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10.10.2023 Beginning in September 2023, the trolleybus overhead lines are being dismantled. Thus, the Mendoza trolleybus system is finally closed.
03.05.2022 The first three of 39 Siemens SD100 light rail vehicles have arrived in Mendoza. They were donated by the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and are to serve future line extensions from Godoy Cruz to Luján and from Las Heras to the Airport.
15.02.2021 Operation of the last remaining trolleybus Line 130 has ceased in mid-February 2021. The last operable vehicles were Materfer Aguila 01 and 07.
11.07.2019 12 BYD K9 and 6 Zhongtong LCK6122EVG5 electric buses were presented to the public. This is the first electric bus fleet in Argentina.
07.05.2019 5.4 km extension of the Metrotranvia to Avellaneda station has been inaugurated. The new line has 9 stations, which are served on a 10-minute interval. Further extension to the airport is planned.
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× Old tramway
01.10.1912 Empresa de Luz y Fuerza → 1920 Compañía de Electricidad de Los Andes (CELA) → 1948 Agua y Energía Eléctrica (AyE) → Closed 11.1965
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Metrotranvía de Mendoza · STM
Opened 08.10.2012
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Trolleybus Facilities / Operators

× Trolleybus · STM
14.02.1958 Empresa Provincial de Transportes de Mendoza (EPTM) → 01.01.2017 Sociedad de Transporte de Mendoza (STM) → Closed 02.2021
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Electric Bus Facilities / Operators

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