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13.10.2020 Publication of tender for purchase of 10 electric buses (10m) through the Regional Operational Program, Priority Axis 4 of the REGIO Program 2014-2020.
17.03.2021: contract was signed with Anadolu Automobil Rom (romanian importator for Karsan Otomotiv).
03.2022: all electric buses were delivered.
12.06.2019 Publication of tender for purchase of 8 electric buses (12m) through the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.
01.2021: contract was signed with Anadolu Automobil Rom (romanian importator for SOR Libchavy).
11.2022: all electric buses were delivered.
31.03.2006 Închiderea serviciului de troleibuz în Slatina • End of trolleybus operation in Slatina.
30.05.1996 Deschiderea rețelei de troleibuze din Slatina • Opening of the trolleybus network in Slatina.
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Slatina (рус: Слатина) is a city located in the South of Romania and the capital of the district Olt. The first documentation of the city appeared in 1368. Today, the population of Slatina is about 70.300 people. ALRO, the largest aluminum producing factory in Southeastern Europe, is located in the city. To connect the factory and the residential areas of its workers, the city administration decided in favor the construction of a trolleybus network in 1992. The building process of a 7 kilometres long ring track and a depot started in 1995 and was finished one year later. In addition, the city received three Romanian-made 2-axle trolleybusses of type ROCAR E212. The trolleybus operation started in May 1996 by using the following two routes on the track:

Line 12: ALRO – Strada Pitești – Bulevardul A. Ioan Cuza – Găra CFR – ALRO (ring line counterclockwise)
Line 12: ALRO – Găra CFR – Bulevardul A. Ioan Cuza – Strada Pitești – ALRO (ring line clockwise)

Althought there were three trolleybuses available, only one of them was used per day for the operation of both routes. The timetable was based on the layer times of the aluminum factory and showed only a few services per day. After 4 pm on workdays and on whole weekends the trolleybus operation was suspended.

The construction of a junction track to the city centre failed due to problems with financing. Because of corruption and mismanagement in the city administration and the transport company Loctrans the trolleybus system had to close only 10 years after opening, on 31st March 2006.

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