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(Tram 07.04.1900 - 12.31.1957)

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The tram service operated between 07.04.1900 — 12.31.1957.

Due to the prosperous economic development of Staßfurt at the end of the 19th century, the city council decided to build a tram as a modern and effective means of local transport. In December 1898, construction began on the line from Achenbach to Hecklingen, which, after almost a year of construction, was put into operation on April 7, 1900, and was extended to the coal mine in Löderburg on July 1.

The approximately 10 km long route served 24 stops and there were 8 passing sidings for trains. Trams operatd 20 hours a day.

The line was built and operated by the Continentalen Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebs-Gesellschaft. In addition to passenger transport, the tram was also used for mail and freight transport. A separate power station was built to provide electricity. The depot was located on Athensleber Strasse on the site of today's municipal utilities on the northwestern edge of the city. From 1910, freight transport, mainly brown coal, was also carried out using rolling stock. Two four-axle electric locomotives from AEG were purchased for this purpose. In 1912, the system was transferred to Staßfurter Licht-und Kraftwerk AG, in which the Continentalen Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebs-Gesellschaft had shares. New trams were purchased in 1938 and 1955.

For the operating company, the tram service was only partially successful. In keeping with the spirit of the times and because the war damage had not been completely repaired, the Staßfurt tram service was finally discontinued on December 31, 1957. The reason given for this was a fatal accident that had occurred in 1957. All of the tram service's facilities (tracks, overhead lines) were subsequently completely removed.

The only newly built GDR railcar, a LOWA type, which was still almost new when it was discontinued , was subsequently passed on to several tram companies. In around 1970, it was given a GR in the Berlin-Schöneweide RAW with attributes typical of RAW-GR. After it was finally decommissioned, it was returned to Staßfurt and is now on display on the municipal utility site as a monument, historically correct with a pantograph.

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