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09.02.2017 A tender announced for delivery of 11 new trams. Plans announced for the light rail line extension from Üniversite to Tıp Okulu by 2018, and from Tekkeköy to Havalimanı (airport) by 2020.
27.10.2016 Delivered the first Durmazlar Panorama tram built in the Turkish city of Bursa of a batch of 8 such trams to be delivered until 03.2017.
10.10.2016 The 10 km-long light rail line extension from Balıkçı to Tekkeköy opens. The second yard storage facility is located at the Tekkeköy Terminal.
16.08.2016 The 4 km-long light rail line extension from Gar to Balıkçı opens.
10.10.2010 The light rail system opens with the 16 km-long line between Gar and Üniversite.
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