley
Opened 1993. Service temporarily suspended in 2011
Tucson Rapid Transit Co.
 Tula Horse Tram
Opened 1988
Tramway depot # 1
Track and rolling stock service
Tramway depot (ex. # 2)
Tramway depot at Krasnoarmeyskaya street
Functioned as a depot in 1927-1959. From 1959 — tramcar repair workshops. Closed at 2007.

New carridges
Tram Lines
Rail repair
Tram Line to Kosaya Gora
 Tulsa Tulsa Street Railway Co.
1906 Tulsa Street Railway Co. → 1928–1936 United Service Co.
Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway
1907 Sapulpa & Interurban Railway → 1912 Oklahoma Union Railway → 1917 Sapulpa Electric Interurban Railway → 1935 Sapulpa Union Railway → 1943 Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway. Dieselized in 1960
 Tunis Métro léger de Tunis
LRT (modern tramway)
 Turku Horse tram

Miscellaneous photos
 Tuscaloosa Alabama Power Co.
1882 Tuscaloosa Street Railway Co. → 1915 Tuscaloosa Railway & Utilities Co. → 1923–1941 Alabama Power Co.
 Tver Tram depot (old)
Opened in 1901, closed in 1934 after the fire a year before.
Tramway depot # 1
Opened 14.06.1934. Suspended revenue operations since 01.10.2010 and used to store retired cars. Rails and catenaries removed 2011
Tramway depot # 2
Opened in 1978 with cars transferred from depot # 1
PK Transportnye sistemy, Ltd
Prototypes and new cars of PK Transportnye sistemy, Ltd

2007.06 — LM-99AENM arriving
Tram lines dismantling
Tramway lines and loops
Tram on the streets of the city in the nineties
 Tynemouth Tramway

Old photos
 Udine Valentino Carlino
Horse Tramway 1887-1906
Società Friulana di Elettricità
 Ufa Tram depot № 1 them. S. I. Zorina, site № 1
19.03.2015–01.11.2015 — Tramway Repair Shops No. 1 named after S. I. Zorin
(former) Tramway Depot No. 2
Closed 16.11.2004
Tram depot № 1 them. S. I. Zorina, site № 2
19.03.2015–01.11.2015 — Tramway Repair Shops No. 2. 04.2006 ex Tramway Depot No. 3
Tramway Depot No. 3
04.2006 assigned No. 2
Numbering prior to 1973

The first car 71-623 in Ufa
Tramway network — South
Tramway network — North
Tramway Depot No. 1 named after S. I. Zorin
Tramway Depot No. 2 (formerly No. 3)
Tramway Depot No. 2 at Sevastopolskaya Street (closed)
Terminals and loops (tramway)
Repairs and reconstruction
Closed tramway lines
New cars (2012)
Construction of the Phase I of the light rail through Richard Sorge Street and Marshal Blucher Street
 Ulan-Ude Tramway

Old photos
Track and overhead wire
The final stop and stations
Panoramic photos
71-911EM Lionet
 Ulm Stadtwerken Ulm/Neu-Ulm

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Ulricehamn Ulricehamn's Electric Tram Ltd.
 Ulyanovsk Tramway depot # 1 (Severnoye)
Tramway depot # 2 (Zasviyazhskoye)
Track service

Historical photos
Trip by the tram — 2012
Trip by the tram — 2009
Trip by the tram — 2016
Trams without numbers
New trams 71-619KT
New trams 71-619A
 Union Illinois Railway Museum
 Union Traction of Indiana Union Traction Company of Indiana
1897–1930. 1930 to Indiana Railroad

 Uniontown Fairchance & Smithfield Traction Co.
 Unterach Elektrische Lokalbahn Unterach-See
 Uppsala Uppsala Tramway
 Urbana–Champaign Illinois Power & Light Co.
1863 Urbana Railway → 1890 Urbana & Champaign Street Railroad → 1894 Urbana & Champaign Electric Street Railway → 1897 Urbana & Champaign Railway Gas & Electric → 1904 Illinois Traction → 1923–1936 Illinois Power & Light
Kankakee & Urbana Traction Co.
American Aggregates Corp.
 Usolye-Sibirskoye Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Network Maps
Old Photos
 Ust-Ilimsk Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Tram depot
 Ust-Kamenogorsk Transport company of Ust-Kamenogorsk

