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18.02.2022 First day in service.
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Open Air Mall Madinaty
Four double deck battery powered trams are available for the service. They are built by Severn Lamb, an Alcester (UK) based manufacturer of light urban, leisure and resort transport.

The trams are 4-axle cars, capacity 59 passengers.

The line is a 1,7 km long loop with 9 stops – travel time less than 20 minutes. Gauge is 1000 mm.

As from 18.02.2022, service varies from 1 to 4 cars, depending on the visitors in the mall. On regular days with low visitor numbers, service is from 14:00 to 22:00 with one car in service and a departure every 40 minutes. A second car is added as soon visitor counts requires this (weekends, evenings, …).

On peak days, all four trams are put simultaneously in service.

Price of the ticket for one full round is 10 EGP.
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Madinaty (meaning "My City") is a new suburb, aimed at becoming a completely new city in northeast Cairo Governorate. It is just south of El Shorouk City, 50 km east of the Nyle in Cairo and 30 km east of Cairo International Airport.

The project is aimed to give residence to 600.000 inhabitants in 120.000 housing units on a superficies of 3.200 hectares. Madinaty is designed to become a new fully integrated community fulfilling all residents' needs in a tranquil western modern lifestyle. It will include a variety of services and amenities including healthcare facilities, national and international education, a banks district, a shopping mall, sports and social facilities, golf courses, hotels, … These services will also attract the inhabitants of Greater Cairo.

Madinaty’s shopping mall is designed as, and also called, “Open Air Mall”. The various buildings of the mall are in a large pedestrian zone in which runs the tram line.

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