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20.04.2020 Konec omezení nástupu a výstupu elektrobusů důsledku koronaviru • End of bus entry and exit restrictions due to coronavirus.
12.03.2020 Nástup do elektrobusu pouze středními dveřmi kvůli koronaviru až do odvolání • Entrance to the electric buses only possible by using second door due to the coronavirus until further notice.
01.10.2018 Začátek provozu elektrických autobusů modelu SOR EBN 11.1 v MHD v Bílině: fotky a text • Start of operation of electric busses type SOR EBN 11.1 in the city network of Bílina: photos and text.
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Bílina (German: Bilin) is a city in the North of Czechia in the Ústecký kraj district. The city is located on the main railway line Ústí nad Labem – Cheb between Teplice and Most. The first documentation of Bílina was in year 993, the current population is about 17.000 people.

The era of electric transport in Bílina began in October 2018 when the city received a full electric urban transport system as the second city in the Czech Republic. Three electric buses replaced the former diesel vehicles. The charging station is at the coal power plant in Ledvice, a bit North of the city of Bílina. After one charging the vehicles are able to ride a distance of 150 kilometers. The local network consists of the following three routes:

Line 281: Sídliště ZCH Litoměřická – žel. st. – poliklinika – žel. st. – Sídliště ZCH Litoměřická
Line 282: Sídliště ZCH Litoměřická – hřbitov – poliklinika – hřbitov – Sídliště ZCH Litoměřická
Line 283: VMG I – Sídliště ZCH Litoměřická – poliklinika – Sídliště ZCH Litoměřická – VMG I

The vehicle fleet consists of three electric buses of the type SOR EBN 11.1 in 2-door execution. The local public transport is served by the company Arriva City which offers timetables and passenger information under The network is completely integrated into the tariff and transport union Doprava Ústeckého kraje (DÚK).

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