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North Korea (DPRK)  
Chagang Province


학무로동자구 鶴舞勞動者區 Hakmu-rodongjagu

part of Jonchon County

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2022 Trolleybuses removed between early 2022 and August 2022.
2021 Two trolleybuses are clearly visible at the depot in 2021 at 40°38'20.16"N 126°26'31.37"E.
2017 A depot was built around 2017, but the roof was destroyed around 2021.
2011 A single 12-meter trolleybus stored at the parade grounds within the General Machine Plant is visible in 2011 and 2014 satellite photos at 40°37'50.8"N 126°25'51.8"E.
2000 A trolleybus line likely opened in the late 2000s at the Hakmu Workers' District, just north of the town of Jonchon.
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The following 1,5 km-long (two-way) segment of the trolleybus line is thus known:!3e0
The exact full route remains unknown.

На основе имеющихся данных можно установить следующий участок троллейбусной линии длиной в 1,5 км. (в двупутном исчислении):!3e0
Полная трассировка линии остаётся неизвестной.