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Serious Sam · 08.01.2017 19:30 MSK
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Little is known about the trolleybus operation in Gießen. The trolleybus infrastructure was assembled about 1937 and operated from 1941 to 1968. In 1941, the first six trolleybuses (No. 1-6) were purchased and delivered. Actually, two of them are displayed on the given picture.

They were Henschels with a "Normgroße I" chassis (HS 6000) and had Credé bodies notable for streamline body angles. The body was traditionally made of nickel-plated steel. The body length was 8,805m with a 4,25 wheelbase with doors in overhangs and a standard interaxle motor displacement. The front doors were pneumatic, while the rear ones were hand-operated. The passenger capacity tolled 50 with 27 passengers seated.

Very little is known about the electric equipment of these vehicles. My only source states the 1940 Henschels had AEG equipment and rheostatic powertrain. I presume, the motor was USC2270 or 227A, but I can't claim that for sure. Unfortunately, I do not possess the chapter of Obusse in Deutschland about this town, but I'll try to request it from my colleague abroad.

I do not know exactly their years of operation, but all Henschels with Credé bodies were assembled in 1940 and were stringently alive by 1953.

Hence, that's all for now.
Serious Sam
AlexSan · 16.03.2012 21:12 MSK
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Какой номер вагона? 6? И KSW не мешало бы внести.