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강계시 江界市 Kanggye-si

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17.04.2021 Workers of Kanggye City Trolley Bus Office (강계시무궤도전차사업소) maintain quarantine measures.
18.02.2021 Reinforced quarantine measures at the Kanggye City Trolley Bus Office (강계시무궤도전차사업소)
16.09.2020 Quarantining measures are put in place at the Kanggye City Trolley Bus Office (강계시무궤도전차사업소)
17.04.1992 Trolleybus system opened 17.04.1992.
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Kanggye City Trolley Bus Office 강계시무궤도전차사업소
Sokhyon — Janggja 석현-장자
6 full-length and 2 medium-length trolleybuses were used until 2009; 5 full-length and 1 medium-length trolleybuses remained through the 2010s.
Trolleybuses are stored and maintained at the northern terminal loop, which in 2020 was rebuilt into a small Depot:
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A single 12 km-long (two-way) trolleybus line follows Puch'ŏn and Jangja Rivers embankments.

Единственная троллейбусная линия города длиной в 12 км. (в двупутном исчислении) проходит по набережным рек Пукчхон и Чанджаган.

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