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The "De Chemin de Fer de bon Repos" is a project from +/- 2010.
The plan was to reactivate a former narrow gauge railway between the station of Gouarec and the next station 'Gare de Bon Repos' (+/- 4 km). This target would also have been reached by 2015. The last use of this line would have been in 2017. On both places there is material, including meter gauge electric trams.
In 2018, the construction of a completely new line along the also rebuilt road started.
There were several reasons to move the operation to a new line. The local government wanted to stimulate (local) tourism and this was only possible with a new line, where one could walk from the terminus to a local abbey. From the old terminus one had to cross an unpleasant steep hillside and a road. The original route ran through a forest: this also requires a lot of maintenance. The new route is also completely flat, which makes it easier to use rail bikes.
As a result, the Bon Repos station is no longer connected to the rest of the system: the nature quickly returns to its original place.
The track is a combination of 600/1000 mm.
The association therefore bought some ex mine locomotives and open wagons, which can be used on the 60 cm gauge.
Railbikes are also used.
The association has a lot of material, but much less capacity to maintain and restore them.
Officially the idea was to put the trams behind a locomotive.
Since 2021, the operation consist running alternating with a diesel locomotive with open wagons and on other days railbikes.
The trams (and much other rolling stock) still exist, but there seem to be no concrete plans for them.

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