Timetables, stops signs
Old photos
Tramway lines and infrastructure
Trams With No Fleet Number
Miscellaneous photos
Technical Support Vehicles
 Ust-Katav Tramway
Ust-Katav Carriage Works (UKVZ)

Tram cars for Tatarstan
Tram cars for Kemerovo
Running trolley for Tatra T3
Tram cars for Kazakhstan
New cars 71-631
Tram cars for Latvia
Tram cars for Ukraine
New cars 71-619
Tram cars for Kolomna
Tram cars for Volgograd
Tram cars for Chelyabinsk
New cars 71-623
Tram cars for Krasnodar
Tram cars for St. Petersburg
Tram cars for Moscow
Tram cars for Samara
History of the Ust-Katav car building plant
Tram line
Ust-Katav Wagon-Building Plant
New cars
Miscellaneous photos
Tour June 13, 1995
Action “Funny tram” (2010)
Action “Funny tram” (2011)
Action “Funny tram” (2012)
Action “Funny tram” (2013)
Action “Funny tram” (2014)
 Utica New York State Railways
1864 Utica & Westerville Railroad Co. → 1868 Utica Clinton & Binghamton Railway Co. → 1886 Utica Belt Line Street Railroad → 1901 Utica & Mohawk Valley Railway → 1909–1941 New York State Railways
 Utrecht Gemeentetram Utrecht
NBM Utrecht-Zeist
Sneltram Utrecht
 Valencia MetroValencia
Ferrocarriles de la Generalidad Valenciana
Compañía de Tranvías y Ferrocarriles de Valencia
1912–1964. Formed by a merger of smaller companies
 Valenciennes Transvilles

Miscellaneous photos
 Valetta Tramway

Old Photos
 Valle Hermoso Paseo con Ciencia
 Valparaiso Tramway
 Vancouver British Columbia Electric Railway
Vancouver & North Vancouver divisions
Olympic Line
The Transit Museum Society

Old photos
 Vancouver, WA North Coast Power Co.
1908 Vancouver Traction Co. → 1911 Washington–Oregon Corporation → 1915–1927 North Coast Power Co.
 Vasteras TD Rail
 Velez Malaga Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Venezia Tramway
1891 — 1938
Tramway on Lido island
Società Anonima Bagni Lido (1900-1907) -> Compagnia Italiana Grandi Alberghi (1907-1940)
S.A. Tranvie Mestre-San Giuliano
 Veracruz Cooperativa de Transportes Urbanos Sub Y Urbanos S.C.E

Old Photos
 Verona Società Anonima del Tram di Verona
Società Anonima Esercizi Riuniti
 Versailles Société Versaillaise de Tramways électriques
Société Versaillaise de Transports Urbains
 Verviers Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Verviers
 Vestische Strassenbahnen Vestische Strassenbahnen
 Vevey - Montreux Tramway
 Vicenza Tramway
 Vicksburg Mississippi Power & Light Co.
1891 Vicksburg Street Railway Co. → 1898 Vicksburg Railroad Power & Manufacturing Co. → 1903 Vicksburg Railway & Light Co. → 1908 Vicksburg Traction Co. → 1912 Vicksburg Light & Traction Co.→ 1923–1935 Mississippi Power & Light
 Victor Harbour Horse Tram
 Victoria British Columbia Electric Railway
Victoria Division
 Vigo Tranvías Electricos de Vigo
 Vilnius Tramway
1893-1916 /1924-1926

 Vincennes Vincennes Electric Railway Co.
1881 Vincennes Citizens' Street Railway Co. → 1906 Vincennes Traction Co. → 1922–1938 Vincennes Electric Railway Co.
 Vinnytsia Municipal Enterprise “Vinnitska Transportna Kompaniya”
[Vinnitsa Transport Company]

