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Bydgoszcz, car # 111

  BydgoszczTramwaj Fordon, sp. z o. o.11101.2016 PESA 122NaB Swing1T831BNA001Marian Rejewski
Tramway366201409.2015PESA 122NaSF   

City:Bydgoszcz   Poland
Operator/Facility:Tramwaj Fordon, sp. z o. o.
Model:PESA 122NaB Swing
Serial number:1
Current state: In operation 
Service:Passenger car
Remarks:Marian Rejewski
in 2015 rebuilt from testcar Pesa 122NaSF, type Pesa 122NaB Swing

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Ulica Marszałka Ferdynanda Focha
Route 5

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Author: 1173 R

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Przystanek Łoskoń — Pętla Łoskoń
Route 3

A final segment between the last stop Łoskoń and the loop at the end of the long suburban line to Fordon.
The loop is located some 300 meters north of the last stop Łoskoń.
Passengers are not allowed on this final segment.
• • •
Заключительный участок между конечной остановкой Łoskoń и кольцом в конце длинной пригородной линии на Fordon.
Кольцо находится в 300 метрах севернее от конечной остановки Łoskoń.
На заключительном участке пассажиры не допускаются.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Author: Yury LRTA


Operator/Facility:Tramwaj Fordon, sp. z o. o.
Model:PESA 122NaB Swing
Serial number:1
Remarks:Marian Rejewski

  September 2015 — January 2016    Modernized (model changed)

Model:PESA 122NaSF

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Route 3

Friday, December 26, 2014
Author: justin


  2014    Arrived at the facility

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