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 Atlanta The Plane Train
Initial system opened 21 September 1980, reopened 2001
ATL SkyTrain
 Bangkok BTS Gold Line (รถไฟฟ้าสายสีทอง)
No depot, the line is so short that the trains are stored in pocket tracks
13.721090629144102, 100.50365734122123
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport people mover
Connects the North and South Terminals
13.6880377033366, 100.74953610359435

BTS Gold Line (รถไฟฟ้าสายสีทอง)
 Beijing Shaodu APM
 Birmingham AirRail Link
Opened 07.03.2003

AGT AirRail Link (from 2003)
 Bologna Marconi Express
 Busan Shinmyeong Vehicle Office (신명차량사업소)
Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit (BGL)
35.27500156784814, 128.86356925197006

35.27500156784814, 128.86356925197006

Metropolitain — Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit (BGL)
 Caracas CableTren
Since 14.08.2013
 Chicago O'Hare Airport Transit System

O'Hare Airport Transit System — Miscellaneous photos
 Chongqing Bishan
Since 16/04/2021
 Cincinnati Cincinnati Airport People Mover
 Daegu K-AGT Test track
2 trains, predecessor to the technology of Busan line 4
35.75099633182532, 128.73621603060775
 Dallas DFW Skylink
32x2 vehicles
 Denver Denver International Airport Automated Guideway Transit System
 Detroit Detroit People Mover
 Dortmund H-Bahn SkyTrain
 Dubai DXB Airport Terminal 1
18 Bombardier Innovia APM 300 cars
DXB Airport Terminal 3
Mitsubishi Crystal Mover
 Düsseldorf H-Bahn Sky-Train
Since 07.2002

H-Bahn Sky-Train
 Frankfurt am Main SkyLine — Air port automatic people mover
 Genoa Ascensore Castello d'Albertis-Montegalletto
Combinated mover-accensor Principe — Castello d'Albertis-Montegalletto

Ascensore Principe — Castello d'Albertis-Montegalletto
 Grand Paris - Versailles - Yvelines Ateliers OrlyVAL service de Wissous
Navette entre l'Aéroport de Orly et le RER
Ateliers CDGVAL service
Navette de l'Aéroport CDG

Automatic metro of Orly Airport
Automatic metro of Charles-de-Gaulle Airport — Main Line (Terminals 1-2-3)
Automatic metro of Charles-de-Gaulle Airport — Line LISA (Terminal 2E)
 Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town APM
14 Bombardier APM 100 cars
 Gwangju Gwangju Line 2
 Hostomel Mover (AGT)

 Houston Subway (George Bush Intercontinental Airport)
Opened 1972, rebuilt 1981
Skyway (George Bush Intercontinental Airport)
Opened 24 May 1999
 Jacksonville, FL Jackson Skyway (old)
 Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta Airport Skytrain
Airport AGT. 1 depot, Opened 2017
-6.129015873201852, 106.65119561163569

Soekarno–Hatta Airport Skytrain
 Kobe Portliner
Opened 1981
 Kuala Lumpur Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur
 Laon Poma 2000
Métro léger automatique (4.02.1989-27.08-2016)

Métro léger automatique Poma 2000
 Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport Automated People Movers
3 Lines
16 Bombardier Innovia APM 100 trains
Mandalay Bay Tram
Opened 09.04.1999
Aria Express - CityCenter Tram
Opened 01.12.2009

Mandalay Bay Tram — Miscellaneous photos
Aria Express / CityCenter Tram — Miscellaneous photos
 Lille Métro de Lille Métropole
Garage-Atelier: de Quatre Cantons (ligne 1), du Grand But et de CH Dron (ligne 2)

Métro — Line 1
Métro — Line 2
Métro — Miscellaneous photos
 Lisbon Oeiras — Avtomatic light metro SATU
 London Terminal 5 APM
10 vehicles

Automatic metro of Gatwick airport
 Los Angeles LAX Automated People Mover
9x4 car Bombardier Innovia APM 300 trains
 Macau Light Rapid Transit
Open in 10.12.2019
 Madrid Aeropuerto T4 / T4S
 Mexico City Aerotrén
Automated people mover (APM) in Benito Juárez Airport

Aerotrén — Miscellaneous photos
 Miami, FL Metromover
MIA Mover+Skytrain
Shared fleet
MIA e Train
Opened 1980, rebuilt 2016
 Milano Poma
Since 1999

People-Mover Cascina Gobba — San Raffaele (Poma-Otis)
 Minneapolis–St. Paul Minneapolis–St. Paul Airport Trams
 Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit

PRT: Lines and Infrastructure
 Moscow Sheremetyevo People Mover
Opening 03.05.2018. Release has been suspended since 06/06/2022 due to the temporary closure of terminals D, E and F.

