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명당로동자구 明堂勞動者區 Myŏngdang-rodongjagu

1963-2010: part of Pyongyang

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2010 Periods of service interruptions were noted in the 2010s.
29.03.1995 A 4 km-long bidirectional single overhead trolleybus line opened 29(?).03.1995 in the Myongdang new satellite area located 9 km. northwest of Sangwŏn.
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The Depot is located at the eastern terminal, and boasts a covered workshop. The rolling stock consists of 4-5 vehicles, with up to 3 vehicles used in revenue service at-a-time.
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The line connects residential developments and a showcase cement works plant. The trolleybus line's likely intent is transporting workers to the plant. The use of the bidirectional single-wire-set can be warranted by mass peak-direction passenger flows — trolleybuses most likely operate in tandem, moving in one direction at one time.

Троллейбус соединяет жилые микрорайоны и промзону образцово-показательного цементного завода. Троллейбусы вероятнее всего используются для подвозки рабочих на завод. Массовые пиковые перевозки оправдывают однопутность линии — троллейбусы предположительно следуют одновременно друг за другом только в пиковом направлении движения.

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