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17.08.2019 Oficiálne slávnostné rozlúčenie s trolejbusmi typu Škoda 14Tr & 15Tr: fotografie • Official farewell of Škoda 14Tr & 15Tr trolleybuses: photos.
18.01.2018 Posledný deň prevádzky posledného prevádzkovaného trolejbusu Škoda 15TrM č. 241 na linke 7 • Last day of service of the last operating Škoda 15TrM trolleybus No. 241 on line 7.
08.12.2017 Príchod prvého trolejbusu typu Škoda 26Tr Solaris IV č. 278 do Žiliny • Arrival of the first Škoda 26Tr Solaris IV trolleybus No. 278 in Žilina.
21.11.2017 Slávnostné sprevádzkovanie ôsmich nových článkových nízkopodlahových trolejbusov Škoda 27Tr Solaris IV č. 266 — 273 • Ceremonial start of operation of eight new articulated low-floor trolleybuses Škoda 27Tr Solaris IV No. 266 — 273.
28.08.2017 Príchod prvého trolejbusu typu Škoda 27Tr Solaris IV č. 266 do Žiliny • Arrival of the first Škoda 27Tr Solaris IV trolleybus No. 266 in Žilina.
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coat of arms of Žilina

Žilina is an important industrial city in the Northwest of Slovakia. It is the centre of the Žilinský kraj region and has today about 80.000 inhabitants. The first naming in a document was in 1208.

The era of electric urban transport began in 1994, when the first trolleybus line was opened. The network grew rapidly in the follwing years up to a size of eight trolleybus lines. The last new-built track was the connection route between the Jaseňová and Fatranská terminals in the South of the city. The line also connected the Žilina university which is known for its transport science activity. Today there are the following trolleybus routes:

Line 1: Vozovňa DPMŽ – železničná stanica – Vozovňa DPMŽ (ring line)
Line 3: Solinky, Jaseňová – železničná stanica – Solinky, Jaseňová (ring line)
Line 4: Vlčince, Fatranská – železničná stanica – Vlčince, Fatranská (ring line)
Line 5: Vlčince, Fatranská – Nemocnica – Solinky, Jaseňová
Line 6: Hajík, Stodolova – Vlčince, Matice slovenskej
Line 7: Hajík, Stodolova – Vlčince, Svätých Cyrila a Metoda
Line 14: Vlčince, Matice slovenskej – železničná stanica – Vlčince, Fatranská
Line 16: Hajík, Stodolova – železničná stanica – Hajík, Stodolova (ring line)

The trolleybus fleet is today completely low-floor and consists of Škoda 30Tr and 31Tr SOR and Škoda 26Tr and 27Tr Solaris IV. The last Škoda 14Tr and 15Tr were solemnly adopted in August 2019. One 14Tr is preserved as museum vehicle and one 15Tr is used as a works car. The transport company also has two Škoda electric buses which operate on diesel bus lines. The rolling stock is deposited at the combined diesel and trolleybus depot at Kvačalova street. The local transport company DPMŽ is available under

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