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2017 The system is most likely mothballed since 2017.
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The Depot is located about 500 m. short of the eastern terminal. At least 3 trolleybuses were visible at the Depot until 2017. Two trolleybuses didn't operate at least since 10.2013, however, the 3rd trolleybus may had operated until 2017.
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A 4,1 km-long bidirectional single overhead trolleybus line. A passing point may exist at mid-point, and was installed between about 2013-2017.

Однопутная двусторонняя троллейбусная линия длиной 4,1 км. В середине линии вероятно расположен разъезд, встроенный приблизительно между 2013-2017 гг.

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