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13.03.2023 The Guided Light Transit (GLT) system has closed as of March 13, 1:00 am.
08.12.2022 The last GLT/Bombardier TVR vehicles will be retired from service on March 12, 2023.
06.01.2022 HESS awarded to provide 25 lighTram 25 DC double-articulated trolleybuses from 01.2024. Trolleybuses will replace the current GLT system by Bombardier on the T1 line between Vélodrome and CHU Brabois.
03.11.2021 Due to numerous fires and broken knuckles (including two on the same day), half of the TVR vehicles were halted until the chassis and couplings were checked.
The line T1 between Vélodrome and CHU Brabois is closed and replaced by articulated buses.
11.02.2021 The classic tram project is definitely abandoned. The GLT system will be closed in April 2023 and rebuilt into a trolleybus system by January 2024
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