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Трамвайное движение закрыто в 01.07.2016 г.

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01.07.2016 Yangon’s fancy new electric tram stopped service today after only six months of running along Strand Road from Linsadaung to Wardan Street.Trams ran along Strand Road in colonial times and the project, a $3 million deal between Myanma Railways and Japan’s West Corporation, was aimed at reviving the alternative transportation as Yangon’s streets brim with taxis and buses.

But it didn’t catch on.

Myanmar Railways general manager Tun Aung Thin told Global New Light of Myanmar that a few days ago only 10 people took the tram, and without going into specifics, he said accidents would sometimes occur in crowded areas.

He also told the Voice that, instead of relieving congestion, the tram sometimes added to it because of all the container trucks plying the route right next to the tracks running along Strand Road.

The carriages will be kept near Wardan Street to use in special cases, such as if there are emergencies.
14.03.2016 Trams return to the streets of Yangon after 70 years since the closure of the first tram system. The new tram line built with Japanese investments officially opened on 10.01.2016, regular service started on 11.01.2016. The 4,8-km long line is built via Strand Rd between Wardan Jetty and Linsadaung. The tracks are laid with the 1000 mm & 1435 mm options. Three 50-years old ex-Japanese cars are used, operating 6 runs between 8:00-16:00. The fare is MMK100 (appx. US$0,08). Extensions form Wardan Jetty to Kyeemyindaing in the east, and from Linsadaung to Pazundaung in the west are planned for 2017, brining the line to 11,3 km, in length.
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Steam Tramway 1884 — ?
Electric Tramway 15.12.1906 — 1945
Trolleybus 17.08.1936 — 1942
Electric Tramway 10.01.2016 — 01.07.2016

The new tram line built with Japanese investments at a cost of $ 3 million officially opened on 10.01.2016, regular service started on 11.01.2016. Three ex-Japanese cars were used. The tracks were laid with the 1000 mm & 1435 mm options. The tramway closed 01.07.2016 due to extremely low usage.

Паровой трамвай 1884 — ?
Электрический трамвай 15.12.1906 — 1945
Троллейбус 17.08.1936 — 1942
Электрический трамвай 10.01.2016 — 01.07.2016

Новая трамвайная линия, построенная на японские инвестиции, официально открылась 10.01.2016, первый день линейной эксплуатации 11.01.2016. Использовались 3 бывших японских трамвая. Пути проложены с опцией 1000 мм. и 1435 мм. колеи. Трамвайное движение закрыто 01.07.2016 г. ввиду критической непопулярности.

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