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02.02.2019 The new 700 meter-long (two-way) trolleybus line to Pod Strání via Palachova and Milada Horáková opens. A reorg of the trolleybus route network is undertaken:
— The Lines 1 & 2: headways slightly lengthened;
— The new Line 4 opens: Pod Strání — Terminál HD (weekdays only, essentially a short-turn version of the Lines 1 & 2);
— Each second trip via the Line 7 on weekday evenings and all day on weekends are operated via the segment without an overhead via Štefcova, Čajkovského, Na Občinách in the Malšovice neighborhood; trolley pole traps are installed at the Husův pomník & Na kotli Stops.
— The new Line 21 opens: U Parku — Magistrát města — U Parku (weekdays only, segment Na Brně — U Parku without an overhead);
— The new Line 27 opens: Pod Strání — Slezské Predmestí, Cihelna (segment Palachova — Moravské Předměstí I without an overhead; a few longer trips Pod Strání — Slezské Predmestí, Cihelna — Kingspan аre operated with diesel buses).
01.04.2018 Delivered the first trolleybus Škoda 30Tr SOR of a batch of 9 vehicles. The new trolleybuses will be numbered 29-37. The trolleybuses are equipped with the rechargeable battery auxiliary power capability.
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