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Tram depot
Unloading of swiss tramcars
Construction of the tram line “Vishenka — Barskoe highway”
Sending trams in Zhitomir
January 10, 2015 “New Year Vinnitsa” trip with trams Gotha No. 100, Karpfen Be 4/4 No. 233 and Bogdan Т70117 trolleybus No. 040
Construction of turn from the Keletska st. on Elektroset
Reconstruction of the tram line on Gagarin square
 Vitebsk Tramway

22.09.2012 — RVZ-6M2 tour
Unidentified trams
Reconstruction of the Polotsk overpass and temporary closure of traffic on Titova Street
Parade in honor of the 100th anniversary of the tram in Vitebsk
 Vitoria-Gasteiz Tram
 Vladikavkaz Narrow gauge tramway
Since 1934

Old photos and post-cards — 1
The remaking of the tram network to broad gauge
Construction, repair and reconstruction of tram lines
Service line to tram depot
Shaldon tram line
Various photos. Tramway
 Vladivostok Tram depot #1
Tram depot #2
Tram depot #3
Opened in 1981
The Museum Of A. M. Kozitsky
Opened in 2014

Track dismantling
Route # 6 restoration
Closed routes and the remains of the tram infrastructure
Tram graveyard
Tickets — tramway
Car parts and maintenance
Delivery of Moscow's Second Hand Cars
Theme trams
Reconstruction and repairs
Division of the service rail
Themed postcards, brochures and posters
 Volchansk Tramway

Various photos
Tram depot & Volchanka terminal
Old photos
 Volgograd Tramway depot # 2
Open in 1936
Tramway & trolleybus depot # 3
Open in 1958
Tramway depot # 5
Open in 09.1971
VETa plant
Open in 1999
Tramway park # 1
Open in 1913, closed in 09.1971
Museum of history of Volgograd city elektrotransport

New tramcars
Construction of the second part of an underground tram line
Depots: [2] Tram depot # 2
Depots: [5] Tram depot # 5
Tram lines: [2] Second depot — West
Tram lines: [2] Second depot — South
Tram lines: [2] Second depot — Center
Tram lines: [3] Third depot
Tram lines: [5] Fifth depot — 13th route line
Tram lines: [5] Fifth depot — Tram rapid transit
Historical photos — Tsaritsyn
 Volzhsky Tramway
MUP " Volzhskaya Avtokolonna 1732"

Old Photos
Miscellaneous photos
ZOS tram link
Tram Depot
 Voronezh Tram Depot No. 1
1926 — 2003
Tram Depot No. 2
1955 — 2002
Tram Depot No. 3
1981 — 2009
Voronezh Tram & Trolleybus Repair Plant
Closed in 2006

Tram Depot No. 1
Tram Depot No. 3
Tram Depot No. 2
Tram network and infrastructure
Severny Most
The remnants of Voronezh tramway
Horse tram
 Vyborg Tramway

Old photos
Former Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
Tram car monument
 Vyritsa Old Photos — Horse Tram
 Vysoké Tatry Tatranská elektrická železnica
Poprad-Tatry — Štrbské Pleso • Starý Smokovec — Tatranská Lomnica
Ozubnicová železnica
Štrba — Štrbske Pleso

Lines and Infrastructure TEŽ/OŽ • Trate a infraštruktúra TEŽ/OŽ
Timetables TEŽ/OŽ • Cestovné poriadky TEŽ/OŽ
Tickets TEŽ/OŽ • Cestovné listky TEŽ/OŽ
 Wallasey Wallasey Corporation Transport
 Wanganui Tramway
 Warren, PA Warren Street Railway
Warren & Jamestown Street Railway Co.
1902 Warren & Jamestown Electric Railroad Co. → 1904–1929 Warren & Jamestown Street Railway Co.
 Warsaw R-1 "Wola"
R-2 "Praga"
R-3 "Mokotów"
R-4 "Żoliborz"
Work cars

Tramways without numbers
 Washington, DC DC Streetcar
Opened 2015
DC Transit
1933 Capital Transit → 1955–1962 DC Transit
Capital Traction Co.
1895–1933. 1933 to Capital Transit
Washington Railway & Electric Co.
1902–1933. 1933 to Capital Transit
National Capital Trolley Museum
Colesville, Maryland

