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Deva Fortress is located in the Citadel Hill Natural Reserve, located in the north of the city. The access to Deva Fortress can be made on foot, starting from the city park (Citadel Park), or with funicular which leaves from the square from the foot of the fortress. In the Citadel Park we find several arranged alleys provided with tourist markings that lead, in a gentle slope, to the first gate of the Deva Fortress. The serpentines towards the Citadel often offer views of rare beauty over the surroundings.

In order to highlight the tourist potential of the area and to facilitate the access to the Deva Fortress, in 2003 the works for the construction of a funicular on the Citadel Hill started. The funicular is the only inclined elevator in Romania and in terms of the length of the route (278m) and the level difference (158m) is first in Europe. The installation ensures the mechanical connection from the departure station, located at an altitude of 180m, to the intermediate platform of the Deva Fortress located at an altitude of 342.65m, respectively a level difference of about 160m. The capacity of the funicular is 16 people. The travel speed is 2m/s, with an average duration of about 2.5 minutes.

The equipment was purchased from the Austrian company Doppelmayr, the company that also has a gondola installed in Romania, in Mamaia resort. Work began in September 2003 and was completed in June 2005.

The two stations are connected by the running track on which the cable car moves, having a length of 277 meters, the rail being supported on 24 metal pillars, with insulated concrete foundations, with simple concrete base, reinforced concrete block and metal parts. bolted grip, and the capacity of the cable car is 16 people.

The departure station consists of the departure platform, open and covered, with an area of ​​121.77 sqm and with a sliding rail also open and covered. The arrival station is located at 361.20 meters on the second platform of the fortress, between the second and third wall. The station consists of a room with winch and attached devices, with an area of ​​10.80 sqm, and the arrival platform, open and covered, with an area of ​​15.50 sqm.

The funicular can be ordered through the station, but it can also be done by radio and telephone, which can be done right from the company's headquarters in Austria. The elevator benefits from three braking systems, which makes it possible to offer maximum safety to those who have the pleasure of taking a cable car ride.


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