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Конурбация | Conurbación Valparaíso - Viña del Mar

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04.05.2021 After 13 years and 8 months, service in Route 801 has been resumed, service is operated with a 22 minutes frequency with one Pullman and one NAW during quarantine, it is expected to increase frequency to 10 minutes when sanitary situation improves. Route 801 connects the Av. Argentina terminus vía Pedro Montt Avenue (city's main street) and join the route 802 at Plaza Victoria till Aduana, both shares the route again till Plaza Victoria, where 801 detours to Pedro Montt Ave. till Avenida Argentina Terminus. Transit time are 18/25 minutes.
30.11.2017 Arrival of the last 4 NAW BT 5-25 trolleybuses from Luzern: 260, 262, 264 and the driver's school 252.
29.08.2017 Delivered four ex-Luzern NAW BT 5-25 trolleybus 261, 263, 274 & 279. Berna 4TP-A trolleybus 203 withdrawn.
30.01.2017 The last articulated trolleybus 503 has been stored at the rented yard in Av España.
01.12.2015 Первый день работы 8 новых метровагонов Alstom X'Trapolis Modular, поставленных в 2015 г. Ещё 5 таких же вагонов будеут поставлены в 2018 г.

Valparaíso, 1.12: The first day in service for the 8 new metro cars Alstom X'Trapolis Modular, delivered in 2015. In addition 5 more similar cars will be delivered in 2018.
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Taller Alstom de Limache
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В Вальпараисо в наличии небольшая троллейбусная система со старым (музейным) подвижным составом, линия регионального метрополитена длиной ~45 км, а также 15 фуникулёров (подъёмников) в самом Вальпараисо и один фуникулёр в соседнем городке Винья-дель-Мар.

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