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13.12.2020 The Biel trolleybus network has been considerably expanded on December 13, 2020. There are three routes now, which are:
1 Stadien ↔ Löhre
3 Vorhölzli ↔ Mösliacker
4 Vorhölzli ↔ Nidau Burgerallee
Route changes include:
— Line 1 took over the Orpundplatz ↔ Löhre section of line 4
— Line 3 took over the Bahnhof ↔ Mösliacker section of line 7 (diesel bus line) and the Orpundplatz ↔ Vorhölzli section of line 1
— Line 4 took over the Bahnhof Mett ↔ Vorhölzli section of line 7 (diesel bus line) and got a brand new routing in Nidau (Continental ↔ Nidau Burgerallee)
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