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07.07.2023 The trolleybus service has been suspended due to work on the municipal sewage system in Corso Umberto I, only three months after the 'Light Metro' began service.
It is scheduled to return to service on 10 September 2023.
03.04.2023 The "Metro Leggera" ("Light Metro") trolleybus route has been finally put in service at 7:30 in the morning after 20 years of planning and construction. Trolleybuses operate between 7:30-16:55 Monday to Saturday. The route length is 11 km. The new line has 15 stops. The fare is 1.20 Euro.
28.03.2023 The latest updated yet another very final date of the official system's opening is now April 3rd:
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× Mercogliano-Avellino-Atripalda
16 sptember 1947 — 1 november 1973
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AIR Campania
Metro Leggera (trolleybus)

Planning started in 2000
Finally opened in 03/04/2023
Out of service since 07/07/2023
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» Metro Leggera Line and Infrastructure
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The Avellino trolleybus network was built on the initiative of Carmine De Martino , parliamentarian and owner of the Southern Industrial Agricultural Society (SAIM), who in 1946 set up the Irpina Filoviaria Society (SFI), for the construction and management of the line.

The original project envisaged a single line, from the center of Avellino to the railway station , and from there to the neighboring municipality of Atripalda; this segment opened on 19 September 1947.

Work began immediately on the second line, to serve the hamlet of Pianodardine, which was opened in 1949.

In 1956, after years of discussions, the extension from Avellino to Mercogliano was inaugurated. But already in 1959 the balance sheets began to show a deficit, and the situation continued to worsen until the company was placed in receivership by the Ministry of Transport in 1971.

The trolleybus operation ceased on 1 November 1973.

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