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Liberec - Jablonec nad Nisou, July 7, 2021

The long-planned reconstruction of the last section, about 5 km long, of the tram line Liberec — Jablonec nad Nisou will start.

Brest, June 19, 2021

19.06.2021 г. — начало эксплуатации первого электробуса с пассажирами.

Praha, June 19, 2021

The end of Tatra T6A5 cars operation.
Ukončení provozu vozů Tatra T6A5.

Ulyanovsk, June 15, 2021

В рамках национального проекта «Безопасные и качественные дороги» с 15 июня будут проводиться ремонтные работы на улице Ленина: асфальтировка дорожного полотна и замена рельсошпальной решетки.
В связи с ремонтом трамваи маршрутов №4 и №22 будут следовать через к/ст "Дамба" до к/ст "Огни Севера" и к/ст "Парк Юности" соответственно.
Маршруты №1 и №11 отменяются!
Ремонт планируется провести в три этапа:
* с 15 июня по 15 июля – на участке между улицами Спасской (Советской) и Гончарова;
* с 16 июля по 9 августа – между улицей Гончарова и Комсомольским переулком;
* с 10 по 16 августа – между Комсомольским переулком и улицей Железной Дивизии.

Birmingham, June 15, 2021

The tram is back in service, for temporary with a more limited service.

Sterlitamak, June 12, 2021

В депо №1 прибыл первый троллейбус УТТЗ-6241.01 «Горожанин».

Taganrog, June 11, 2021

С 11 июня меняется схема движения трамвая в городе до окончания ремонта трамвайного полотна по улице Фрунзе.
Измененные маршруты.
Маршрут № 2 : Вокзал "Таганрог-1" — Площадь Восстания — Смирновский переулок — Улица Карла Либкнехта — Улица Розы Люксембург (Университет) (Выпуск 5-7 единиц)
Маршрут № 5 : Завод "Прибой" — Улица Кузнечная — Смирновский переулок — Улица Карла Либкнехта — Улица Розы Люксембург (Университет) (Выпуск 5-7 единиц)
Маршрут №9 : Площадь Авиаторов — Смирновский переулок — Улица Карла Либкнехта — Улица Розы Люксембург (Университет) (Выпуск 4 единицы)
Открывается маршрут №4 : Вокзал "Таганрог-1" — Площадь Восстания — Смирновский переулок — Площадь Авиаторов. (Выпуск 1-2 вагона)

Birmingham, June 11, 2021

The system has been closed indefinitely due to serious defects in the CAF trams.

Saratov, June 10, 2021

Начался монтаж контактной сети на мосту «Саратов — Энгельс» в рамках реализации проекта по восстановлению троллейбусного сообщения между двумя городами. Общая длина контактной сети на мосту составит 14,9 км. Согласно приказу, на междугороднем маршруте № 109 («Саратов (ж/д вокзал) — Энгельс (ЗАО «Тролза»)) будут работать 20 троллейбусов большой вместимости.

Dushanbe, June 8, 2021

A presentation of the Akia Ultra LF12 Trolleybus and the Akia Ultra e-LF 12s electric bus produced by the Akia Avesto plant took place.

Evpatoria, June 2, 2021

Uraltransmash has started shipping the first batch of trams to Yevpatoria: 1 car of model 71-411 and 1 car of model 71-411-03. A total of 27 tram cars will be delivered under the contract from 2020, of which 20 cars are model 71-411 and 7 cars are model 71-411-03 (double-cab).

Praha, June 2, 2021

DPP koupil v Bratislavě historickou tramvaj Tatra K2 #8133.

Istanbul, May 29, 2021

On May 29, 2021, on the 568th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, the first section from İkitelli Sanayi station to Bahariye station of the M9 metro line (İkitelli Sanayi — Ataköy) was opened. Trains started to run with passangers at 14:00.
After the opening of the first section of the new line M3 branch from İkitelli Sanayi to Olimpiyat was joined to M9. Thus trains run from Olimpiyat on former M3 branch till İkitelli Sanayi, where they turn towards new MASKO and Bahariye stations.
The line is 6 km long and has 5 stations. It connects two districts of Istanbul, where 1,3 million people live. The one-way trip takes 12 minutes. At the first time the traffic interval is 10 minutes at peak time.
The new line will be maintained by Olimpiyat depot, which now maintains two lines: M3 and M9. Alstom Metropolis trains run on both of them.
Also, the first 10 days rides on M3 and M9 will be free of charge.

