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16.12.2016 MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line opened between Sungai Buloh & Semantan.

Sungai Buloh-Kajang U-Bahn-Linien hat geöffnet Sungai bei Buloh von Semantan.
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» Line 12 — MRT (Putrajaya Line)
» Line 9 —MRT (Kajang Line)
» Metro — 201, 220, 229, 235, 236, 239, 243, 246, 2392.
» Line 9 —MRT (Kajang Line)
» Line 12 — MRT (Putrajaya Line)
» Line 11 — LRT (Shah Alam Line)
» Metro — 112, 132, 141, 150.
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The Klang Valley Integrated Transit System is an integrated transport network that primarily serves the area of Klang Valley and Greater Kuala Lumpur. As of 2023 the system consists of 5 S-bahn lines, 4 Light Rail Lines, 2 Mass Rapid Transit lines, 1 monorail line and 1 Bus Rapid Transit line.

Lines 1,2,10 are S-bahn lines. They are a part of KTM Komuter network, a commuter rail system operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), the main rail operator in Peninsular Malaysia. The service is divided into Central Sector (Lines 1,2,10) and Northern Sector (the northern part of Lines 1,2, providing combined service). Line 10 provides an express link to the Subang Airport, Kuala-Lumpur's secondary airport.

Lines 6,7 are S-bahn lines. They are a part of KLIA Transit network, a commuter rail service which serves as an airport rail link to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), operated by Express Rail Link (ERL). The lines are usually identified as ERL KLIA services. Line 6 provides express service to the airport, while Line 7 makes local stops.

The rest of the lines are a part of Rapid KL network, a public transportation system owned by Prasarana Malaysia and operated by its subsidiaries Rapid Rail and Rapid Bus.

Lines 3/4,5,11 are Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines, operated by Rapid Rail. Even though identified as LRT, these are effectively fully segregated medium capacity metro lines. Lines 5 and 11 are fully automated. At the time of writing Line 11 was under construction, to be opened in 2024.

Lines 8 is a monorail line referred to as KL Monorail, operated by Rapid Rail.

Lines 9,12 are Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines, operated by Rapid Rail. These are fully segregated automated metro lines. At the time of writing additional Line 13 was in active stages of planning.

Line B1 is a Bus Rapid Transit line, operated by Rapid Bus. It is a fully segregated elevated line serviced with electric buses. Opened in 2015, the service is considered the first Electric Bus BRT line in the world.

Line (Mode) — Line Name — Network (Operator):

Line 1 (S-Bahn) — Seremban / Padang Rengas Line — KTM Komuter (KTMB).
Line 2 (S-Bahn) — Port Klang / Padang Besar Line — KTM Komuter (KTMB).
Line 3/4 (LRT) — Ampang / Sri Petaling Line — Rapid KL (Rapid Rail).
Line 5 (LRT) — Kelana Jaya Line — Rapid KL (Rapid Rail).
Line 6 (S-Bahn) — ERL KLIA Express Line — KLIA Transit (ERL).
Line 7 (S-Bahn) — ERL KLIA Transit Line — KLIA Transit (ERL).
Line 8 (Monorail) — KL Monorail — Rapid KL (Rapid Rail).
Line 9 (MRT) — Kajang Line — Rapid KL (Rapid Rail).
Line 10 (S-Bahn) — Skypark Link (Subang Airport) — KTM Komuter (KTMB).
Line 11 (LRT) — Shah Alam Line — Rapid KL (Rapid Rail) [under construction]
Line 12 (MRT) — Putrajaya Line — Rapid KL (Rapid Rail).
Line 13 (MRT) — Circle Line — Rapid KL (Rapid Rail) [in planning]
Line B1 (BRT) — BRT Sunway Line — Rapid KL (Rapid Bus).

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