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09.03.1969 Closure of the Legnica tramway system.
31.12.1956 Closure of the trolleybus system in Legnica.
10.11.1943 Start of trolleybus operation in Legnica between railway station and Koszary (3.5 kilometres).
21.01.1898 Opening of the tramway operation in Legnica.
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city arms of Legnica

Legnica (German: Liegnitz) is a city in South Western Poland, located in Dolnośląskie (Lower Silezian) region. The population of the city is today about 100.000 inhabitants.

There is no electric transport any more in Legnica. The former tram system opened in January 1898 and had a gauge of 1.000 millimetres. The network consisted of three tram lines and was finally closed in March 1969. The last trams operated in Legnica were 2-axle standard ones made by the polish factory Konstal.

Legnica also had a trolleybus network of one line each time. The system operated from 1943 to 1945 between the railway station and Koszary in the West and then from 1946 to 1953 between railway station and the airport (lotnisko) in the south of the city. For the trolleybus services where at first used German MAN/Schumann vehicles and later Sowjet made ones of the type YaTB-2.

Today we still can find some remains of both kinds of electric transport in Legnica. There are some rosetts of trams' and trolleybusses' overhead wires on some house walls along the former tracks. There are still some tracks of the tram in the street ul. Wrocławska in the Eastern part of Legnica for example and we also can look for the former tram depot which is located at the same street. In front of the depot stood a tram monument in form of a Konstal 5N tramcar which was bought from Elbląg in 1998 for its use as monument. The vehicle has accordeon doors from an Ikarus bus and stood at its place circa until 2016. Then it went into the current depot of the local bus company MPK Legnica at ul. Domejki street and waits there for a renovation because of a bad state.

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