Sheremetyevo People Mover
 New York City AirTrain JFK
Opened in 2003

 Orlando Orlando International Airport People Movers
OIA Intermodal Terminal system
 Perugia Minimetrò
Metropolitana leggera automatica

Minimetrò — Miscellaneous photos
 Phoenix PHX Sky Train
33.43827597796647, -111.98309572787696
Initial fleet of 18 cars+additional 24 cars ordered
 Pisa Mover di Pisa

Miscellaneous photos
 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh International Airport People Movers
 Rennes Atelier Chantepie
Ligne A
Ligne B

 Sacramento SMF Automated People Mover
 San Francisco Bay Area Airtrain SFO
Opened 2003
Oakland Airport Connector
Opened 2014

AirTrain (SFO Airport)
 Seattle Satellite Transit System
Operates on three loops
 Seoul Unyeon Vehicle Office (운연차량사업소)
Incheon Metro Line 2
37.43562367918872, 126.75899039441693

인천 — 2호선
37.43562367918872, 126.75899039441693
Oryu Vehicle Base (오류주박기지)
City of Incheon Metro Line 2
37.597806072533544, 126.62162468963537

인천 — 2호선
37.597806072533544, 126.62162468963537
Gimpo Han River Vehicle Office (김포한강차량사업소)
Gimpo Gold line
37.639236056187926, 126.61602612541863

37.639236056187926, 126.61602612541863
Songsan Vehicle Office (Uijeongbu) 송산차량사업소_(의정부)
Uijeongbu light rail
37.72907170387289, 127.0949017786008

37.72907170387289, 127.0949017786008
Wuyi Vehicle Office (우이차량사업소)
Uisinseol light rail (underground depot)
37.66538312556023, 127.01082746377854

37.66538312556023, 127.01082746377854
Samga Vehicle Office (삼가차량사업소)
Yongin EverLine light rail to Everland theme park
37.24290364989715, 127.16187761903828

37.24290364989715, 127.16187761903828
Incheon Airport People mover (인천공항피플무버)
37.450488110328685, 126.44862963719007
Boramae Vehicle Office (보라매차량사업소)
Sillim Line underground depot
37.49163938393323, 126.92168188479197

37.49163938393323, 126.92168188479197
Dongbuk Line (서울 경전철 동북선)

Metropolitain — Incheon — Line 2 (인천 — 2호선)
Metropolitain — Uijeongbu — VAL U-Line (의정부 경전철)
Yongin EverLine (용인에버라인)
Ui-sinseol light rail (우이신설선)
Incheon Airport people mover (인천공항 피플 무버)
Gimpo Gold line (김포도시철도)
 Shanghai Pujiang town LRT depot
Pujiang LRT line
31.056942065302703, 121.51168861180314
Pudong APM
31.118520725802636, 121.81923122766298
Bund Sightseeing Tunnel
14 cars in service
31.241979341078178, 121.48596367238251

Bund Tunnel (外滩隧道)
 Singapore Changi Airport Skytrain
Innovia APM 100 until 2006, then Mitsubishi Crystal Mover
Bukit Panjang LRT

Bukit Panjang LRT — Miscellaneous photos
Sengkang LRT — Miscellaneous photos
Punggol LRT — Miscellaneous photos
People-mover of Changi Airport (Skytrain)
 Suncheon Sky Cube 스카이큐브
Northern terminus: 34.92658594493201, 127.50173367330278
Southern terminus: 34.89574911394284, 127.51611320003347
 Taipei Muzha Depot 木栅機廠
BR/M1 — Wenhu/Brown Line 文湖線
25.000944743114097, 121.58620312153295
Taoyuan International Airport Skytrain 桃園國際機場旅客自動電車輸送系統
Neihu Depot 内湖機廠
BR/M1 — Wenhu/Brown Line 文湖線
25.05862114555733, 121.62060530206529

Metro — 捷運BR/1 — Wenhu Line (Brown) — VAL
Historical photos — Muzha Line (1996-2009)(歷史照片 — 木栅線)
Taoyuan International Airport Skytrain 桃園國際機場旅客自動電車輸送系統
 Tampa Tampa International APM Airside
16 Bombardier Innovia APM 100 trains
6x2 Mitsubishi Crystal Mover trains
 Toulouse Atelier Mirail - Basso Cambo
Ligne 1
Atelier Borderouge
Ligne 2 + l'émission supplémentaire sur la ligne 1

Metropolitain — line A
Metropolitain — line B
 Turin Deposito GTT Collegno
From 2005

 Venice - Mestre People Mover di Venezia
Metropolitana leggera automatica

People Mover di Venezia — Miscellaneous photos
 Washington, DC Capitol System
Оperation: March 7, 1909
AeroTrain (Dulles)
 Yibin Autonomous Electric Bus Rapid Transit
Opened in 5.12.2019
 Zhuzhou Autonomous Electric Bus Rapid Transit
Open in 5.12.2019