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 Alpensia Alpensia skijump monorail 알펜시아 스키점프센터 모노레일
Related to the 2018 winter olympic games
 Ashgabat Monorail

 Bangkok Maintenance center Debaratana-Sriiam (ศูนย์ซ่อมบำรุงเทพรัตน-ศรีเอี่ยม)
Bangkok MRT Yellow Line (รถไฟฟ้าสายสีเหลือง)
13.669800423719266, 100.65154619954146
Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 trains
Minburi Maintenance Center (ศูนย์ซ่อมบำรุงมีนบุรี)
Bangkok MRT Pink Line (รถไฟฟ้าสายสีชมพู)
13.804604749427549, 100.73632164181201
Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 trains
 Bengbu Monorail
 Bologna Marconi Express
 Busan Geoje Monorail 거제관광모노레일
There is a mountain monorail at a POW camp on Geoje Island, opened in 2018
34.87673477829358, 128.62345120595674
Jehwangsan Park Monorail 제황산공원 모노레일카
Slope car
Jehwangsan Park hill-climbing Monorail
35.149374818807594, 128.66167410570952
Haeundae Beach monorail
Haeundae Beach train (해운대 해변열차)
There is the old Donghae line alignment that runs heritage trains on the level track, but also a new monorail that was constructed above it.

35.15820481049257, 129.17283137198652
Charyang 168 stairs monorail 초량동 168계단 모노레일
Yeongju monorail 영주동 오름길 모노레일
 Cairo Monorail
Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 trains
 Calabar Monorail
 Chengdu Dayi Suspended Monorail
 Cheorwon Cheorwon Peace Observatory monorail 철원평화전망대 모노레일
To Peace Observatory
 Chiba Chiba Urban Monorail
 Chongqing Line 2
Depots at Dayancun, Baijiusi

 Daegu Chilgok Vehicle Office (칠곡차량사업소)
Daegu Metro Line 3
35.96262304426398, 128.56010405732533

대구 도시철도 3호선
35.96262304426398, 128.56010405732533
Beommul Depot (범물차량사업소)
Daegu Metro Line 3
35.821907568038704, 128.6514939664967

대구 도시철도 3호선
35.821907568038704, 128.6514939664967

Monorail — Line 3 (3호선)
 Dortmund Schwebebahn (H-Bahn) Lines and Infrastructure
 Dresden Schwebebahn Dresden
Loschwitz — Oberloschwitz • seit 1901

Old photos (suspension railway)
Track and technology of the Dresden suspension railway
Timetables of the Dresden suspension railway
 Dubai Monorail

Monorail — Line and Infrastructure
Monorail — Miscellaneous Photos
 Duzce Schwebebahn Test Line

Schwebebahn — Miscellaneous Photos
 Fujisawa Shonan Monorail

Shonan Monorail Infrastructure (Schwebebahn)
 Gangjin Cheungja Tower monorail 청자타워 모노레일
34.53449416837855, 126.78259544277523
 Gatchina Schwebebahn
An electric monorail (schwebebahn) line designed by engineer Ippolit Romanov, built in 1900.

 Gohan Gohan Sky Way 고한아파트 모노레일
37.20119158038935, 128.85507293573187
 Gold Coast Sea World Monorail System
Closed since 2022.

 Guangan Monorail
 Gumi Eco Land Eco Tour Monorail 에코랜드 생태탐방 모노레일
Tracks visible in a clearing, they continue eastwards to the main building
36.17656127849747, 128.45798040003035
 Gwangju Mudeungsan Monorail 무등산 모노레일
35.14451164206929, 126.9513033956431
Some tracks are visible in Google Earth along with the lower terminus
Location is Jisan Recreation Area.
Bitgaram Observatory monorail 빛가람전망대 모노레일
35.016018149264944, 126.79020083907547
Naju City
 Haenam End of the world Monorail 땅끝모노레일
Lower terminus: 34.29686939969718, 126.52768956292344
Upper terminus: 34.29486756720062, 126.52517846239903
 Hamyang Daebong Monorail 함양대봉산휴양밸리 모노레일
35.58546705642588, 127.70854743394044
Hamyang Daebong Mountain Valley Resort
tracks and station visible

