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Comments to the photos from Flensburg (trolleybus)


Serious Sam · 23.12.2016 21:47 MSK
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The trolleybus in Flensburg operated from 1943 to 1957. The overall length of trolleybus tracks tolled 2,75 km. After the trolleybus enterprise was demounted, it was rapidly replaced by trams the same year. Five trolleybuses worked in Flensburg. Two were scrapped in 1955 and the last ones remained until 1957.

1, 2 - MAN MPE 4500/Kassbohrer/SSW
3 - Henschel HS 6000/Crede/SSW
4,5 - Henschel HS 6000/Schumann/SSW

Trolleybuses 3 and 5 were borrowed to Kiel where they worked from 1945 to 1948. Trolleybus 3 had an original Crede body with doors in overhangs. I've got the photo of this vehicle.

The depicted trolleybus had a length of 8,95m, a wheelbase of 4,25m, could carry 46 passengers and possessed a Siemens DY392 motor (~80 kw). Note that all Flensburg trolleybuses had an automatic master controller (Siemens).

Best regards,
Serious Sam

Serious Sam · 23.12.2016 13:12 MSK
No photos
Greetings! I will write a post regarding Flensburg trolleybuses and this one in particular a bit later, as I'm a bit busy now.

p.s. Please correct the vehicle status from "acting" to "scrapped".

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Serious Sam
Thanks! This comment was taken into account