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Фуцзянь [Fujian]


福州 Fúzhōu

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27.08.2023 Fuzhou Metro Line 4 commenced operation, with 19 stations over 24 km, from Fenghuangchi to Difengjiang; delayed part of Line 5 (phase 1) from Ancient Luozhou Town to Fuzhou South Railway Station opened with 3 stations over 5.3 km.
06.01.2017 Extension of the Metro Line 1 from the Sanchajie to the Xiangfeng Station • Die Verlängerung der U-Bahn-Linie 1 von Sanchajie zur Xiangfeng.
18.05.2016 Открыта первая линия метрополитена г. Фучжоу протяжённостью 28,8 км с 24 станциями.
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Metro opened 18.05.2016.
Метро открыто 18.05.2016.


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