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Most - Litvínov

Most a Litvínov, Brüx - Oberleutensdorf

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03.02.2023 Trial runs on the reconstructed line Most – Litvínov have began.
01.04.2021 Beginning of comprehensive 2-year reconstruction project which will involve periodic suspension of tram service and bus substitutions.
03.02.2020 První den provozu s cestujícími prvního vozu Pragoimex EVO 2 ev. č. 320 na lince 4 • First day of passenger operation of the first tramcar Pragoimex EVO 2 No. 320 on line 4.
20.12.2012 Příchod prvního tramvajového vozu typu Pragoimex Vario LF.S ev. č. 314 v Mostě • Arrival of the first tramcar of the type Pragoimex Vario LF.S No. 314 in the city of Most.
24.03.1961 Konec úzkorozchodné tramvajové dopravy • End of the narrow-gauge tramway operation.
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Vozovna Litvínov
od roku 2003 pouze odstavní plocha a základní údržba • since 2003 only tram parking place and basic service
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× Narrow-gauge tram
1000 mm • 1901–1961
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Most coat of arms of Most Litv-nov-znak coat of arms of Litvínov

Most (German: Brüx) is an industrial city in the North of Bohemia, belonging to the Ústecký kraj district. The city has today about 66.000 inhabitants and was probably founded about year 1220. Most has an old city part which existed until the 1960s and was destroyed because of coal mining. A complete new city was built a few kilometers east of it.

Litvínov (German: Oberleutensdorf, until 1949 Horní Litvínov) is a city located about 10 kilometers north of Most at the foot of the Ore mountains. The population of Litvínov is today about 24.000 people.

Both cities received a connection by an electric tramway system already in 1901. The track started at the old railway station in Most and finished in Janov, today a part of Litvínov city. It was a narrow-gauge tram with a gauge of 1000 millimeters. The network length increased not extremely until 1945. Because of the Second World War the network was split and temporarily there were two separate systems. In the 1950 began the construction of a speed-tramway line which should connect the two cities in higher quality with the big chemical plant in Záluží. The first section of this track opened in 1957; in 1961 the new system completely replaced the narrow-gauge tram lines. In the following years the network increased due to the replacing of the city of Most. Today the length of the whole system is about 18 kilometers and there are the following five tram lines:

Line 1: Litvínov, Citadela – Most, Velebudická (only on workdays in rush hour)
Line 2: Most, nádraží – Most, Velebudická
Line 3: Litvínov, Citadela – Most, nádraží (only on workdays in morning rush hour)
Line 4: Litvínov, Citadela – Most, dopravní podnik
Line 40: Litvínov, Citadela – Most, Velebudická (only night services)

In rush hour and on Saturdays, line 4 is normally served by sets of two Tatra T3 tramcars, apart from that there are single cars on all routes. The current tram fleet mainly consists of modernized Tatra T3 cars, there are also low-floor vehicles built by Škoda and Pragoimex. The transport company tries to modernize the vehicle fleet in the next years by buying new low-floor reconstructed Tatra cars. The only museum car of the tramway system is the worldwide only remaining Tatra T5B6. It was one of two built prototypes of this model, the other one was scrapped.

Between 1946 and 1959 there was a trolleybus system connecting the two cities too. At the beginning there were Italian made articulated trolleybuses working, the last vehicles were Škoda 7Tr. The trolleybus was replaced when building the fast tramway line in the 1960s.

The tramway operation is served by the transport company Dopravní podnik měst Mostu a Litvínova, a.s. and is integrated into the tariff and transport union Doprava Ústeckého kraje (DÚK). Timetables and network maps can also be found under

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