"first and longest sightseeing monorail that runs across a mountain"
 Hapcheon Hapcheon Monorail 합천영상테마파크 모노레일
35.54948253380738, 128.07477684090108
 Himeji Himeji City Monorail
 Hiroshima Sky Rail Service
広島短距離交通 瀬野線
 Hwa-am-myeon Hwa-am cave monorail 화암동굴 모노레일
37.34916608775527, 128.79054300510148
 Inuyama Nagoya Railway Monkey Park Monorail
名古屋鉄道 モンキーパークモノレール線
 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Skyway
Reopened 1997
10 Bombardier Innovia Monorail 100 trains
 Jakarta Jakarta Monorail
Halted midway through construction, some infrastructure reused for the Jabodebek LRT project
 Jecheon Cheongpung Lake Monorail 청풍호관광모노레일
Tourist monorail
 Jeju Island Mount Halla Electric Monorail
Parallel to walking path at 33.36518945928758, 126.51323942043264
 Jining Monorail
 Kaohsiung E-DA Theme Park 義大遊樂世界
 Karisan Karisan monorail 가리산 강우레이더 관측소 모노레일
37.86674453954423, 127.9765051431075
 Kawasaki Odakyu Mukougaoka Yuen Monorail
小田急電鉄 向ヶ丘遊園モノレール線
 Kitakyushu Kitakyushu Urban Monorail

Monorail, Line and Infrastructure
 Krasnogorsk Strela aireal transport system (monorail/schwebebahn)

Test monorail line
Miscellaneous Photos
 Kuala Lumpur Monorail
Line 8

Line 8 — KL Monorail
 Las Vegas Las Vegas Monorail Company

 Liupanshui Yeyuhai Resort monorail line
Open in 22.03.2019
 Liuzhou Monorail
Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 trains
 Los Angeles Disneyland Monorail
Opened 14.07.1959
 Magdeburg Panoramabahn (Monorail)
23.04.1999 — 31.10.2014

Monorail — Miscellaneous Photos
 Malacca City Monorail
 Mohusan Mohu mountain monorail 모후산 강우레이더 관측소 모노레일
Lower terminus: 35.01967461035587, 127.16328009709478
 Montfermeil Steam monorail tramway
 Moscow Rostokino Yard
Moscow Monorail Transport System

Test monorail test site on the territory of the Moscow Institute of heat engineering
Monorail — schemes and tickets
 Muju Muju Taekwondowon Monorail 태권도원 전망대 모노레일
35.99501400545405, 127.77459036796664
Hyang-ro monorail 향로산자연휴양림모노레일
36.023324752181686, 127.66738180418703
 Mumbai Monorail
 Mungyeong Mungyeong Monorail 문경에코랄라 가은모노레일
Mungyeong Monorail
36.653852192028126, 128.06064101581518
 Nagoya Nagoya City Higashiyama Park Monorail
名古屋市交通局協力会 東山公園モノレール
 Naha Okinawa Urban Monorail

Maps and Plans
Monorail lines
 New York City Pelham Park & City Island Railroad
1910 City Island Railroad → 1913–1914 Pelham Park & City Island Railroad
 Newark AirTrain Newark
12 initial fleet + 6 additional trains
 Orlando Walt Disney World Monorail System
Mark VI monorail vehicles
 Osaka Osaka Monorail

 Panama Monorail
 Phatthaya Monorail
 Port Harcourt Monorail
 Poços de Caldas Monorail
 Pyongyang Mangyongdae Park Monorail
Taesongsan Park Monorail

 Qom Monorail
A 7 km-long monorail line with 8 stations under construction since 2015. The project is partially completed, but constriction halted.