Minsk, May 27, 2021

The first BKM 43300D entered in service on the trolleybus route 6.

Taganrog, May 25, 2021

Sinara-City Transport Solutions Taganrog and the city administration signed a concession agreement on the creation of a tram network and the purchase of new rolling stock. The relevant documents were signed by the representative of Sinara-GTR Taganrog Yevgeny Vasiliev and the head of the city administration Andrey Lisitsky.
Under this agreement, 60 new trams will be purchased and the entire current tram route network and infrastructure will be overhauled.

Minsk, May 24, 2021

The first electric bus of the MAZ-E30310 model entered the 69 bus route.

Brest, May 21, 2021

On May 21 2021, the first electric bus of the MAZ-303E10 model arrived in the city.

Tver, May 20, 2021

Work has begun on the demolition of the trolleybus park buildings. The work is being carried out due to the creation of the multimedia park "Russia — my history" on the territory. Completion of the work is planned by September 2021.

Erfurt, May 20, 2021

Hrodna, May 15, 2021

The first MAZ-303E10 electric bus has arrived at the city's bus depot.

Berlin, May 7, 2021

Final day of Tatra operation in Berlin. After 45 years in service the last KT4DM were withdrawn from regular service. Therefore, all tram service in Berlin is now provided by low-floor trams. • Tschüss, Tatra! Nach 45 Jahren endet der Tatra-Betrieb in Berlin mit den letzten KT4DM-Zügen. Ab dem 10.05. werden auch an Werktagen 100% der Fahrten mit Niederflurfahrzeugen durchgeführt.

Valparaiso, May 4, 2021

After 13 years and 8 months, service in Route 801 has been resumed, service is operated with a 22 minutes frequency with one Pullman and one NAW during quarantine, it is expected to increase frequency to 10 minutes when sanitary situation improves. Route 801 connects the Av. Argentina terminus vía Pedro Montt Avenue (city's main street) and join the route 802 at Plaza Victoria till Aduana, both shares the route again till Plaza Victoria, where 801 detours to Pedro Montt Ave. till Avenida Argentina Terminus. Transit time are 18/25 minutes.

Mexico City, May 3, 2021

Аround 10.30 p.m Mexico City rail overpass collapses onto road. Two train carriages precariously hung from the damaged overpass. At least 23 people were killed and 65 were hospitalized.

Saratov, May 1, 2021

По состоянию на конец апреля из Москвы в Саратов были переданы на безвозмездной основе 30 трамваев, из них 29 вагонов модели МТТА и 1 — МТТЕ.

Rubtsovsk, April 30, 2021

A new trolleybus model BKM-321 has arrived from the Belarusian manufacturer.

Angarsk, April 27, 2021

Tram traffic suspended due to electricity shortage.

Minsk, April 27, 2021

Trolleybus Park 2 has received the city's first 43300D trolleybus.

Almaty, April 26, 2021

After a five-year break, trolleybus route number 6 will start operating on April 26.
The route runs according to the following scheme: Railway station Almaty-2 — Abylai Khan Avenue — Abai Avenue — Seyfullin Avenue — Satpaeva Street — Shepetkova Street — Shalyapin Street — Momyshuly Street — mkrt. "Aksai-3. In the opposite direction: Mkrn. "Aksai-3" — Tole Bi Street — Sain Street — Zhandosova Street — Satpaeva Street — Seyfullina Avenue — Abai Avenue — Abylai Khan Avenue — Railway Station Almaty-2.
On weekdays there will be 12 units on the route and 8 on the weekends.

Sofia, April 24, 2021

The second section of the third metro line from Krasnoye Selo station to Gorna Banya station was opened. At the same time, the Gorna Banya stop on railway line No. 5 was opened.

Novorossiysk, April 24, 2021

A trolleybus line along Yuzhnaya Street was opened. The route network has been changed: trolleybuses of trolleybus route No. 7 will follow Lenin Avenue, Yuzhnaya Street, Dzerzhinskogo Street and Kunikova Street in the southern part of the city from April 25, trolleybuses of trolleybus route No. 14 will follow the opposite direction.

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