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Website of Metropolitan Electricity transport company Sofia: ►HERE◄.


Fixed routes:

Table information:
For convenience, right the name of the station are marked with relations:
BS - Bus station; RS- Railway station; MS- Metro station.

With red background are marked closed down lines,
With yellow background marked changed routes lines,
With a green background are marked new lines (or lines that are partially modified route of the new sections),
With dark beige background marked experimental lines.

First stop Terminus Depot Note
1Public Hospital 5MSNational Palace of CultureMSSofia University St. Kliment OhridskiMSLevski G Nadezhda
2Bukston Medical Academy Sofia University St. Kliment OhridskiMSHadji Dimitur Iskar/Nadezhda
4Drujba 2 Square Aviation Sofia University St. Kliment OhridskiMSHadji Dimitur Iskar
5Overpass Nadezhda National Palace of CultureMSOrlov most squareMSMladost 1 Iskar
6Lyulin 3 Lyulin 8 Metro station Lavov mostMSSquare Freight Station Nadezhda/Iskar
7Lyulin 3 Lyulin-Center Metro station Lavov mostMSSquare Freight Station Nadezhda
8Goce Delchev Medical Academy Orlov most squareMSHospital St. Anna Iskar
9Borovo Georgi Rakovski Str. ul. Kozloduy Square Freight Station Nadezhda
11Square Freight Station Orlov most squareMSbul. Hristofor Kolumb Drujba 1 Iskar


In operation:
Table information:
With red background are marked scrapped models (List scrapped models under the table, with models in operation)
With yellow background marked suspended and removed from line models
With a green background are marked new models

Additional extras to model vehicles are marked with this symbol in column:
- Air conditioning in the lounge of the vehicle; ➘➚- Fully low-floor and platform carts; i - Information System.

Each model of personal sign ►, has additional information here. To view this information, click on the symbol: ►. (Attention, information models is Bulgarian language!)
ModelQuantityExploitationExtras: ➘➚iInventory numbersNote
Ikarus 280.9219/1511985-....
COBRA GD 272 / ТРАМКАР3/305.2003-.... 2002 — 2004
Ikarus 280.92F16/1709.2008-....
Škoda 26Tr Solaris30/302010-....1603 — 1632
Gräf & Stift GE152 M18 F8/801.2013-.... 1801 — 1808
Škoda 27Tr Solaris50/5011.2013-....1650 — 1674
2675 — 2699
6model in operationQuantity Extras: ➘➚iInventory numbers

Scrapped, out of service and temporarily used models:
1941–1989 years
ModelQuantityExploitationExtras: ➘➚iInventory numbersNote
MAN-ВВС0/21940–1956 3726 — 3727Initial numbers: 101-102
МТБ-820/271948–19-- 103 — 129
ТБ-51 ДТО0/421950–19-- 131 — 172
Škoda 9Tr0/3001964–1990
MAN 610 FEC10/121968–1974 101 — 112
Ikarus 280T0/31980–1984 401 — 403
Škoda 14Tr060/201984–1987 1501 — 1520Preserved museum exhibit
Gräf & Stift/BBC GEO I0/181985–19-- 2201 — 2218
ЗиУ-682В [В00]0/601986–1994 Preserved museum exhibit
DAC-Chavdar 317ETR0/251987–1998 1601 — 1626
Škoda 9Tr0/1001988–19--
From 1990
to today
ModelQuantityExploitationExtras: ➘➚iInventory numbersNote
ТК-1300/11997–09.2011 2525
Gräf & Stift GE152 M180/808.2006-21.01.2015 1801 — 1808
14models 0/628Longest
operated model:
Škoda 9Tr
26 years
operated model:
Škoda 14Tr06
3 years
The model with the most vehicles
was in the past in operation:
Škoda 9Tr
300 units
ModelQuantityExploitationExtras: ➘➚iInventory numbersNote
Чавдар Т14-200/11981–1981 501
Solaris Trollino 15 AC0/105.2005–06.2005 3603
B20070/103.2007–07.2008 хРТК
Higer Chariot Ebus0/130.03.2014–21.10.20151701 Еlectric bus

Museum vehicles:
Table information:
Museum vehicles.
With red background are marked museum scrapped vehicles,
With yellow background marked vehicles waiting restauration,
With a green background are marked recently renovated vehicles.

Multiple units marked ⚫ in column "Attraction", made attraction trips in Sofia.
manufacturing model
A separate museum for
Entered for RestaurationEmerged from the RestaurationAttractionMonumentNote
1002Škoda 14Tr06198504.11.2015----------------
1028ЗиУ-682В [В00] (експортен)198704.11.2015----------------

Scrapped vehicles:

manufacturing model
Separate a museum inScrappedNote
2207Gräf & Stift/BBC GEO I196219902011Отделен за музеен експонат в Искър, така и не реставриран, по-късно бракуван

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