Miscellaneous photos
Old photos
Anacostia Line: Construction
Anacostia Line: Infrastructure
H Street — Benning Road Line: Construction
H Street — Benning Road Line: Infrastructure
H Street — Benning Road Line: Miscellaneous photos
 Washington, IN Washington Street Railway
 Washington, PA Washington & Canonsburg Railway
1889 Washington Electric Street Railway → 1901 Washington & Canonsburg Railway. 1909 to Pittsburgh Railways
Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

Miscellaneous photos
 Waterbury Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. — Waterbury Division
1884 Waterbury Horse Railroad Co. → 1893 Waterbury Traction Co. → 1899 Connecticut Light & Power Co. → 1901–1937 Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co. Leased 1906–1936 to Connecticut Company

 Waterloo ION Rapid Transit System
Began operation on June 21, 2019

Miscellaneous photos
 Waterloo, IA Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad Co.
1885 Waterloo Street Railway → 1895 Waterloo & Cedar Falls Rapid Transit Co. → 1904 Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railway Co. → 1935–1958 Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad Co.
 Waterville Waterville, Fairfield & Oakland Railway Co.
1881 Waterville & Fairfield Railroad Co. → 1891 Waterville & Fairfield Railway & Light Co. → 1911–1937 Waterville Fairfield & Oakland Railway Co.
 Waukegan Bluff City Electric Street Railway
1891 Waukegan & North Shore Rapid Transit → 1894 Bluff City Electric Street Railway. 1898 to Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railway
 Waverly Waverly Sayre & Athens Traction Co.
Elmira, Corning & Waverly Railway Co
 Wałbrzych Tramway
 Wednesbury South Staffordshire Tramways Co. Ltd
 Wehmingen Hannoversches Strassenbahn-Museum
 Weimar Tramway
Eisenbahnmuseum Weimar
 Wellington Tramway
 Werder Pferdebahn Werder
 Wesel-Emmerich Kleinbahn Wesel - Rees - Emmerich
 West Chester West Chester Street Railway Co.
Coatesville Traction Co.
 West Yorkshire Yorkshire (West Riding) Electric Tramways Co. Ltd.
 Western Pennsylvania West Penn Railways
Pittsburgh, Mckeesport & Connellsville Railway Co.
1900–1904. Consolidated with West Penn Railways Co. in 1904
McKeesport & Irwin Railway Co.
1909 Pittsburg, McKeesport & Westmoreland Ry. Co. → 1915–1917 McKeesport & Irwin Railway Co. Consolidated with West Penn Railways Co. in 1917

Miscellaneous Photos
 Wheaton, IL Chicago Aurora & Elgin Railroad
1901 Aurora, Elgin & Chicago Railway Co. → 1922–1961 Chicago Aurora & Elgin Railroad

 Wheeling Cooperative Transit Co.
Wheeling Traction Co.
1863 Citizens Railway Co. → 1887 Wheeling Railway Co. → 1900–1933 Wheeling Traction Co. 1933 to Cooperative Transit Co.
Panhandle Traction Co.
Wheeling Public Service Co.
1874 Wheeling & Elm Grove Railway Co. → 1904 City & Elm Grove Railway Co. → 1912 West Virginia Traction & Electric Co. → 1920–1937 Wheeling Public Service Co.
City Railway Co.
1892–1904. Merged into City & Elm Grove Railway Co.
 Whitehorse Tramway
 Wichita Wichita Railroad & Light Co.
1881 Wichita Street Railway Co. → 1890 Wichita Electric Railway Co. → 1893 Wichita Electric Railway & Light Co. → 1897 Wichita Railway Light & Power Co. → 1900–1933 Wichita Railroad & Light Co.
Arkansas Valley Interurban Railway Co.
1904–1942 (in operation since 1910)

