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만포시 滿浦市 Manpho-si (zh: 满浦市)

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12.2020 The Depot at the southwestern end of the line in the industrial park was built about a year after the opening of the system. Terminating trolleybuses turn around via the Depot yard.
12.2019 Trolleybus line opened from Pyolo-dong to Kunmak-dong in December 2019.
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Pyolo-dong to Kunmak-dong 별오동-군막동
In 2020 the system was operated with 3-5 trolleybuses.
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The 5 km-long (two-way) trolleybus line connects Manpo with the industrial zone to the southwest of the city. The city is located on the border with China, with trolleybuses passing near the border crossing point.

Троллейбусная линия длиной 5 км. (в двупутном исчислении) соединяет Манпхо с промзоной, расположенной к юго-западу от города. Город расположен на границе с Китаем, и троллейбусная линия проходит мимо пограничного перехода между странами.

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