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11.07.2019 12 BYD K9 and 6 Zhongtong LCK6122EVG5 electric buses were presented to the public. This is the first electric bus fleet in Argentina.
06.05.2019 Открыто продолжение трамвайной линии на север длиной 5,4 км до станции Avellaneda. На линии расположено 9 остановок, интервал движения составляет 10 минут. Планируется продление линии до аэропорта.
02.01.2019 Trolleybus service has been resumed on the former route 1, now renumbered to 130. It was announced that no other trolleybus routes will be returned to operation. 8 Materfer trolleybuses were refurbished and renumbered 01-08 for service on route 130.
22.07.2017 Троллейбусное движение приостановлено с 5 мая 2017 г. из-за дорожных работ. Возобновление движения планируется в ноябре 2017 г.
10.12.2016 The Mendoza State Governor Alfredo Cornejo proposed closing the trolleybus system and removing about 180 km of trolleybus overhead in favor of hybrid and electric buses, which will be pruchased by the national government. The new public corporation under state control will replace the current EPTM (Empresa Provincial de Transporte de Mendoza) trolleybus carrier. It will employ 200 out of EPTM's current staff of 480. The light rail Metrotranvia line will continue to be operated by the STM (Servico Transporte Mendoza).

Currently four trolleybus services remain in operation: 1 Parque (operated with 7 units), 3 Dorrego (4 units), 4 Pellegrini (7 units) and 6 UNC (3 units). The services 2 Villanueva and the longest route 5 Godoy Cruz — Las Heras are operated with 23 diesel buses (13 EPTM buses and 10 rented buses) due to roadworks and trolleybus rolling stock shortages. There are currently about 25 ex-Vancouver Flyer E901 trolleybuses (only about 13 operable) and 13 locally built new Materfer Águila trolleybuses (9 operable) on the property.

The offer by the Russian TrolZa trolleybus manufacturer to purchase 20 to 60 Optima trolleybuses at $210.000/unit (delivery included) with the low 3,5% interest rate 7-year loan from Roseximbank was rejected.
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