Arkansas Valley Interurban
 Wien Wiener Linien
1903-1942 WStB, 1942-1948 WVB, 1949-1999 WStW-VB
Stadtbahn / U6
1898-1989: Stadtbahn, 1989-: U6
Wiener Lokalbahnen
Verkehrsmuseum Remise
1986-2012 — Wiener Strassenbahnmuseum
Verband der Eisenbahnfreunde
Wiener Tramwaymuseum
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oldtimer-Tramway
ex Wiener Tramwayfreunde (WTF)
Lokalbahn Wien-Preßburg

Lokalbahn Wien — Preßburg
248. VEF-Sonderfahrt — 05.11.2017.
245. VEF-Sonderfahrt — 06.05.2016.
240. VEF-Sonderfahrt — 17.03.2013.
237. VEF-Sonderfahrt — 06.11.2011.
236. VEF-Sonderfahrt — 30.01.2011.
WTM-Sonderfahrt 08.12.2011.
WTM-Sonderfahrt 23.06.2013.
251. VEF-Sonderfahrt — 17.02.2019.
Tram lines
Undeground Light Rail — USTRABA (Unterpflasterstrassenbahn)
Interurban Wiener Lokalbahnen
 Wiesbaden Tramway
 Wigan Wigan Corporation Tramways
 Wildwood Five Mile Beach Electric Ry.
 Wilhelmshaven Tramway

Old Photos: Tramway
 Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre Railways
1889 Wilkes Barre & West Side → 1891 Wilkes Barre & Wyoming Valley Traction → 1910 Wilkes-Barre Railways → 1947–1950 Wilkes-Barre Transit
Wilkes-Barre & Kingston Railway
Coalville Passenger Railroad
Wilkes-Barre & Suburban Street Railway
Anthracite Trolleys
 Williamsport, PA Williamsport Railways
1865 Williamsport Passenger Railway → 1926 Williamsport Railways Co. → 1932–1933 Williamsport Transportation Co.
 Wilmington Delaware Electric Power Co.
1864 Wilmington City Railway → 1910 Wilmington & Philadelphia Traction Co. → 1928–1940 Delaware Electric Power Co.
Peoples Railway Co.
1900–1915. 1915 to Wilmington & Philadelphia Traction Co.
 Windber Vintage Electric Streetcar Company
 Windsor Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway
1872 Sandwich & Windsor Passenger Railway → 1887–1938 Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway
Windsor, Essex & Lake Shore Rapid Railway Co.
1901–1932 (placed in operation in 1907)

 Winfield Southwestern Interurban Railroad Co.
1908 Southwestern Interurban Railroad Co. → 1922–1927 Arkansas City & Winfield Northern Railway Co.
Union Street Railway Co.
1886–1908. Merged into Southwestern Interurban Railroad Co.
 Winnipeg Winnipeg Electric Company
1882–1899: Winnipeg Street Railway Company; 1904–1924: Winnipeg Electric Railway; 1924–1955: Winnipeg Electric Company
 Winterthur Tramway
 Winthrop Point Shirley Street Railway
 Woltersdorf Woltersdorfer Straßenbahn

Old Photos
Miscellaneous photos
100 Jahre Woltersdorfer Straßenbahn
 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton District Electric Tramways Co. Ltd.
Wolverhampton Corporation Transport
1900-1928, ex Wolverhampton Tramways Co (1878-1900)
 Worb Tramway
 Worcester Worcester Street Railway
1907 Worcester Consolidated Street Railway → 1932–1945 Worcester Street Railway Co.
 Worthington Ohio Railway Museum
 Wrocław Tramway depot # 1 “Gaj”
Zajezdnia I “Gaj”
Tramway depot # 2 “Ołbin”
Zajezdnia II “Ołbin”
Tramway depot # 4 “Borek”
Zajezdnia IV “Borek”
Tramway depot # 5 “Popowice”
Zajezdnia V “Popowice” / ProTram
Tramway depot # 6 “Dąbie”
Zajezdnia VI “Dąbie”
Track Department
Zakład Torowy
Unknown depot
Bisek sp. z o. o.

