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Хэбэй [Hebei]


保定 Bǎodìng

Prefecture-level city

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11.04.2023 Baoding calls for tenders on the demolition and subsequent reconstruction of street infrastructure, including trolleybus infrastructure between Beierhuan and Beisanhuan on 2023/4/4


The tender is won by a Beijing based company for ¥9088106.35 and is scheduled to be completed on 2023/4/30
2022 Trolleybuses mainly operate on 905 in morning and evening peaks, and a single trolleybus operates on 501 along with electric buses.
01.10.2020 The third trolleybus line, the 905 line was opened. This service is for factory workers only, running from the car factory to factory dormitories.
15.11.2019 The second trolleybus line (IMC) 903 (16.8 km long, 13.6 km with overheads) together withe the short line 502 in only battery mode wiht 10 Foton BJD-WG180FB atriculatete IMC-buses.
29.12.2018 The first trolleybus line (IMC) 902 (24.5 km long — 13.7 km with overhead line) opened with 18 Yutong ZK5125C trolleybuses (with 202 Ah batterys).
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12/29/2018 opening of the first trolleybus line (line 902 24.5 km, 13.7 km with overhead line)
11/15/2019 opening with the FOTON-BJD-WG180FB articulated trolleybuses of lines 903 (16.8 km, 13.6 km with overhead line) and 502 (battery mode)
10/01/2020 opening line 905

29.12.2018 открытие первой троллейбусной линии (линия 902 24,5 км, 13,7 км с контактной сетю)
15.11.2019 открытие сочлененных троллейбусов FOTON-BJD-WG180FB линии 903 (16,8 км, 13,6 км с контактной сетю) и 502 (режим работы от батареи)
01.10.2020 открытие линии 905

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