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20.12.1988 Obnovení provozu lanovky Stará louka – Diana po rozsáhlé rekonstrukci s novými vozy z Polska • Reopening of the funicular Stará louka – Diana after extensive reconstruction with new cars from Poland.
13.11.1987 Znovuotevření lanovky Divadelní náměstí – Imperial po rozsáhlé rekonstrukci s novými vozy z Polska • Reopening of the funicular Divadelní náměstí – Imperial after extensive reconstruction with new cars from Poland.
01.01.1981 Konec provozu lanových dráh Divadelní náměstí – Imperial a Stará louka – Diana kvůli špatnému stavu • Closure of the funiculars Divadelní náměstí – Imperial and Stará louka – Diana because of poor condition.
05.08.1912 Otevření pozemné lanovky Stará louka – Diana (453 m) • Opening of the funicular Stará louka – Diana (453 m).
15.06.1912 Otevření pozemné lanovky Slovenská ulice – Imperial (126 m) • Opening of the funicular Slovenská street – Imperial (126 m).
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Karlovy Vary (German: Karlsbad) is a health resort in the Western Czech Republic at the Ohře and Teplá rivers. The city has today about 48.500 inhabitants and is one of the most famous and traditional health resorts in the world. At the beginning of the 20th century the city planned to build three funiculars, which were realized in 1907 and 1912; two of them are in service until today. In 1913 a cog-wheel railway was planned too but the construction stopped already one year later.

The funicular between Divadelní náměstí (Theater square) and Imperial hotel was opened as the first one in May 1907. Its track is only 127 meters long and is completely located in a tunnel so it is also called Karlovarské metro (Karlovy Vary subway). Between 1907 and 1980 two vehicle generations operated on this track, the second one was built by ČKD Tatra in Prague. In 1980 the funicular went out of service due to bad conditions of infrastructure and rolling stock. An extensive reconstruction followed from 1983 to 1987 when it was reopened with new cars of the Polish Konstal manufacturer. Today the funicular is integrated into the local public transport system of Karlovy Vary.

The second funicular, opened in 1912, connects the station Stará louka (Old meadow) and the Diana viewpoint at an altitude of 556 meters. With a length of 437 meters it is the longest funicular in Karlovy Vary. It has an intermediate station located exactly in the middle of the track, so both cars stop there at the same time. One journey on this funicular takes about four minutes. Like at the other funicular there were two vehicle generations until 1980, when this funicular was closed too. It was generally renovated between 1984 and 1988 and also received new Polish-made cars. Today the funicular is not part of the public transport system.

Both operating funiculars work approximately every 15 minutes and are served by the municipal transport company Dopravní podnik Karlovy Vary a.s. which offers information about tariffs and timetables under

Between 1912 and 1959 there was another third funicular in Karloy Vary. It also connected the Imperial hotel but started at Slovenská street a little south of it. The track was only 126 meters long and overcame a height difference of 60 meters. It was the shortest and steepest of the funiculars in the city. There was only one car generation on this track and because of the existence of the tunnel funicular the operation finished after a technical defect in 1959.

There is also a project of an unfinished rail system. In 1913 began the construction of a cog-wheel railway between the Vřídelní street and the hill Vrch Tři kříže (Hill Three Crosses). But already in 1914 the construction works stopped due to the start of the First World War. In 1967 and 2006 the city planned the finishing of the construction again but those plans were not realized either until today. There are currently still remains of the unfinished track visible.

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