Miscellaneous photos
 Wuhan Tramway Depot #1
Tramway Depot #2
Tramway Depot #3
 Wuhlehirsk Tramway
10.11.1958 – 28.06.1980

Tramway old photos
 Wuhu Light rail transit
 Wuppertal Wuppertaler Stadtwerke AG (Normalspur)
Normalspur, 1435 mm (bis 1987)
Wuppertaler Stadtwerke AG (Meterspur)
Meterspur, 1000 mm (bis 1970)
Bergische Museumsbahnen
 Wuyi New Area Light rail transit Wuyi New Area - Wuyishan
 Würzburg Tramway
Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH

Miscellaneous photos
 Yakima Yakima Valley Transportation Co.
1906 Yakima Inter-Valley Traction Co. → 1907–1985 Yakima Valley Transportation Co. (passenger service ceased 1947)
Yakima Valley Trolleys
 Yambol Horse street tramways
1918 — 1931
 Yangon Tramway
10.01.2016 — 01.07.2016

Tramway Lines and Infrastructure
 Yaroslavl Tramway depot # 3
Closed 11.2005
Tramway depot
Until 01.11.2005 was named “Tramway depot # 4”
Motor cars (1900–1975)
All depots: 1900–1975
Trailer cars (1900–1975)
All depots: 1900–1975

Terminus stations — tramway
Tramway lines
Track repair works
Dismantling tramway tracks
Tram depot # 4
Closed tram depot # 3
Reversal triangle on Pobedy Street
Central engineering base of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation No. 81
04-05.2006. Transfer out-of-service trams from closed depot #3
04.03.2017. Derailment of tram vagon #71
 Yass Tramway
 Ybbs an der Donau Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
 Yekaterinburg Severnoye tram depot
Juzhnoye tram depot
Zapadnoye tram depot
Energy and Track departments
Museum of the History of EMUE “TTM”
Severnoye tram depot - old types
Old tramcar types — KM, M, S, MTV-82, KTV-55, KTP-55, RVZ-6
Juzhnoye tram depot - old types
Old tramcar types — CH, KM, KP, M, S, MS-2, MV, PV, MTV-82, Tatra T2, Tatra K2

Electrical and mechanical equipment of tramcars
The construction of a tram line along the street Fucik
The construction of a tram line along street Tatishcheva
The construction of a tram line Ekaterinburg — Verhnyaya Pyshma
Line to Zelenyi Ostrov (Green Island)
Tram lines
Nord tram depot
South tram depot
West tram depot
 Yenakiieve Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Historical photos
 Yerevan Horse tram
Tramway depot # 1
Tramway depot # 2

Abandoned tramway lines
 Yeysk Steam tram
 Yinchuan LRT
 Yokohama Tramway
 York York Corporation
 York York Railways Co.
1886 York Street Railway Co. → 1900 York County Traction Co. → 1907–1939 York Railways Co.
 Youngstown Youngstown Municipal Railway Co.
1920–1940. Operated by the Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co. (roster listed there)
East End Traction Co.
1920–1933. Operated by the Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co. (roster listed there)
West End Traction Co.
1920–1932. Operated by the Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co. (roster listed there)
Youngstown Park & Falls Street Railway Co.
Youngstown & Suburban Railway Co.
1903 Youngstown & Southern Railway Co. → 1916 Youngstown & Suburban Railway Co. → 1944–1948 Youngstown & Southern Railway Co.
Youngstown & Ohio River Railroad Co.
1906–1931 (in service 1907)
 Zagreb Zagrebački Električni Tramvaj d.o.o.
Technical Museum Zagreb

Miscellaneous photos
Končar Tram Factory
 Zanesville Southern Ohio Public Service Co.
1902 Columbus Newark & Zanesville Electric Railway Co. → 1925–1929 Southern Ohio Public Service Co. Part of Ohio Electric in 1907–1921
 Zaporizhia Tram depot # 1
Tram depot # 2
1961 – Aug 2012. Disused
Track Department

