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31.01.2023 Last day of operation of the remaining Berkhoff articulated trolleybuses 171, 175, 178, 184 and 185.
19.06.2022 70 Jahre Obus in Solingen: Mit einem Fahrtag am Samstag und einem Tag der öffenen Tür am Sonntag feiert das Obus-Museum Solingen in Kooperation mit den SWS das Jubiläum.äum-2022/ • 70 years of trolleybus in Solingen: Obus-Museum Solingen and SWS celebrate the jubilee with tours on Saturday and an open house at the depot on Sunday.
13.10.2021 Trolleybus Route 683 reinstated between Krahenhöhe and Burger Bahnhof. On weekdays Route 683 operates between Vohwinkel (Schwebebahn) — Krahenhöhe with 10 min. headway, while each 3rd vehicle operates between Vohwinkel — Krahenhöhe — Burger Bahnhof with 30 min. headway. Trolleybuses operate over the Burg Brücke to the Burger Bahnhof terminal utilizing the auxiliary power. The new vehicles with the battery auxiliary power option will be use, acquired in 2021. Following floods 07.2016 shuttle diesel buses were used between Krahenhöhe — Burger Bahnhof to allow for construction of flood protection installations. A transfer between trolleybuses and diesel bus took place at the Krahenhöhe loop. At times when the crossing over the Wupper River was closed, the old trolleybus turntable at the Burg Brücke Stop was used to turnaround diesel buses.
31.08.2020 Contract signed with Solaris and Kiepe Electric for the delivery of 16 12-meter trolleybuses with traction batteries. Delivery is expected to begin in September 2021 and conclude by December 2023. The 16 articulated trolleybuses ordered in 2019 are expected to begin arriving in September 2020.
05.03.2019 Stadtwerke Solingen has decided to acquire a further 32 battery trolleybuses with in-motion charging technology. The trolleybuses are planned to be delivered by 2022 to replace a fleet of ageing diesel buses. Currently 16 Solaris Trollino 18 trolleybuses with electrical equipment by Kiepe are on order, which will also be equipped with in-motion charging.
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Obus-Museum Solingen

An association to preserve and renovate the historic trolleybuses of the city.

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