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09.11.2018 The second generation streetcar system opens. The 7,7 km-long (one-way) network consists of two circular lines. The cost of the project was $97 million. The system was under construction since 12.2015. The system is operated with 6 1937-built PCC cars, refurbished by Brookville Liberty. The cars used to operate in San-Diego, and on the International Tramway Line between El Paso, USA – Ciudad Juárez, Mexico until 04.05.1974. The PCC cars were since stored by El-Paso municipality. All cars retained their original fleet numbers.
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Horse tramway: 10.1882 — 1902
City electric tramway (first generation): 11.01.1902 — 1947
International tramway El Paso, USA – Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: 11.01.1902 — 30.07.1973
El Paso segment of the former International Tramway: 14.11.1973 – 04.05.1974
City electric tramway (second generation): from 09.11.2018

Конка: 10.1882 — 1902
Городской электрический трамвай (первое поколение): 11.01.1902 — 1947
Международный трамвай Эль-Пасо, США – Хуарес, Мексика: 11.01.1902 — 30.07.1973
Часть бывш. международного трамвая по территории Эль-Пасо: 14.11.1973 – 04.05.1974
Городской электрический трамвай (второе поколение): с 09.11.2018


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