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30.06.2018 Official farewell trip of the transport company for Škoda 15Tr trolleybusses with vehicles No. 008 and 025.
11.06.2018 Last day of regular service of Škoda 15Tr trolleybuses.
08.12.2016 Trolleybuses are to be retained within the city of Jirkov, a part of the Chomutov — Jirkov trolleybus interurban system. There are plans to acquire 12 new low floor articulated trolleybuses.
11.04.2016 The city of Jirkov suspends financing the trolleybus services as of 01.01.2017. Trolleybus services in Jirkov will be replaced with CNG buses. The services of the Chomutov-Jirkov interurban system will be shortened to the Písečná Terminal, within Chomutov city limits. The trolleybus operation in the city of Chomutov will be retained.
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