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23.12.2020 Zurich will transfer 70 more tram cars to Vinnytsia. The signing of the agreement on the extension of the Zurich tram project, under which Vinnitsa will receive a new batch of trams, took place on December 23. The document provides for the delivery of 70 cars of the "Tram2000" series. Vinnitsa plans to receive the first batch of 35 cars in 2022. The decision to transfer the second batch of Tram2000 wagons will be made after the assessment of the effectiveness of the implementation of the first part of the new agreement.
14.11.2019 A presentation of the new Bombardier Flexity 2 tram took place in the city. Trams of this model are to replace the outdated Tram 2000 on the city streets. The Bombardier Flexity 2 trams should go into full operation in May 2020.
23.11.2011 The final batch of 12 Mirage wagons was loaded onto the railway platforms. Car numbers: 1626, 1656, 1659, 1664, 1668, 1673, 1676, 1677, 1679, 1681, 1685, 1688.
In addition to the trams, the Swiss sent carts and various parts for the cars: brake discs, towing devices, footboards.
The first train with trams for Vinnitsa departed at 1.30 on November 24, 2011 and at 4.30 it arrived in Buchs, St. Gallen (Swiss border).
Delivery of all cars to Ukraine will take about two to three weeks.
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