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08.05.2023 With the drop in temperatures service on trolleybuses Line Q has been reinstated. Since a solution to the battery problem has not been found, the municipal Executive confirmed that the service will remain active until the weather permits.
23.01.2023 Trolleybuses Line Q has been temporarily suspended due to the batteries of the Trolza-5265.03 Megapolis trolleybuses overheating thus prohibiting operation in the auxiliary power mode within segments without an overhead. The service will be suspended until the heat subsides. The trolleybuses have been transferred to the Line K. The service on the diesel bus Line 127 has been enhanced as a compensation.
14.07.2017 The new trolleybus Route Q opens. Start of operation of the new TrolZa Megapolis 5265.03 trolleybuses.
12.05.2017 All 12 TrolZa 5265.03 Megapolis trolleybuses have been delivered. The new vehicles are undergoing night trials in operation both under the overhead and in auxiliary power mode. It has been reported that upon a sample 25 km. run with air conditioning and all lights on, the batteries were discharged 40% of the nominal total. It is assumed that the units will be numbered 21-32 in correlation with the TrolZa factory numbers 88-99.
26.04.2017 5 Trolza 5265.03 Megapolis trolleybuses delivered to date, factory serial numbers 88, 89 (in grey and orange livery) and 94, 98, 99 (in blue livery). Fleet numbers by SEMTUR/MOVI are not assigned yet.
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