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평성시 平城市 Phyŏngsŏng-si

Editors: D.Möschke, Pyongyang-Central, jiachen.

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2013 As of 2013 there were at least 16 single and 3 articulated trolleybuses.
08.2011 Kwangmyong trolleybus terminal rebuilt and moved slightly south.
28.04.1992 Trolleybus line from Pyongsong to Baesan opens.
04.08.1983 Trolleybus system opened 4(?).08.1983.
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The network consists of two separate lines. The western 5,1 km-long (two-way) line operates between the Pyongsong Main Railway Station and Munhwadong. The southern 3,8 km-long line operates between Kwangmyong-dong and Baesan-dong. The two lines are 1,2 km. apart, there is no physical connection between the lines. The depots are located at the outer terminals — at the western Munhwadong terminal, and at the southern Baesan-dong terminal.
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Сеть состоит из двух изолированных линий. Линия в западную часть города проходит от ж.д. вокзала Pyongsong до Munhwadong, имеет в длину 5,1 км. (в двупутном исчислении). Линия на юге города проходит от Kwangmyong-dong до Baesan-dong, имеет в длину 3,8 км. Расстояние между двумя линиями 1,2 км, соединения между линиями нет. Депо находятся на внешних конечных Munhwadong на западе, и Baesan-dong на юге.
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