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온성읍 穩城邑 Onsŏng-ŭp

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2004 The line is most likely mothballed from at least 2004 (or earlier), but nevertheless maintained in decent condition.
15.01.1996 According to an verified source the line likely opened in 1996.
Date 01.15.1996
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Onsong — Wangjaesan 온성-왕재산
Opened with 2 trolleybuses
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» Trolleybus Line and Infrastructure
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A 4 km-long bidirectional single overhead trolleybus line between the Onsong Railway Station and the Wangjaesan Monument to to the northeast of the city. The installation's likely intent is for the purpose of delivering visitors to the monument.

Assumed route:,1...4m1!3e0

Однопутная двусторонняя троллейбусная линия длиной 4 км. между ж.д. вокзалом в городе Онсон и монументом Вынджэсан к северо-востоку от города. Линия вероятнее всего используется для подвозки посетителей к монументу.

Предположительная трасса:,1...4m1!3e0


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