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11.04.2024 Publication of tender for purchase of 5 trolleybuses (18m) through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
05.08.2023 Publication of tender for purchase of 11 electric buses (8x12m + 3x18m) through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
09.04.2024: contract was signed with Solaris Bus & Coach.
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Coat of arms Baia Mare

Baia Mare is the municipality of residence and, at the same time, the most populated city of Maramureș county in northwestern Romania. The first documentary attestation of the city appears in 1329. The population of the city is approximately 125,000 inhabitants.

The trolleybus network in Baia Mare is one of the youngest in the country, having been inaugurated in February 1996 with a fleet of vehicles consisting of 3 Rocar 217E and 4 Rocar 212E trolleybuses and a single route: 50 (Urbis - Gară). During 1996, two more trolleybuses 212E and one 217E arrived in the city, totaling a fleet of 10 trolleybuses.

Due to the premature wear and tear of the Romanian trolleybuses, in 2006 six articulated Saurer trolleybuses were purchased from the Swiss city of Winterthur. In 2008-9, the trolleybus line 51 (Urbis - Real) was completed and inaugurated on Bucharest Boulevard to the commercial area from the exit from the city, formerly Real, currently Auchan. A few months later, Urbis purchases the 5 articulated Volvo series 62-66 trolleybuses from Bern.

In 2011, a new stage of the development of the trolleybus public transport system begins by expanding the trolleybus network in the Vasile Alecsandri district. The project financed by European funds also provides the renewal of the vehicle fleet through the purchase of 20 buses and 8 trolleybuses. In the summer of 2014, the new trolleybus route 54 (Piața Izvoare - Real) in the Vasile Alecsandri neighborhood was inaugurated. A few years later (2016-7), line 51 will be abolished.

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TROLLEYBUS lines (2024)

Line 50: Urbis - Gară
Line 54: Piața Izvoare - Auchan

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