Monorail Line Under Constrcution
 Rhein-Neckar Aerobus
Operated between 18/04/1975 and 19/10/1975 during the Bundesgartenschau.
The route was 2,8 km long.

Aerobus (Bundesgartenschau 1975 Mannheim)
 Rio de Janeiro Monorail
Commerce center Barra da Tijuca, 1996-2004
 Riyadh King Abdullah Financial District Monorail
Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 trains
 Samcheok Hwanseongul Cave monorail
37.322940574548376, 129.01258347314564
Daegeumgol Cave monorail
37.322856260744466, 129.0181011328732
 Seattle Seattle Center Monorail

 Senduga Freight Gasoline Monorail

Freight Gasoline Monorail
 Seodaesan Seodaesan Monorail 서대산 강우레이더 관측소 모노레일
36.231975109758416, 127.53744411370292
 Seoul Pocheon Art Valley Monorail 포천 아트밸리 모노레일
Slope car
37.92318277093339, 127.23723938548945
western terminus
Location: Pocheon Art Valley
Almax Land Sightseeing Monorail 알맥스랜드 관광 모노레일
Looping track as part of what seems to be a hotel complex
38.07399084372742, 127.00690934909565
Yebongsan Rainfall Radar Observatory Monorail 예봉산 강우레이더 관측소 모노레일
Southern terminus: 37.54832042209598, 127.25528914577873
Northern terminus: 37.558694861647275, 127.2610946504656
Gonjiam Hwadam Forest Monorail 곤지암 화담숲 모노레일
Looping track through the Hwadamsup forest 37.340971416372824, 127.2892539447077
Lotte World monorail (롯데월드 단선)
Wolmi Sea Train (월미바다열차)
3rd infiltration tunnel train

Lotte World monorail (롯데월드 단선)
Wolmi Sea Train (월미바다열차)
 Singapore Sentosa Express

Transport Monorail Sentosa Express
 Sinsheim Auto & technic museum
 Sydney Monorail
21.07.1988 — 30.06.2013

 São Paulo Metro line 15
27x7 Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 trains
 Tachikawa Tokyo Tama Intercity Monorail
 Taipei Taipei Children's Amusement Park 臺北市兒童新樂園
 Tampa Long-Term Parking Monorail
6 Bombardier Innovia Monorail 100 trains
 Tokyo Toei Ueno Monorail
東京都交通局 上野懸垂線
Tokyo Monorail
 Turin Monorail
Opened in 1961 in occasion of Italia '61 expo, closed in 1963
 Ulleung Island Taehahyangmok Tourist Monorail 태하 향목관광모노레일
Taehahyangmok Tourist Monorail on Ulleungdo Island, South Korea.

37.51434584780748, 130.79738838594184
Presumed location, there are also a few gondolas on the island
 Ulsan Jangsaeng Port Monorail 장생포 고래마을 모노레일
35.50290905191135, 129.38108929245675
 Urayasu Maihama Resort Line Disney Resort Line
舞浜リゾートライン ディズニーリゾートライン
 Vyshhorod Monorail

 Wando Wando Monorail 완도모노레일
Lower terminus: 34.31517556385611, 126.76122600039358
Upper terminus: 34.313426807697084, 126.76521196093621
 Wehmingen Hannoversches Straßenbahn-Museum
 Wuhan Optics Valley Skyrail
 Wuhu Wuhu Rail Transit
Opened 2021
Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 trains
 Wuppertal Schwebebahn

Schwebebahn — Miscellaneous photos
 Yeongju Yecheon Insect Institute Monorail 예천곤충연구소 곤충생태원 모노레일
Operates in a loop: 36.82504268192125, 128.45963073454658
 Yinchuan Yinchuan Monorail
 Yokji Island Yokji Island Monorail 통영욕지섬 모노레일
Lower terminus: 34.629543926886015, 128.2635761004488
Upper terminus: 34.62970326968696, 128.25427763791046
 Yokohama Dream Kaihatsu Dream land line
ドリーム開発 ドリームランド線