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01.10.2018 Delivered the first of a batch of ten double-articulated 3-section 25 meter-long Turkish-made trolleybus branded as Trambüs. The vehicle is based on SILEO E-Bus S25 electric bus design by Bozankaya. Roadworks are completed via the 7 736 meter-long (one-way) Phase 1 starter segment of the Trambüs project. Infrastructure installation has began. A half of the new line will be without an overhead. The cost of the Phase 1 of the project is 82 570 000 Lira. The entire project includes 4 stages and 4 lines with the total length of approximately 78 km, including a 38 km-long interurban line. Trolleybuses are projected to save the municipality 70% in terms of overall costs if compared to diesel buses .
24.04.2017 A tender is being held for construction of a trolleybus line between Balıklıgöl Kavşağı and Eski Otogar (the Bus Station), and delivery of 10 trambuses by the beginning of 2018.
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Строительство троллейбусной линии Balıklıgöl Kavşağı — Eski Otogar (автобусная станция).
Construction of a trolleybus line between Balıklıgöl Kavşağı and Eski Otogar (the Bus Station).


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