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30.05.2020 Začátek platnosti letních jízdních řádů: částečné prodloužení trolejbusové linky č. 104 z Hudcova do Oldřichova k vodní nádrži Barbora s provozem bez trolejí • Beginning of validity of the summer timetable: partial extension of troleybus line 104 from Hudcov to Barbora water reservoir in Oldřichov by operating without overhad wire.
29.03.2020 Redukce provozu na trolejbusových linkách s novým jízdním řádu v souvislosti s koronavirem • Reduction of the operation on the trolleybus lines with a new timetable in connection with the coronavirus.
27.09.2019 Příchod prvního ve světě nového trolejbusu Škoda 33Tr ev. č. 221 s karoserie SOR NS 18 v Teplicích • Arrival of the worldwide first trolleybus Škoda 33Tr No. 221 with new SOR NS 18 body in Teplice.
15.09.2018 Oslavy 66 let trolejbusů v Teplicích, fotky • Anniversary: 66 years of trolleybuses in Teplice, photos.
03.09.2018 Prodloužení trolejbusové linky 104 do obce Hudcov s provozem bez trolejí • Extension of trolleybus line 104 to village Hudcov by operating without overhad wire.
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coat of arms of Teplice

Teplice (local also: Teplice v Čechách, German: Teplitz-Schönau) is a city in the North of Czechia, located in the Ústecký kraj region at the foot of the ore mountains. Teplice is also known as a spa city because of its spa zone with certain historic buildings in the centre. The current population is about 49.500 people.

Teplice was one of the first cities on the terrain of the current Czech Republic which received a tramway network already in 1895. The first track was opened between Školní náměstí (today: Benešovo náměstí) and the railway station. The network began to grow and reached the city districts Šanov, Řetenice and the neighbor city of Dubí. In 1945 the city planned a combined tramway and trolleybus system but in 1956 those plans were discarded and the tramway operation was finally replaced by the trolleybus system in 1959. The last tramcars of type 6MT were given to Most/Litvínov, Ústí nad Labem and Mariánské Lázně.

The trolleybus operation of Teplice started already in 1952 with a ring route connecting the train station with the city centre and Šanov. In the 1960s and 70s the network length increased, not least because of the oil crisis in 1979 when a planned reduction of the trolleybus network by diesel busses failed. Tracks to Trnovany Somet, Anger and Zemská terminuses were built in the middle of 1980s, the long mountain track to Nová Ves district opened in 1996, a short extension to Panorama in 1997. Though the track between the depot and Novosedlice which followed the old tramway track to Dubí was closed in 1995, the overhead wires removed three years later. Around 2005 there were plans to close the whole trolleybus operation because of old rolling stock and unsafe financing but fortunately these plans never were realized. The network structure changed many times in the past years. Since September 2019 the network consists of the following ten trolleybus routes which partially operate without trolley wire:

Line 101: Nová Ves – Anger
Line 102: Řetenice, Tolstého – Anger
Line 103: Panorama – Prosetice
Line 104: Panorama – Hudcov (partially without overhead wire)
Line 105: Řetenice, Tolstého – Panorama
Line 106: Panorama – Nová Ves (partially without overhead wire)
Line 107: Řetenice, Tolstého – Prosetice
Line 108: Nová Ves – Anger
Line 111: Šanov I lázně – Nová Ves – Panorama (historic line on several weekends)
Line 113: Prosetice – Panorama (night and weekend service)

The historic line No. 111 operates on several weekends from April to November usually with the historic Škoda 9Tr trolleybus. The regular trolleybus fleet of Teplice consists entirely of low-floor Škoda trolleybuses with Solaris, Irisbus Citelis and SOR bodies. The regular movement of Škoda 14Tr and 15Tr ended in 2014. One vehicle of each type remains as works car until today. Some of the last-delivered SOR 30Tr and 32Tr have a strong auxiliary battery power and operate on routes 104 and 106 which include sections without overhead wires, for example the track to Hudcov village. Teplice plans to replace the complete diesel bus network by partially trolleybus lines.

Since 2013 the trolleybus system is served by the international company Arriva. Before that it was already part of the Connex and Veolia group. The whole network is integrated into the tariff and transport union Doprava Ústeckého kraje (DÚK). Timetables and maps are available on the website of Arriva Teplice under

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