Lenina Prospect Tram Line Reconstruction (12 May – 8 Sep 2008)
Lenina Prospect Tram Line Reconstruction (19 Jul – 1 Oct 2012)
Pokatushki—2012. Presentation SMU Tatra T3 746-748
Gorkogo Vulytsia Tram Line Reconstruction (2 Oct – 3 Dec 2012)
Zemskoho Likaria Lukashevycha Vulytsia Tram Line Reconstruction (27 Sep – 15 Dec 2016)
Tram Stop Signs
The Dneprostroi Dam Tram Line (1934–1941)
Lenina Prospect Tram Line to the River Port (1932 – 12 Mar 2004)
Gliserna Vulytsia Tram Line (1933–1975)
Lermontova Vulytsia Tram Line (1973 – Jul 2005)
Tramway Track Repairs
Zaporizhzhya Electric Locomotive Repair Plant
Terminus Stations and Loops (Tramway)
Destination Signs (Tram)
Tram depot #1, car maintenance workshops and track department
Tram depot # 2
Tram lines
 Zaragoza Old Tramway
1902 - 23.01.1976
Modern Tramway

Old Tramway — Miscellaneous photos
 Zhangzhou Light rail transit
 Zhuhai Light rail

Miscellaneous photos
 Zhytomyr Tramway
Numeration 1946—1961
Numeration to 1946
 Zittau Städtische Straßenbahn Zittau
1904–1919 • 1000 mm
Ausstellungsbahn E. Hennig
1902 • 1450 mm

Old photos • Alte Fotos
Remains of former tram tracks • Überreste ehemaliger Straßenbahnstrecken
 Zlatoust Tramway

Miscellaneous photos
Zlatoust Tram Department museum
Old photos
Construction on Petrovskiy bridge
Tram Department
Trams without numbers
Tram lines
75 years Zlatoust tram
Testing of 71-631 tram
Electric transit driving and service competition 2009
Running in of cars 71-631-02
Snowfall 8 March 2013 and elimination of its consequences
 Zwickau Städtische Verkehrsbetriebe Zwickau
Betriebshof Schlachthofstraße

Maps • Netzpläne
Old photos • Alte Fotos
Anniversary: 115 years of tramways in Zwickau (06.06.2009) • Jubiläum: 115 Jahre Straßenbahn Zwickau (06.06.2009)
Tram lines and Infrastructure • Straßenbahnstrecken und Infrastruktur
Anniversary: 125 years of tramways in Zwickau (11./12.05.2019) • Jubiläum: 125 Jahre Straßenbahn Zwickau (11./12.05.2019)
Models • Modelle
Trams from other cities • Straßenbahnen aus anderen Städten
Tram-railway system "Zwickauer Modell" • Straßenbahn-Eisenbahnkonzept "Zwickauer Modell"
Miscellaneous photos • Sonstige Fotos
 Zürich Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich
Line S18
Strassenbahn Zürich - Oerlikon - Seebach
Tram-Museum Zürich
Zahnradbahn Dolderbahn

Line S18 — Forchbahn
 Århus Tramway (1904-1971)

 Ústí nad Labem Vozovna Špitálské náměstí
1899-1914 vozovna • 1914-1970 dílny
Vozovna Bukov
Vozovna Předlice

Old photos • Staré fotografie
Remains of former tramway lines • Zbytky bývalých tramvajových tratí
 České Budějovice Tramway
 Łódź Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne
Depot: Chocianowice, Telefoniczna, Dabrowskiego
MPK, zajezdnia Telefoniczna
MPK, zajezdnia Chocianowice
MPK, zajezdnia Dąbrowskiego
MPK, zajezdnia Brus
MPK, zajezdnia Helenówek
MPK, zajezdnia nr 1
Kolej Elektryczna Łódzka
10.1948 to MPK Łódź
Łódzkie Wąskotorowe Elektryczne Koleje Dojazdowe
10.1948 to MPK Łódź
Międzygminna Komunikacja Tramwajowa
Tramwaje Podmiejskie
Klub Miłośników Starych Tramwajów w Łodzi

Miscellaneous photos
Tram Lines and Infrastructure
Miscellaneous tram photos
Photomontage — Tram repaints
Trams — 71-619KT
Trams — Modernization of Tatra T3SU by TRZ for Nizhniy Novgorod
Trams — 71-623
Trams — 71-153 (LM-2008)
Trams — Tatra T3SU
Trams — Tatra T6B5
Trams — Tatra T3M (TV1)