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North Korea (DPRK)  
South Hamgyong Province


금골 金골 Kŭmgol

part of Tanchon city

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2015 The southern trolleybus loop in front of the Railway Station removed at least by 2015.
2010 The line operated at least until 2010.
10.04.1986 A 6,3 km-long (two-way) trolleybus line between the Kumgol (Geumgol) Station and Kumgol-3-dong opened in 1986.
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Kumgol Youth Station-Malgundam 금골 청년역-맑은담
Trolleybus operation from 1986 until at least 2010.
3 vehicles were observed in 2009-2010.
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» Trolleybus Line and Infrastructure
» Trolleybus Line and Infrastructure
» Trolleybus Line and Infrastructure
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